Math Games I Syllabus by as8jkdkL


									                             Math Games I Syllabus
                                  Grades 1-3

Instructor: Mrs. Deanna Frederick
Contact:    679-4198 (home) (360)929-8103 (cell) (e-mail)

Assessment: Students are expected to participate, giving their best effort and
showing a positive attitude as they play math games. They will “do their best and
help the rest.”

Homework: Students are welcome to bring math games from home as they relate to
the given learning topic of the month as indicated below.

Course Content:

Sept.   Place Value
Oct.    Addition/Subtraction
Nov.    Multiplication/Division
Dec.    Geometry
Jan.    Fractions
Feb.    Measurement
Mar.    Graphing
Apr.    Money
May     Time
June     Review

Supplies: A Deck of Cards

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