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									              CENTURY CITY CANOE CLUB
          HELD ON 16 FEBRUARY 2009 AT 18h30

   Charl welcomed all fellow members, Chris Blackshaw and Alan Liebenberg of

   Alan Liebenberg – CCPOA
   Alex Capostagno
   Bryan Cockrell
   Charl Claassens
   Chris Blackshaw – CCPOA
   Colin Alexander
   Dale Lewis
   De Wet Joubert
   Gavin Finch
   Gisela Pla-Pillans
   Graeme Rodgers
   Guy Glanville
   Henry Fairweather
   Natalie Denovan
   Phil Pla-Pillans
   Ralph Teulings
   Richard Kohler
   Tallon Denovan
   Frans Muller
   Colin McClement
   Graeme Ferguson
   Greg Burtish – Clifton LSC
   Keith Enzlin

   Apologies:     Angus Lawrie
                  Boris Hales

   First AGM of CCCC

   Charl reported on a positive start to a new club with 42 members.

   Temporary clubhouse – thanks given to Alan Liebenberg and CCPOA for its
   erection; Phil for container; those who provided furniture; Richard for the
   porta-bar and shower water

   New club house is available for occupation. Finger print access system to be
   installed but members can gain access via security in the meantime. Boat
   racks to be installed within a week or so. The aim is to be able to move into
   the new club house by end February.
Time trials were well attended with sometimes up to 20 paddlers on the water.
Thanks to Natalie for handling the timing, and all her willing involvement.

Thanks to Gisela for behind the scenes administration.

24-hour event was held in April 2008 which attracted 54 paddlers.

Coming year has a fuller calendar. An official WCCU race event on 22 March
will be incorporated into a multi-discipline sporting weekend on the CC
Another 24-hour event will be held on 30 October. It is expected to attract
over 100 paddlers, and will also involve the running club
Other events e.g. Dragon boat race between WCCU paddlers, will take place
during the year.

Alan Liebenberg - presentation on the Century City Waterways.
Century City has 6kms of waterway within a 16 hectare conservation area.
Water is pumped into the canals from Potsdam Sewerage works. It is further
purified; chemicals added and then run through 6 water polishing cells within
the wetlands adjacent the canal.
Challenge in 2007 was the deterioration of the water quality with the possible
causes being the water quality from Potsdam, siltation load in the Wetlands,
alien fish i.e. carp, loss of aquatic weed, birds adding to the nutrient load.
1st and 2nd cells found to have such high nutrient load that they were adding
nutrients to the water and not removing and polishing. Vegetation was graded
out to reduce nutrient load.
16 000 indigenous fish were caught and kept in tanks before the water was
treated with Rotaron to kill the carp. All killed, including any remaining
indigenous fish by the 4th day. 16000 indigenous fish then reintroduced.
Within 2 weeks water clarity had improved; aquatic plants returned.
Invertebrates re-established after 1 month; wetlands cell 1 & 2 rehabilitated.

Current and future management includes:
    regular monitoring of water quality
    promotion of aquatic plant growth (Potamogetan but it is to be cut to
        1m below water level
    control of algae boom
    maintain sections of open water for recreational use
    monitor and control fish populations
Barley in sacks is dropped every 20m along the banks to stunt the growth of
Cladophora (mat forming weed)

Century City commitment to the community
    assist in establishing community based clubs and associations
    provide a safe, secure and healthy environment
    build & improve infrastructure to compliment community activities
    promote environmentally friendly events

Chris – water has to be of high quality as there are far bigger stakeholders
concerned i.e. home owners, businesses in CC and on waterways. Artificial
system which needs constant monitoring and management. R2mil is being
budgeted for a weed harvester.
   Club house is owned by Rabie.
   Currently looking for someone to run the club house, bar, catering, and even
   possibly a restaurant for lunches.
   Intention is for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to be sports nights;
   Wednesday for hiring out to meetings; Friday and Saturday already in high
   demand for functions. Enquiries from churches for use on Sundays. Showers
   will still e available to members via finger access control entrance.

   2009 permits will be available from end February.

   Question from the floor regarding E Coli count:
   Water quality is within the range of partial contact, i.e. paddling, wind surfing
   but phosphorous levels are high. This is monitored weekly. Potsdam water is
   2.5mmol E Coli. CC is 0.98 – 1mmol.
   Water chemist on CC staff checks water quality. Water quality test results are
   available at CCPOA offices

   At end January 2009, R11350 in bank account.
   Rental of boat storage garage at Club house is R10000 per annum. CCPOA
   have allowed us to pay when money is available. Because of this expense,
   charges for boat rack space increased to R200 per rack space.
   CCCC also needs to fund the finger access control system. Recoveries will
   be made from other sports clubs.
   CCCC to fund the boat racks and installation thereof.
   As club will not earn an income from the bar or rental of rack space, the fees
   for 2009/2010 needed to be increased.

   Richard Kohler proposed
   Phil Pla seconded
   Members voted YES

   Chairman                              Charl Claassens
   Treasurer                             Phil Pla
   Secretary                             Gisela Pla
   Club Captain                          Tallon Denovan
   Communications and website            Natalie Denovan
   Events/Fund raising                   Natalie Denovan
   Coaching/Development                  Richard Kohler

   Gavin Finch agreed to audit books until such time as an auditor is appointed.

      a. Membership fees for 2009/2010
         Joining fee           R100 (inc admin fee; access control) Current
                               member will only pay R50 for access control
         Senior membership R450
         Junior membership R200
         Family membership If 2 adults, then children free
         Student membership R200
         Affiliate members     half above fees excluding access control R50
         Rack fee              R200
         Water permit          R100
         All fees from 01 August 2009 will be half the above fees with
                               exception of the Joining fee and Rack fee
                               Fees proposed

       b. Access Control and Clubhouse / Boathouse
          Finger control system more secure than tag system which can get
          lost, lent to non-members. Chamois at access control to dry fingers.
          Boathouse – access lock box with combination. Remote control in lock
          2 enrolment sessions will be planned where fingerprints will be
          scanned and recorded. Members are encouraged to attend. Dates will
          be made known in advance.
          50 single boat racks available. Discussion underway with CCPOA
          regarding site for doubles, and excess singles under bridge near
          Liberty Life.
          Old site will be available temporarily at no cost for boat storage.
          The club hose is booked for CCCC on Monday evenings, but use is
          not exclusive and inter-club interaction is encouraged. Access to
          change rooms is 24/7.
          Members are encouraged to forward suggestions for club house
          needs and improvements to Natalie or Charl.

       c. Stand-up paddling
          Greg Burtish – stand up paddling fastest growing water sport
          worldwide. Synergy with canoe club as Stand up paddlers
          predominantly summer sport, and canoeing a winter sport. Look at
          sharing costs.
          Boards are 9-12ft, 8-10kg. Problem is storage but Greg proposed they
          would make use of a trailer.
          Committee to discuss Stand up paddlers joining club.

       d. Website feedback
          Members encouraged to make use of website, to share photos and
          stories. Watch site for calendars, event, time trial results, notifications.
          Weather link has been added.
          A monthly newsletter will be introduced
          Members requested to process application forms and pay for
          2009/2010 season electronically
      e. CC Sports Body
         Mondays - Canoe Club
         Tuesdays – Running Club
         Thursdays – corporate touch rugby

      f.   Time trials
           Start on 02 March
           Club house not available 20-22 April as it is being using as a polling

      g. WCCU/CSA feedback
         WCCU year starts 01 April. Anyone wanting to race before that date
         but who are not registered or pre-paid, can pay per race.
         Calendar will be on website by Wednesday 18 February 2009
         WCCU AGM is on 23 April. WCCU is asking for people to make
         themselves available as officials at races. (Transport and meals paid

      h. Junior event 22 March
         WCCU race and CCCC hosting
         Registration at 08h00 Start at 09h00
         7km 14km 21km

      i.   Coaching and development
           Baco Zoltan available ad hoc for training
           Information to be posted on website.

      j.   Paddling tops
           Paddling tops in club colours will be Helly Hansen, but difficult to
           screen print or embroider onto. Prices will be advised.

      k. Permits
         Permits are valid until end February 2009.Paddler with a permit may
         bring a friend without a permit to paddle. Permit is to be displayed on
         deck of canoe at stern near rudder.


    Meeting closed at 20H17

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