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					    Sandton Country Club Estate Homeowners Association
Minutes of a Directors Meeting held on 17th June 2008 at 6:30pm
        at the Sandton Country Club Estate Clubhouse
Malcolm Katz (MK)              Mark Sifris (MS)               Clive Weiner (CW)
Modise Mochela (MM)            Johan Claassens (JC)

Leana Marais (LM)              Berader Properties

Bernard Nel (BN)               Berader Properties
Derek Varkevisser (DV)         Berader Properties

1. Security
   1.1. MS will prepare another communication to be sent to all owners once the 24/7
        guards have been interviewed and selected. The contract to be signed by the
        residents with 24/7 will be attached in the communication.                     MS
   1.2. It was requested and agreed that JC not go on leave until 24/7 is up and running
        on the estate.                                                                 Info
   1.3. The contract for the installation of the radio transmitter is to be finalized and sent
        to the service provider as soon as possible.                                   BN
   1.4. Another communication is to be sent to all owners requesting the following:
       1.4.1. Numbers to be programmed in the Mircom system; stating which number
             is to be contacted first.
       1.4.2. Vehicle information, i.e. name of person normally driving the vehicle,
             make model and details of their vehicle and car registration number.
       1.4.3. Current SC owners and residents database is to be sent to MK. BN
   1.5. The retention of contractors’ IDs was discussed and it was agreed that the
        current patrolling system and checking of empty houses at night will continue as
        is currently the practice. JC will obtain a counter for the guards to control the
        number of contractors entering and leaving the premises to ensure that no one
        remain behind on the estate at night.                                          JC
   1.6. JC confirmed that the huts will be completed within the next 2 weeks.          JC
   1.7. LM is to follow up on the insurance claim submitted for gate motor and gate and
        to provide feedback in this regard to the Directors.                           LM

2. Maintenance
   2.1. JC confirmed that there seems to be an electrical fault on some of the lights at
        the entrance and close to the clubhouse. JC is to contract Charles to attend to
        these lights. JC is further to obtain a quote from Charles to change all the light
        fittings so that energy saving globes can be used.                        JC
   2.2. The debit card limit was discussed in detail. It was agreed to leave the limit at
        R10k per month. MS will continue to monitor these expenses and will sign all
        the slips before being submitted to Berader for recordkeeping. It was noted that
        the debit card is to be used for normal maintenance expenses.             MS
   2.3. The quotes for new trees were discussed and it was agreed to wait one month
        before the new trees are acquired.                                        Info

3. Plans – Approvals & Status of Construction
   3.1. MM noted that stand 972 still needs to obtain one neighbour’s approval to his
        plans. Once this has been obtained MM will request the owner to present his
        plans to the Board of Directors.                                     MM
   3.2. No other plans have been received for review and approval.           Info
   3.3. MS noted that the information previously requested from the legal attorneys is
        not forthcoming and this matter is now becoming urgent. Full transparency is
        required form the legal attorneys in terms of their fees and collections made to
        date. LM is to follow up with them as soon as possible.                      LM
   3.4. It was agreed that stands 944 and 950 be handed over for legal collection. LM
   3.5. JC is to instruct security not to allow further contractors for stand 944 on site
        until they have registered with him, i.e. the Estate Manager.                JC
   3.6. MM will confirm which stands are to be levied for stagnation fees; it is
        anticipated that it will only be stand no 993.                               MM
   3.7. JC is to liaise with Rentokil for the supply and installation of rodent boxes on the
        Estate.                                                                      JC

4. Street Naming & Numbering
   4.1. CW has asked for quotes for the road signs that are to be changed.    CW
   4.2. Three additional speed humps were approved; MK will liaise with the contractor
        in this regard.                                                       MK

5. General
   5.1. The following was agreed re the payment of sub-contractors:
       5.1.1. Normal maintenance expense are to be paid with JC’s debit card.
       5.1.2. All normal budgeted expenses are to be approved by 2 directors (of which
              one must be MS) before the payment is released by Berader.
       5.1.3. All unusual non-budgeted expenses are to be circulated to all the board
              members for approval before being paid.
       5.1.4. The internet banking limit is to be increased to R100k with immediate
              effect; thereby reducing the demand for cheque payments.
       5.1.5. Cheques are to be signed by any two directors, of which one must be MS.
              BN is to arrange for the change in signatories on the banking account.
       5.1.6. MS will take custody of the bank card previously held by T Hosiosky. BN
   5.2. It was agreed not to impose the restriction on heavy vehicles as yet due to the
        ongoing construction on site.                                             Info
   5.3. JC noted that stand 978 brings contractors in on weekends and after hours. MM
        will speak to the owner of stand 978 in this regard.                      MM
   5.4. MS will attend to the repair of Johan’s car. The damages to the scooter was
        R3.2k; it was agreed that the scooter is to be brought back on the estate once it
        has been fixed.                                                           JC/MS

6. Finance
   6.1. DV is to advise on the progress made with the annual audit and if auditors were
        changed.                                                                   DV
   6.2. The directors agreed to reimburse the owner of stand 944 the remaining R800
        only if he removes the bricks that are currently being stored on the vacant
        neighbouring stand (irrespective of the fact that he has the owner of that stand’s
        approval to do so).                                                        BN
   6.3. JC’s salary increase with effect from 1 March 2008 was discussed. LM is to
        advise what increase was given to JC the previous year and the Directors will
        make a call on the percentage increase thereafter.                         LM

As there were no further matters to be discussed the meeting ended at 20h55. The next
meeting is to be held on Tuesday 15 July 2008 at 18h30 in the clubhouse of Sandton
Country Club Estate.

Signed this                          day of                                 2008.


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