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									Section E-2

                               Materials Management

                         Inventory Control and Management

Your Program provides Inventory Control and Management Tools. Once shipments are accepted
in the system, the products are automatically transferred to the Quarantined Inventory section
for processing. Select Materials Management from you system menu on the left of your screen.
Then select Inventory as displayed in Image 1 below.

        Image 1

Enter the Inventory selection and then select Transfer Quarantine Inventory .
Section E-2

         Image 2

Quarantine Inventory is a holding position where all new inventory is automatically assigned. The
following Image 3 will display a listing of recent inventory being held in Quarantine.

         Image 3
Section E-2

Your Quarantine Inventory listing displays the receiving date, shipment number, vendors name,
and the quantity received. Select the View button to the far right to assigned this inventory to
specific locations within your warehouse. If you have not created your warehouse rack locations
proceed to warehouse setup and establish your warehouse and rack locations before moving
your inventory.

         Image 4

Prior to transferring your inventory from the Quarantine area to your warehouse locations you
may add additional information to assist in controlling and managing your inventory throughout it’s
life cycle. Your inventory system allows you to add and record lot control numbers.
Manufacturers that produce sterilized products, food items, and products with expiration dates
generally place lot control numbers on their products. Maintaining lot control numbers allows you
to track inventory throughout your system. This defines when and where these products have
been used. Allows you to quickly and efficiently identify products in the event of a recall.

Your inventory system allows you to add product expiration date and rotation date information
on products that have expiration or limited shelf life. This significantly reduces product spoilage
and ensures that qualified and safe products are always available.

You may also receive equipment that must be recorded in a Asset Register .The Asset Register
functions are described in the Asset Register section. When receiving equipment that will be
entered into the Asset Register then you must check off the box marked Asset. Additionally you
must check off Identifier and enter the product identifier number. If your organization has not
established a product identifier protocol for your assets, then enter the product serial number in
the unchecked section for lot control number. Utilizing a unique identifier or the product serial
number allows you to track and identify assets throughout your organization.

Your quarantine transfer screen displays your product information and the total number of units
received. You must enter the number of units to transfer. Select the inventory location from the
pull down menu on the right. This will transfer your selection to that new location. The quantity
remaining amount will automatically decrease with your transfer. Items with a unique identifier
can only be transferred one item at a time. Items with lot control numbers and items with no
unique identifier maybe transferred in multiple quantities.
Section E-2

Entering equipment into the asset register will also allow you to create a Preventative
Maintenance service program for this equipment. You will find more detailed instructions in the
Maintenance Management section.

Your inventory system provides comprehensive Reports features. The Reports function allows
you to quickly establish inventory quantities, product location, expiration and rotation dates, and
product lot control numbers or serial number. Although discussed in greater detail in the
Warehouse section your program allows you to create multiple warehouse and inventories. Each
department may create and maintain independent facilities.

         Image 5
Section E-2

        Image 6

You may also display your inventory Reports or download and export your Reports in the
following formats [ Excel | CSV | XML | Text ] .

The system can display your inventory information in other convenient formats. Select List /
Transfer Warehouse Inventory.

        Image 7
Section E-2

You may list or transfer inventory currently located in your warehouse. Items maybe relocated
from one rack location to another or transferred from one warehouse to another in your system.

         Image 8

Select List All to view or relocate your inventory.

         Image 9
Section E-2

         Image 10

To transfer inventory select the Update button as displayed in Image 10. The following screen will
display provide product detail. In the bottom of the screen you may transfer part or all of the items
listed in this location to a new rack location within your warehouse.
Section E-2

        Image 11

To transfer this product to a new location within your warehouse enter the Transfer Quantity
then select the New Rack Location. Once you have selected the new rack location press the
blue enter button to your right. Your inventory has now been trasferred.

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