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									                                       REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS

                                 STRATEGIC PROJECTS PROGRAMME

  The Department of Labour (DoL) through the                     Provider Institutions
  National Skills Fund (NSF) requests                            ESDAs
  proposals to roll out skills development                       Professional bodies
  projects in support of key growth sectors of the               Public Entities;State enteprises
  South African economy. Qualifying under this                    implementing projects with significant
  initiative will be viable projects addressing the               impact on economy or job creation;
  overall objectives of the NSDS and/or a suite
  of the Government priorities (ASGISA, Apex            The full guidelines for applicants with details of
  Priorities) which seek to further accelerate          the Request for Proposals are available on
  economic growth and social development                request through the following mechanisms
  towards the realization of a better life for all.         Copies of application documents will
                                                                be made at a non-compulsory briefing
  Eligible applicants qualifying to apply under                 session as indicated below.
  this initiative will normally fall under the              On request from Nomfundo Sloti (email
  following categories:                                tel 012
         Provincial governments.                               309 4113, Phumudzo Ramawa (email
         National Government Departments             
            involved in implementing                            tel 012 309 4425
            government sponsored economic                 Upon request from
            projects of national priority
         SETAs
  Non-compulsory briefing sessions have been planned as follows:
Province        Date          Time        Venue                               Contact Telephone
Gauteng         23/03/2009 10:00-         Laboria House                        Mavis Gijima
and MP                        11:00       c/o Paul Kruger & Schoeman Street   Tel: (012) 309 4413
                                          Room G01
Gauteng         23/0382009 10:00-         Gauteng South Provincial Office, Antoinette Brummer
                              11:00       cnr Rissik Anderson Street, Annuity (011) 497 3018
                                          House, Johannesburg
North West      27/03/2009 10:00-         DoL Provincial office, Provident Mbuyazwe               Sam
                              11:00       House, University Drive, Mmabatho   Mpembe
                                                                                018 290
Eastern        24/03/2009     10:00-     East London Labour Centre,5 Hill       Trevour Ramncwana
Cape                          11:00      Street, IGI Building, Fourth Floor,    (043) 701 3077
                                         East London
Western        24/03/2009     10:00-     Cape Town Labour Centre, Thomas        Karen Eropa
Cape                          11:00      Boydell Building CNR Barrack and       (021) 441 8010
                                         Parade St. Room 242, Cape Town
KwaZulu-       25/03/2009     10:00-     Durban Labour Centre, Masonic          (031) 366 2010
Natal                         11:00      Grove Building, Room 317, Durban.
Limpopo        25/03/2009     10:00-     Department of Labour,Boland Bank       Joan Nyokane
                              11:00      Building, 42A Schoeman Street,         015 290 1607
Free State 26/03/2009         10:00-     Laboria Building, Maitland street,     Henry Le Roux
and N Cape                    11:00      Sixth Floor, Bloemfontein              (051) 505 6241

  The deadline for submission of proposals is Thursday 30 April 2009 @ 15h00, Department of
  Labour, Laboria House cnr Schoeman and Paul Kruger, Pretoria.

  Issued by
  Director General: Department of Labour

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