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					At last... I can walk again!

As a result of a very serious car accident my leg was amputated just below the left knee. I spent
nearly two month’s in hospital, recovering from injuries.

I struggled to make a full recovery. The idea of not being able to ever walk again was
overwhelming. After doing some research in the field of prosthetic legs in South Africa, I got hold
of Roger Wolfson and his team of experts. They run a practice from an office in Edenvale,
specializing in the manufacturing of prosthetic legs.

They had a realistic approach when analyzing my leg. They explained what physical changes the
amputated leg has to undergo to allow the successful implementation of a prosthetic leg.

The friendly and competent staff worked around the clock to produce a prosthetic leg that fits my
profile. They managed to produce the leg within three weeks after my first visit. I was able to walk
with the prosthetic leg without crutches within a month’s time from the date I received my leg. I
was able to adapt to walking with the prosthetic leg and attain my balance within the first week.

Roger managed to put together a package that provided my basic needs (at that point) at an
affordable price. He also explained that the first leg will still have to undergo some major
changes, and it is therefore wise not to spend too much money initially.

We thank Roger and his team, for not only did they provide the leg in limited time, but also
enabled me to regain my self-esteem and accept a job offer. It was essential for me to get back
onto my legs and provide for my family.

Henry Longuiera and family.
072 726 5880

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