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               P.O. BOX 28678. SUNRIDGE PARK. PORT ELIZABETH. 6008
                          Registration No. 042-647-NPO

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Date:              THURSDAY, 18 SEPTEMBER 2008

Venue:             WESLEY HALL

Time:              7:30 pm

Speaker:           Hendrik Venter

Subject:           The Durban Botanic Gardens – Part II

Door/Raffle:       Mike Trollip.

Tea/Eats:          Des Gillespie, Stan Wedge, Jill Cochrane,
                   Renee Hobbs
Last Meeting:
Ann Duckworth, from Pietermaritzburg gave an informative talk on growing specimen plants
accompanied by slides of award winning specimen plants that will serve as inspiration to us all to
attempt to grow at least one outstanding specimen plant. Remember, not all specimen plants are large
and heavy; there are species that form small and compact specimen plants like Masdevallia tovarensis.

Plant Table:
We had a small plant table consisting of 4 species and 21 hybrids which was ably handled by Ann
Duckworth and Dan O’Connor.

The winners for the evening were:

Best Species           Oncidium maculatum                                  Maqrgaret Rumsey
Best Hybrid            Lc Melody Fair                                      Dan O’Connor
Best Miniature         Blc Love Sound X Slc Bright Angel                   Sean Robertson
Popular Vote           Encyclia vitellina X Enc radiata                    Stan Wedge
Beginner               Cymbidium (unknown)                                 Peter Moolang

Plant Raffle Winners:
Herman Schoeman and Lorraine Grobler. Successful growing!

Next meeting :
One of our favourite guest speakers, Hendrik Venter, will be joining us to tell us more about the Durban
Botanic gardens and its extensive orchid house, of which he is in charge. Hendrik is a very
knowledgeable and entertaining speaker so please don’t miss out on this opportunity!


           TROPHY                     OWNER                              PLANT
Best Exotic Species              Stan Wedge        Dendrobium speciosum (yellow)
Best African Species             Alen Waterson     Ansellia africana
Best South African Species       Alen Waterson     Holothrix parviflorum
Best South African Bred Hybrid   No award
Best Miniature                   Alen Waterson     Holothrix parviflorum
Best Vandaeceous                 Alen Waterson     Vanda Harmony
Best Oncidium Alliance           Emile Hallaby     Oncidium Mem Ralph Yogi 'Jon'
Best Phalaenopsis                Paul Liversidge   Phalaenopsis Sunset
Best Dendrobium                  Leon Davies       Den (Darlington King X Zeppelin) X Bellinger Surprise
Best Dendrobium kingianum        Leon Davies       Dendrobium kingianum
Best Paphiopedilum               Ian Hobbs         Unnamed green
Best Paphiopedilum Species       No award
Best Phragmipedium               No award
Best Cattleya                    Abraham Marais    Laelia Dialaelia
                                                   Slc Tangerine Jewel 'Southern Cross' 4N X Pot. Free
Best Miniature Cattleya          Christo Botes     Spirit
Best Standard Cymbidium          Christo Botes     Cym Kings View X Solana Beach 'Tregarthen'
                                                   Cym Brooke Street 'Featherhill' X Last Tango
Best Miniature Cymbidium         Leon Davies       'Geyserland'
Best Intermediate Cymbidium      Des Gillespie     Cym Yowie Rose Vulcan X Last Tango 'Geyserland'
Best Specimen Plant              Christo Botes     Cym Sarah Jean 'Peach'
Best Any Other Orchid            Leon Davies       Masdevallia Mary Staal
                                 Adriana de
                                                   Oncidium Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance'
Most Fragrant Orchid             Franca
Best Novice                      G Cochrane        Paphiopedilum April X Rentan

Reserve Champion                 Alen Waterson     Vanda Harmony
Best Orchid on Show              Christo Botes     Cym Kings View X Solana Beach 'Tregarthen'
Most points on show              Christo Botes
Culture corner : How to control red spider mite
Although they are extremely small, red spider mites can rapidly build up to great numbers in the right
conditions, making them one of the most destructive pests in the garden. Hot, dry, dusty conditions lead
to spider mite problems - they are often worst in greenhouses and conservatories. These conditions
encourage the mites to feed often, causing damage to the plants every time they feed. Cool, moist
conditions can help to reduce spider mite populations by restricting their breeding.
How do you identify them? Spider mites are tiny wingless insects with eight legs and a one-piece
body. Red spider mites (Tetranychus urticae) are also known as two-spotted spider mites or greenhouse
spider mites. Adult red spider mites are 0,5 – 1mm long – olive green in colour with two dark grey spots
on their backs. The first signs of red spider mites are either small spider webs often high up on the plant
or white speckling on the upper surfaces of the leaves.
What is their life cycle? Miniscule 0,1mm round translucent white eggs hatch into white six-legged
larvae. The females lay 4-6 eggs a day, starting when they are 36 hours old. The whole life cycle can
take as little as three days in hot conditions – though in cooler weather it can extend to a month. By early
autumn the shorter days and slower plant growth slow down and then stop their reproduction. The
remaining females turn red and find sites to over winter – in the soil, on tree bark, on greenhouse walls
and on pots. The first adults seen in spring are bright red.
What do they do? Red spider mites damage the plants by sucking the sap – feeding under the leaves
and causing white speckling on the upper surface of the leaves. As mite numbers increase the speckling
will spread, the leaves will turn yellow and fall off. In hot dry conditions areas of high infestation will often
have small spider webs. Red spider mites can ruin foliage and even kill plants.
How do you control them? When bringing new plants home, always make sure that they are clean of
mites and other nasties by checking the tops and bottoms of leaves. If you are not sure, keep the plants
quarantined for a few days and check again. Spray plants with Vertimec and a wetting agent like
Bladbuff, which is very effective against red spider mite. Spray 3 times - 7 days apart, saturating the
undersides of the leaves. (Supplied by Des Gillespie)

Shop and Library:
It is repotting time again so be sure to visit the shop for your requirements and whilst there browse
through our selection of books as well as overseas and local journals.

2009 Membership Subscriptions
The SAOC have increased their 2009 subscriptions from R90 to R110 and it was therefore decided to
increase EPOS subs to R125 per couple.

EPOS Name Badges :
Please contact Leon Davies if you would like to order an EPOS name badge at a cost of R40.00 each.

Jeffrey’s Bay Orchid Group:
The Jeffrey’s Bay group of EPOS will hold their next meeting on 2 October 2008 at 3pm at 77 Nell van
der Poll Street, Jeffrey’s Bay and Dan O’Connor will be the speaker. Please contact Lynn Phillips on
042 292 0804 for further details.

Meeting dates for 2008:
16th October, 20th November.
                                               THE COTTAGE SHOP
                            “The Cottage”, 22 Kirsten Road, Weybridge Park.

                                 SHOP DATES FOR 2008
  th               th       th            th
28 September, 12 & 26 October, 9 & 23rd November.

                                 Trading hours: from 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm.
Previcur       per bottle        R25.00          BOOKS
Captab         per packet        R15.00          Let’s Grow Orchids                       R20.00
Benlate        per packet        R15.00          Golden Guide                             R60.00
Vertimec       per bottle        R25.00          Pests and Diseases                       R90.00
Dursban        per bottle        R 6.00          Cymbidium                                R60.00
Fundazol       per bottle        R10.00          Oncidium                                 R60.00
Malasol        per bottle        R 3.00          Paphiopedilum                            R70.00
Physan         per bottle        R25.00          Cattleya                                 R80.00
Biokill        per bottle        R30.00
Sporekill      per bottle        R50.00          WOODEN BASKETS
Oleum          per bottle        R20.00          100mm         R 5.00        250mm        R15.00
Bladbuff(wetter) bottle          R20.00          150mm         R 8.00        300mm        R21.00
Metasystox per bottle            R10.00          200mm         R12.00        350mm        R23.00
Snail pellets per tub            R20.00          Basket set (100/150/200 & 250mm)         R35.00
Bonemeal       per tub           R 8.00
Lime           per tub           R 5.00          PLASTIC POTS
Sulphur        per tub           R 8.00          50mm 2”    R    0.25      175mm 7”       R 1.80
Mag. Sulph. per tub              R10.00          80mm 3”    R    0.30      200mm 8”       R 2.50
Cal. Nitrate   per tub           R8.00           90mm 3.5”  R    0.35      250mm 10”      R 8.00
Polyfeed       per tub           R25.00          100mm 4”   R    0.45      300mm 12”      R15.00
Bark           per bag           R25.00          125mm 5”   R    0.80      350mm 14”      R18.00
Orchid mix     per bag           R25.00          150mm 6”   R    1.00
Coco husk      per bag           R30.00
Coco husk      block             R45.00          PLASTIC TUBS
Sphagnum Moss bag                R20.00          120mm      R 1.70         150mm          R 2.50
Labels         per 20            R 7.00
Hygrometer each                  R80.00          PLASTIC HANGING POTS (incl. hanger)
Min/max Thermometer              R65.00          165mm      R 6.00      200mm             R 8.00
Cymbidium stakes (1m)            R 2.00
Stainless steel scissors         R35.00          PLASTIC ROUND SAUCERS
Notelets       per packet        R15.00          120-150mm R 0.50     250-300mm           R 2.50
                                                 180-200mm R 1.00     350mm               R 6.50
Bowl 200mm                       R 3.00          Square      50mm                         R 0.25
Round grid 140mm                 R 1.80          Round black 200mm                        R 2.50
Round grid 165mm                 R 2.00

President                                        Committee Members
Leon Davies             041-367 3478             Stan Wedge                041-360 8628
Deputy President                                 Wim Meyer                 041-364 2610
Mike Trollip            041-365 2600             Nicky Meyer               041-367 2652
Rina Rentzke            041-379 4589             Shopkeeper
Treasurer                                        Lorraine Grobler          041-367 2408
Margaret Rumsey         041-583 3371             Newsletter Editor
Librarian                                        Rina Rentzke              041- 379 4589
Des Gillespie           041-379 2085

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