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Energy Private Equity Conference

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									ThE PRIvATE EquITY
New York | october 7-8, 2008

      A privAte equity internAtionAl conference


THe prIvATe eqUITy InTernATIonAL enerGy ForUm
NEW YORk | OCTOBER 7-8, 2008

Fuel prices are at an all-time high and demand for energy production is growing at record
rates. In the US alone, the demand for energy is expected to increase by 30 percent over
the next three decades. In order to meet the demand, the global energy infrastructure is
expected to require more than $20 trillion of capital investment over the next 25 years. For
the private equity community, this translates into lucrative opportunities and an abundant
source for stable sustainable returns.

For private equity to drive transformation in the energy industry and to capitalize on its
potential, it is critical that as a community we come together to share proven strategies and
insights into trends that will shape this rapidly evolving market. In its 2nd year, the Private
Equity International Energy Forum will bring together general partners, institutional
investors and energy industry senior executives to explore the unfolding opportunities, the
increasing risks and the trends that will play a pivotal role in the ability to create and protect
value in this sector.

                                                                                 Attendees at Private
                                                                                  Equity International
                                                                               Energy Forum: London

reGiSter toDAy | visit: www.peimedia.com/enerGyny08
                 or call: 1 212 633 2905

   Christopher Behrens                                     Reto Börlin
   Managing Partner                                        Vice President
   CCMP Capital Advisors, LLC                              Partners Group AG

   Shawn C. Carraher                                       David Snow
   Senior Director, Global Power Group                     Executive Editor
   CERA                                                    PEI Media

   Riccardo Puliti                                         Craig Jarchow
   Business Group Director, Energy and Natural Resources   Managing Director
   EBRD                                                    Pine Brook Road Partners, LLC

   John E. Buehler, Jr.                                    Wil VanLoh
   Managing Partner                                        President & CEO
   Energy Investors Funds                                  Quantum Energy Partners

   Fernando Bertoni                                        Fiona Paulus
   General Manager, Business Development, M&A              Global Head of Financial Sponsors
   GE Oil & Gas                                            RBS

   Charles Cherington                                      Bradford T. Nordholm
   Managing Partner                                        CEO & Managing Director
   Intervale Capital                                       Starwood Energy Group Global, LLC

   V. Frank Pottow                                         Jon Koch
   Managing Director                                       Managing Director
   Greenhill Capital Partners, LLC                         US Renewables Group

   Jonathan Farber                                         Marcia E. Backus
   Managing Director                                       Partner, Co-head Corporate Practice
   Lime Rock Partners                                      Vinson & Elkins LLP

   Billy J.Quinn                                           Keith Fullenweider
   Managing Partner                                        Partner, M&A/Private Equity
   Natural Gas Partners                                    Vinson & Elkins LLP
                                                                                            “The timing of
                                                                                            Private Equity
                                                                                            Energy Forum was
                                                                                            immaculate and just
                                                                                            what I had needed
                                                                                            to understand the
                                                                                            latest trends in
                                                                                            private equity. The
                                                                                            sheer breadth and
                                                                                            range of issues
                                                                                            covered during the
                                              Lady Barbara Thomas Judge at Private Equity
                                                                                            two day conference
                                                       International Energy Forum: London   was enormous, and
                                                                                            helped me shape my
                                                                                            thinking about how
  kEY TOPICS TO BE DISCUSSED AT THE fORUM:                                                  to approach our own
  • The impact of increasing prices and competition on deal flow                            strategic interest in
  • Exploring sectors of increasing relevance to investors: Nuclear, Wind and Solar
  • Demystifying alternative energy: identifying which investments fit the private
                                                                                            the sector.” Adil Jafry,
    equity model?                                                                           Chief Executive, Tara
  • Regulatory and political hurdles: what to expect with the new administration?           Energy, Inc.
  • How long will Limited Partner appetites for energy continue to rise?
  • Where will the next hotbed for energy investment activity be?

  •   Energy focused private investors
  •   Private equity fund managers
  •   Institutional investors investing – or planning to invest – in the energy sector
  •   Energy sector senior management
  •   Entrepreneurs and inventors
  •   Transaction intermediaries and service providers

reGiSter toDAy | visit: www.peimedia.com/enerGyny08
                 or call: 1 212 633 2905
DAy one:
tuesday, october 7, 2008
7:45 – 8:45
CHeCk In & ConTInenTAL BreAkFAST

8:45 – 8:55
WeLCome From peI meDIA & CHAIrmAn

8:55 – 10:00
openInG keynoTe pAneL: risks and rewards
Leading deal makers will participate in a candid
discussion on the current environment for investing in
the energy industry and what is needed to succeed in
this sector:
•	 How	target	opportunities	are	chosen?
•	 Managing	risks	in	private	equity	funded	energy	deals
•	 Which	sectors	are	the	hottest?		Up	and	coming	sectors
   that we should pay attention to?

10:00 – 10:30
•	 Analysis	of	the	trends	and	developments	that	will	play	a	
   pivotal role in the success or failure of deals in this sector,
   including policies and regulations
•	 Snapshot	of	market	size	and	investment	flows	in	the	US	
   and globally

10:30 – 11:15
neTWorkInG BreAk

 A privAte equity internAtionAl conference
11:15 – 12:00                                                      3:00 – 3:45
pAneL: Deal Flow in north America vs International –               reGIon-FoCUSeD CASe STUDy roUnDTABLeS
Factors to Consider                                                prACTITIonerS WILL preSenT CASe STUDIeS oF
•	 In-depth	analysis	of	the	investment	landscape:	Which	           TrAnSACTIonS In A SpeCIFIC GroWTH reGIon,
   sectors and regions is capital flowing into and why?            InCLUDInG SUCCeSSFULLy nAvIGATInG CompLexITIeS
•	 Increased	scrutiny:	the	impact	of	pending	regulatory	           UnIqUe To THe AreA, FInAnCInG STrUCTUreS BeST
   changes and potential political power-plays                     SUITeD For THe reGIon, AnD operATInG ASSeTS poST
•	 Sector	specific	equity	funds	or	generic	funds:	Which	one        ACqUISITIon.
   works best and how to leverage on the right platform?
                                                                   WorkSHop D: russia / eastern europe
12:00 – 12:45                                                      WorkSHop e: Latin America
pAneL: energy Lenders on Financing and Funding                     WorkSHop F: Infrastructure in Asia
The industry’s top sources of capital will share their views on:
•	 Current	challenges	to	obtaining	financing	for	private	equity    3:45 – 4:15
   energy deals                                                    CoFFee BreAk
•	 Sell	side	barometer	on	available	opportunities	and
   institutional investor buying patterns                          4:15 – 5:00
•	 Criteria	for	financially	attractive	energy	investments          pAneL: Deal Structures
•	 Beyond	project	finance:	mezzanine                               •	 Nuts	and	bolts	of	current	deal	structures
                                                                   •	 Promising	investment	structures:	equity	line	of	capital
12:45 – 2:15                                                       •	 The	role	of	non-shareholder	constituents		in	deal	planning
LUnCH                                                              •	 When	things	go	wrong:	deal	terms	to	assure	safe	exits

2:15 – 3:00                                                        5:00 – 5:30
SeCTor-FoCUSeD CASe STUDy roUnDTABLeS                              CLoSInG keynoTe InTervIeW
THe SUCCeSS AnD FAILUreS oF A SpeCIFIC TrAnSACTIon                 5:30 – 7:00
AnD DemonSTrATInG HoW THey ADDeD vALUe, mAnAGeD                    CoCkTAIL reCepTIon

WorkSHop A: Upstream energy
WorkSHop B: Downstream energy
WorkSHop C: renewable energy

                                                  reGiSter toDAy | visit: www.peimedia.com/enerGyny08
                                                                   or call: 1 212 633 2905
                                                           11:30 – 12:15
DAy TWo:                                                   pAneL: Trend Watch - middle east
                                                           •	 Investment	drivers	of	the	Middle	East	investor	-	To	what	
wednesday,october 8, 2008                                     extent will money be invested locally vs internationally?
                                                           •	 Enablers	for	broader	international	fund	participation	
8:00 – 8:45                                                   in managing Middle East money
ConTInenTAL BreAkFAST                                      •	 Risks:	examining	factors	that	may	curb	deal	flow

8:45 – 9:00                                                12:15 – 1:00
CHAIrperSon’S WeLCome                                      CLoSInG pAneL: energy Industry views on private equity
                                                           •	 Up	and	coming	energy	sectors	with	potential	for	stable	
9:00 – 9:30                                                   and sustainable growth
keynoTe InTervIeW                                          •	 Latest	developments	in	LNG,	Solar	and	Wind
                                                           •	 In	the	renewable	race,	who	will	be	the	winners	and	losers?		
9:30 – 10:15
pAneL: Conversation with Lps: energy Appetites             1:00 – 2:30
•	 LP	expected	returns	and	pace	of	capital	raise           CLoSInG LUnCH
•	 The	trend	towards	coinvestment
•	 Considerations	when	electing	managers	to	expand	into	
   a new region and different markets

10:15 – 10:45
CoFFee BreAk
                                                                           FOR FuRtHER iNFORMAtiON REGARDiNG tHiS EVENt,
                                                                              iNCluDiNG tHE MOSt uP-tO-DAtE AGENDA AND
10:45 – 11:30
                                                                                         CONFiRMED SPEAkERS, PlEASE ViSit
pAneL: Trend Watch - prospects in nuclear energy                                           WWW.PEiMEDiA.COM/ENERGYNY08
nuclear, to some, is the solution to reducing the US’s
dependence on imported oil. This panel of regulators                              *this is a provisional agenda – the organizers
                                                                                  reserve the right to make changes to timings,
and nuclear industry innovators will detail the growing
                                                                                                 speakers and topics at anytime.
expectations for nuclear power expansion worldwide
and private equity’s role in accelerating its growth.

reGiSter toDAy | visit: www.peimedia.com/enerGyny08
                 or call: 1 212 633 2905
ATTENDEE PROFILE:                                                                “PEI’s Energy Forum
                                                                                 is a great event with
                                                                                 high attendance and
Type of Firm
                                                                                 quality delegates.
                                                        energy company 18%       And the topic is more
professional Adviser 25%
                                                                                 important than ever.
                                                                                 The energy industry
                                                                                 continues to present
                                                                                 great investment
                                                                                 opportunities, but
                                                                                 with oil prices having
                                                                                 doubled in past year,
                                                                                 there are also new and
                                                                                 different risks.” Billy J.
                                                                                 Quinn, Managing Partner,
 limited partner 14%
                                                                                 Natural Gas Partners
                                                           General partner 43%

 Speakers at Private Equity International Energy Forum: London
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