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Refinancing to consolidate your debt is the smartest way to get control of your future.
Today many credit card corporations charge from 8 – 20 % interest rate compounded.
This can quickly drown the consumer in debt payments beyond his means, leaving
nothing at the end of the month or even worse a negative balance. Worse even is when
you find yourself paying one credit card payment with another credit card. This only
compounds the problem and is similar to painting yourself into a nasty corner.

We can help you, through a variety of ways:

   ?   Refinancing your existing debt into a new first mortgage
   ?   A new second mortgage at a fair rate.
   ?   A credit counseling plan to provide you relief today and a program for the future.

How do you know when you are in trouble:

   1. Putting off paying the bills because you do not have the money.
   2. Alternating paying certain bills each month.
   3. Maxing out your credit cards or Lines of Credit.
   4. Finding that each month you have less income left after paying the bills.
   5. Making only the minimum payments on the bills.
   6. Following behind in Rent or mortgage payments.
   7. Using Credit cards to pay normal living expenses.
   8. Being turned down because your credit is poor.
   9. Starting to use your backup cash / saving accounts for everyday bills.
   10. Have used all your savings.
   11. Having to cancel life or auto insurance because you cannot make the payments.
   12. Working overtime or 2 jobs.
   13. Being overdrawn at the bank

If you answered yes to some of these problems, it can probally be corrected. If more than
a few are yes than you need to sit down with a Mortgage Financial Consultant as quick as
you can.

Let us lower your stress by lowering your debt payments

Using the equity in your home is the smartest way to consolidate and refinance your
debts. The restructuring of your debt by taking all your credit card payments and other
debt under a new 1st mortgage will usually lower your monthly payments by a fair
amount. This is comparably the best route because the interest rates are lower than any
other consolidation option.

As an Independent Mortgage Broker we poses knowledge of the various types of
products offered by the banks, credit unions, trust companies, mutual corporations and
private funds. Instead of dealing with one lender who offers some products we deal with
100’s of products supplied by many Lenders. You will get the mortgage you need, not the
mortgage some Lenders want to sell you.

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