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Clean First Time is set to become the largest and highest quality construction cleaning
company in the United States. This will only be attained with the determination and hard
work of all our employees and franchisees. We are committed to the development of our
franchise program and strongly encourage ideas and constructive comments. We
promise to treat all our franchise owners with respect, and provide a challenging and
financially rewarding business.

What sets Clean First Time apart from other construction cleaning companies? We
have developed the Clean First Time system, an integrated software program that is
able handle billing, scheduling, estimating and day-to-day management of your

If this all sounds good, but you don’t have cleaning experience, don’t worry. Your
franchise will be a business built around managing people, not physically doing the
cleaning yourself. You don't need cleaning experience because you hire experienced
cleaners to do the work. If you like the idea of being your own boss then this
construction cleaning franchise could be your ticket to this multi-billion dollar industry.

You need some management experience, a desire to succeed, and maybe a small
office out of which to conduct business. Your office doesn’t have to be a high-end retail
space since few, if any, customers will actually come through your door. You just need a
simple space where you can hire, train and pay your cleaners.

People who are willing to take calculated risks, who can follow rules and work
independently within an established system are the most successful.

When you join Clean First Time, you get all the benefits of a time-tested, proven
business model. You don’t have to fumble through trial and error. You get
comprehensive training, continuous one-on-one support and a complete marketing
program. And as your business grows, we help you manage that growth to its fullest

Clean First Time has positioned itself as a sales and marketing company that provides
construction cleaning. Clean First Time already enjoys relationships with national and
regional builders, which allows our franchise owners to start as soon as training is
completed. Our franchise program guarantees your contracts and as long as you are
following our policies and procedures, we will continue to grow your business.
Our extensive marketing and lead generation program means that we provide
customers to you. If you are looking for more accounts, call the corporate office and as
long as all your current accounts are in good standing our director of development will
ensure that you get the accounts you require. Clean First Time advertises on a local,
regional and national level. As a member of the National Home Builders Association, we
are constantly marketing Clean First Time to builders and other NHBA members. You
will be responsible for local employment advertising.

Our training is paramount to your success. After your initial classroom training, you will
spend multiple days learning ―hands-on‖ our cleaning secrets and how to clean right!
We will prepare you for all facets of the business, even though you may have little or no
experience in the industry. We teach you how to clean, manage and run a successful
Cleaning business. We will also train your employees in all aspects of their job.

Our corporate office provides you with administration, sales and operational support.
Our accounting department will handle all your billing and collections. Our supervisors
and managers will assist you in the field in the successful operation of your franchise.

The start up of your franchise is the most important time for all concerned, which is why
we provide our franchise owners with everything you require to start right and look right
from day one.

We have taken the time to understand the market and the problems that you will
experience. Learning that it is easier to hire a restroom specialist rather than a restroom
cleaner has given our franchise owners the edge in the competitive employment market.
Labor will be the most challenging part of your business. We can give you all the
contracts you will ever need, but if you can’t clean what we give you… You understand!

Unlike other franchise companies who take pride in promoting the thousands of
franchise owners they have on their books, Clean First Time looks at the numbers a
little different. Our policy will always be ―without a franchise owner, we don’t have a
business, but we are only as good as our franchise owners‖ Contrary to other franchise
companies, we are looking for the best.
                            INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES
                            Our minimum investment is $6,000.

Annual Business                       Total Investment      Offering Period
$19,200 - Initial Business*           $6,000                $1,920 a month / 120 days
$38,400 - Initial Business*           $12,000               $3,200 a month / 120 days
$48,000 - Initial Business*           $15,000               $4,000 a month / 120 days
$57,600 - Initial Business*           $18,000               $4,800 a month / 120 days
$76,800 - Initial Business*           $24,000               $6,400 a month / 150 days
$96,000 - Initial Business*           $30,000               $8,000 a month / 180 days
$384,000 - Initial Business**         $120,000              $32,000 a month / 360 days
$480,000 - Initial Business**         $150,000              $40,000 a month / 360 days

*        The following Equipment is required to operate a Clean First Time franchise.
         1 – Commercial Grade Wet Dry Vacuum
         1 – Commercial Grade Upright Vacuum
         1 – Commercial Grade Back Pack Vacuum
         1 – Commercial Grade 2400psi Pressure Washer
         1 – 2 Commercial Grade 24ft Folding Ladder
         1 – Commercial Grade 6ft Ladder

**       The following Equipment is included in a Clean First Time franchise
         1 – Commercial Grade Wet Dry Vacuum
         1 – Commercial Grade Upright Vacuum
         1 – Commercial Grade 2400psi Pressure Washer
         1 – Commercial Grade 24ft Folding Ladder
         1 – Commercial Grade 6ft Ladder

All franchise plans will receive an initial supply package without cost that will include
some of the items below:

Long Handled Scraper            Carpet Cleaner Concentrate         Disposable Wipes
Goo Gone                        Wet Mop Handle                     Large Floor Brush
General Cleaner                 Wet Mop Heads                      Commercial Sponge
Stainless Cleaner               Wet Mop Bucket                     Brute Caddy Container
Restroom Disinfectant           Corner Brush                       Trigger Sprayer
Glass Cleaner                   Disposal Gloves                    Steel Wool 0000

     We provide everything you need to run a successful cleaning business, all you
                     need is the management and the manpower!
                   WHAT DO I GET FOR MY INVESTMENT?
Our minimum plan guarantees $23,040 a year in contracts and our plans go up with
guarantees in excess of $600,000 a year in business.

Our training is paramount to your success. After your initial classroom training, you will
spend multiple days learning every aspect of the rough, final, and touch-up clean. We
will prepare you for all facets of the business, even though you may have little or no
experience in the industry. We teach you how to clean, manage and run a successful
New Home Construction Cleaning business.

You will receive a comprehensive set of safety manuals and videos.

We will provide you with a complete administrative support system in the Orlando office.
Our team will be there for you to assist in every aspect of your business.

We will never stop teaching and you will never stop learning. From your first day as a
Clean First Time Franchise Owner, it is our goal to make sure you understand every
aspect of our business. We are here for you, so if you need anything just ask!

All franchise plans will receive an initial supply package without cost that will include
some of the items below:
Long Handled Scraper        Carpet Cleaner Concentrate       Disposable Wipes
Goo Gone                    Wet Mop Handle                   Large Floor Brush
General Cleaner             Wet Mop Heads                    Commercial Sponge
Stainless Cleaner           Wet Mop Bucket                   Brute Caddy Container
Restroom Disinfectant       Corner Brush                     Trigger Sprayer
Glass Cleaner               Disposal Gloves                  Steel Wool 0000

Business Cards, Letterheads, Logo Dress Shirt, Polo Shirt, T-Shirt, Hard Hat and

Depending on the plan size you buy, we provide you with the finest equipment you will
need to run a successful franchise. Wet Dry Vacuum, Upright Vacuum, Back Pack
Vacuum, 2400psi Pressure Washer, 24ft Folding Ladder, & 6ft Ladder.
                      ONGOING MONTHLY EXPENSES?
Royalty (7%)

      The name clean first time
            This gives you the right to do business as Clean First Time and benefit
            from our reputation and contracts in this industry.

      Our regional office
            Our office is your office, from day-to-day problems to interviewing
            employees; our office is set up as a support center for franchise owners.

           We are here to train you and your employees to do the job right, the first
           time! 7 days a week our operations team will help you with your day-to-
           day problems.

           Our front desk answers calls for you, so you don’t need the expense of a
           secretary. We prepare all your reports and paperwork on a monthly basis.

Insurance (8%)

      Workers compensation
           This protects you and your employees. It is required in the State of

      Liability insurance & commercial crime
             This protects you and your business from claims for damage to customers’
             property and equipment.

      The benefits
            All our franchise owners must have the right insurance coverage. We
            provide this service for a fraction of the cost, to allow you in insure your
            investment, your customers, your employees and most importantly you.

Accounting, Administration and Advertising (7%)

             We do all your billing on a bi-weekly basis. It is your responsibility to turn
             in completed work sheets to the regional office and we do the rest.
    Accounting, Administration and Advertising continued

          We take care of all the collections. As long as all the relevant paperwork is
          filled in correctly, we collect. Our relationship with our customers is the
          key; we know what it takes to get paid on time.

    Advertising fund
          We maintain an advertising fund to enable us to advertise our services on
          a regional and national basis.

    Trade shows
          We attend trade shows throughout the United States.

    No financial disaster
          Most businesses fail because of cash flow problems. Every month we
          have a cut-off date for invoicing -- whatever you turn in before the 15th of
          the month is paid on the 5th of the following month.

    Charge-Back Procedures
         If an account does not pay Clean First Time for any reason, including poor
         service, problem clean(s) or late payment, the amount paid the previous
         month will be charged back in full until the invoice is collected or settled.

                       OUR REQUIREMENTS

Our franchise owners must be hands-on and full-time. This
    business cannot be run as a part-time opportunity. Our
  initial meeting will be on a job site, so if you are afraid of
      getting dirty, stay home! Take the time to read this
     material properly, but please understand we are only
   looking for the best. Clean First Time is unsurpassed in
this industry. If you feel you can manage and employ good
 cleaners and if you are not afraid of hard work, then give
   us a call. Remember, if it’s not cleaned right, it won’t be
                        Clean First Time!
      Do the job right, every time!
            If you do the job right and they can rely on you, you will get referrals. If you
            do a bad job you won’t!

Learn to Sell
      We will teach you to sell!
             We are here to teach you to sell new contracts. Using our tools and
             experience we will teach and assist you with proposals, bidding, and
             making a presentation.

Marketing Your Business
     This is not rocket science!
            We will provide you with every marketing tool you will need. Make sure
            every chance you get you are handing out flyers or giving your business
            cards out.

Residential Cleaning
     Last one in!
             Construction Cleaning always leads to residential cleaning. Either the new
             home owner will clean or they will outsource to a company. Remember
             you are the last person in the home before the new owners take
             possession. You know the house, you know the size and you certainly
             know the floor types. We will teach you to go after the residential cleaning
             contracts. The average residential home is worth $100 a week, if you sign
             up 1 home a week, you do the math!

We Will Grow It For You
     A la carte!
            Once you are a franchise owner, and once you have started all your initial
            business we are here to help you grow even more. As long as you are
            doing the job right, we will provide you with more contracts.

              Contracts offered by Clean First Time Inc. and accepted by the franchisee,
              above and beyond the initial business will be charged an additional fee of
              10%. This marketing fee will be a one time fee attached to each individual

              Remember we will only give you more contracts if your customers are
              happy and you are doing the job right.
        Why Companies Use Clean First Time?
We Keep Our Customers
Our customer service helps keep our current customers satisfied with a
95% retention rate. We work diligently to ensure that all cleaning duties are
performed to the highest industry standard.

Affordable Cleaning Services
Let Clean First Time customize a cleaning service program to suit your
individual needs and your budget. Whether you require daily office
cleaning, weekly or monthly service, or just one-time only janitorial service,
you can count on Clean first Time.

Our professionals are trained in equipment, product usage and safety

Experience Complete Satisfaction
At Clean First Time, we keep our eyes on the details while never losing
sight of the big picture: delivering a consistently satisfying experience to our
clients. We are not satisfied with our cleaning services unless you are! We
constantly monitor our work and should any area fail to meet our strict
cleaning standards, it will be corrected immediately.

Peace of Mind
Clean First Time is fully insured and bonded, providing liability and
property damage coverage as well as employee bonding and all other
applicable forms of insurance coverage. All employees are screened for
your protection. They are neat in appearance and carry proper company
identification. To assist you in the event of an emergency, we can be
reached via telephone 24-hours-a-day at 1866 390 2532
                           WHAT IS MY NEXT STEP?
Request & read the uniform franchise offering circular
            Make a list of any questions you may have.

Make sure this is right for you
            Spend a day with our crews cleaning and observing what we do. Call the
            office to make this arrangement.

Request 5 day paperwork
            The FTC requires that you receive this paperwork 5 business days before
            you can purchase your franchise.

Close on your franchise
            This will not happen until 10 business days after your first meeting. This
            gives you ample time to read everything. You need to call the office and
            give at least 48 hours notice for a closing.

             Be ready to start. Training is from 8:00am – 6:00pm and it starts 48 hours
             after your closing.

Start looking for labor
             We will help you as much as we can, but you need to start putting flyers in
             apartment communities, churches or throughout communities. It is crucial
             that you have good labor. This is your responsibility.

This is not an easy ride
             We are not interested in people who are looking for an easy ride. The
             construction industry can be rewarding, but very demanding. Before you
             get involved with Clean First Time we insist that you take at least 8 hours
             and come out and clean with us. We want you to be as committed to us as
             we are to you.

Good Luck!
             Thank you for taking the time to look at our franchise opportunity.
             Whatever your decision, we would like to wish you success in your future.
Clean First Time Franchise - From Construction Cleaning to Commercial Cleaning
(ORLANDO, FLORIDA) - August 25, 2006 - Clean First Time recently extended its franchise
program to cover commercial and residential cleaning. There are few, if any, franchise
companies out there that cover every aspect of the cleaning industry.
“Clean First Time franchise owners can receive contracts for any type of cleaning,” says Paul
Allen, Director of Development. "Our franchise owners can choose exactly how they want to run
their business. We have franchise owners who only clean residential homes and we even have a
franchise owner who cleans luxury yachts. In all cases, Clean First Time provides the contracts.
If we have a franchise prospect who wants to focus on one type of cleaning, we will find the
contract, which is the wonderful thing about Clean First Time! Our franchise owners can choose
to work full-time or part-time, work daytime hours or from one to 24 hours a day.”

Clean First Time is currently offering local, regional and master franchise opportunities
throughout the state of Florida. Clean First Time is also offering a 100% interest free finance
program for all franchise plans.

”Training our franchise owners is the key to ensuring a productive, cost effective and consistent
program of service. We believe our strong client satisfaction levels are a direct result of our
comprehensive training and continual training programs,” says Allen.

Clean First Time is one of the most successful privately owned cleaning companies.

Clean First Time has a desirable reputation as a leader in the highly competitive cleaning market.

Clean First Time was created around a central corporate management structure that allows for
centralized and direct control of all cleaning contracts, service delivery and operational processes
on a national and regional level. The central management structure provides a unique and
effective opportunity for the most consistent control of all cleaning contracts at every level of
operation. Thus ensuring high standards and the delivery of our services always meets our
client‟s specific needs.

Orlando, Florida - (February 28, 2005) - Across America the new home construction market is booming,
and according to Paul Allen, Clean First Time director, that is the reason his company was formed.

After purchasing a new home in June 2004 and seeing firsthand the problems the builders had
with the construction cleaning of the home, Paul Allen decided it was time to professionalize the
new home construction cleaning industry and, with his two partners, formed Clean First Time,

Clean First Time has quickly become the leader in new home construction cleaning. In just five
months, the company has already begun working with more than 40 builders in Central Florida.
In the next few months, that number is expected to double.

With their bright gold uniforms, Clean First Time provides a niche service that previously was
lacking in the construction industry. There are many residential cleaning companies and even
more commercial cleaning companies, but none specialize in the construction market.

“Our competition was day labor and „mom and pop‟ companies that do not have what the current
builders or the new home owners require, which is professional, insured, uniformed and, most
importantly, trained personal to handle their construction cleaning needs,” said Paul Allen, Clean
First Time director. “We have invested a considerable amount of money in equipment that will
set us apart from any competition.”

Clean First Time now employs more than 50 people full-time in Central Florida. The company‟s
ongoing classroom training program allows all employees the opportunity to advance within the

Clean First Time is now in a fortunate position to offer a few people the chance to own a
franchise within the organization. Franchise owners must be hands-on and available full-time.
This is a daytime business and cannot be run as a part-time venture. Clean First Time‟s policy is
to meet franchise prospects on the building site, so they get a first-hand look at the challenging
and rewarding aspects of the opportunity.

Clean First Time provides all cleaning contracts franchise owners require to run a successful
business. Potential franchise owners who can manage and employ good cleaners and who aren‟t
afraid of hard work are encouraged to call. Remember, if it‟s not cleaned right, it‟s not Clean
First Time!
     Clean First Time Franchise Launches New Partner Program
(ORLANDO, FLORIDA) - July 31, 2006 - Clean First Time, Inc., the industry leader in
construction cleaning, is launching a new Partner Program. The aim is to find people running
cleaning companies in Northeast, Southeast and Southwest Florida who can handle more work.
“Florida is full of small cleaning companies who struggle to find contracts,” said Dan Gunkel,
president of Clean First Time. “We are in a position to offer contracts to anyone who can provide
the quality of service Clean First Time is famous for.”

Clean First Time clients range from home builders -- such as Levitt & Sons, Pulte, Beazer, DR
Horton, Ryland, Engle, Centex and Lennar Homes -- to small and large scale commercial

The goal of the new program is to turn small “mom and pop” companies into strong, respected
companies that can handle up to a $100,000 a month in business. Ideal candidates are established
cleaning companies who can handle multiple accounts.

This is truly a partner program and there is no investment required. People looking to take part in
this partner program must attend a training program and pass a thorough background check.
Clean First Time will provide all the contracts, handle all the billing and make available a new
computer program to assist with administration and scheduling.

Clean First Time specializes in construction clean-up services. The company provides trained,
uniformed and insured personnel to take care of all the detailing needed during and after the
construction process.
                               Photo of Ambrose and Denise McAleavey

                                 Build It & They Will Clean It
Written by Sandy Larson, Home Business Magazine

The flurry of new houses sprouting up across the U.S. has not only made home
ownership an exciting possibility for millions of Americans; it has also provided new
growth opportunities for many small businesses. One such company benefiting from the
housing boom is Florida-based Clean First Time, Inc., (,
specializing in construction site clean-up.

Clean First Time — known for its trademark gold uniforms — employs more than 200
people and now offers franchise opportunities. One franchise owner is Ambrose
McAleavey, who works out of his home in Orlando.

Previously a VP for an international company in the food sector, McAleavey started his
business in December of last year. ―I was looking for a business-to-business service in
a growth field,‖ he recalls. ―I'd had enough of corporate life and wanted my own destiny
in my own hands.‖

McAleavey serves clients all over Orlando, including KB Homes, Park Square Homes,
and Trans Eastern Homes. ―I oversee all the sites on a daily basis, but each site has a
team leader who is responsible for quality,‖ he reports. ―This frees me up a little to talk
with project managers and superintendents from the building companies to build
relationships and to be reactionary to any issues they may have.‖

Currently, McAleavey employs five people, but he anticipates this number to grow in the
near future. He relays excitedly, ―I seem to be getting new inquires every day, and this
is giving me great natural growth.‖ HBM
              Clean First Time Franchise Opens Five New Regional Franchises

(ORLANDO, FLORIDA) - December 1, 2006 - Clean First Time recently opened five new
regional franchises in Florida. The new franchise owners took over established corporate regions.
The company‟s focal point is setting up new regional offices and once those regions are
operational and billing in excess of $30,000 a month, selling them as regional franchises.

“The hardest part of running a franchise is finding quality employees. By Clean First Time
setting up regional offices we eliminate some of those start-up problems,” says Paul Allen, Clean
first Time Director of Development.

"In general, our franchise owners are very successful," said Allen.

"Labor is certainly the hardest part of running a Clean First Time franchise," said Allen, "The
corporate office works diligently on finding ways to assist franchise owners in hiring and
keeping employees."

Clean First Time franchise owners provide trained, uniformed and insured personnel to take care
of all the detailing needed during and after the construction process.

Clean First Time currently clean for: Taylor Woodrow, Kelsey, Toll Brothers, Centex, KB
Homes, M/I, Whitehall, Ashton Woods, Hoar, Levitt, Pulte, Beazer, DR Horton, Ryland, Engle,
Mercedes, Adams, Morrison, Transeastern, Lennar, Park Square, and over 250 builders
throughout Florida & Georgia.

Clean First Time has 18 regional support centers and more than 250 full-time crews in Florida
and Georgia.
       We are members of the following:

           About this Supplement

 The Success of your franchise will be largely
        dependent upon your ability.

We are not the one’s doing the cleaning, that is
              your responsibility.

           Clean First Time Inc.
       8810 Commodity Circle, Suite 7
           Orlando, Florida 32819
     Telephone 1 866 390 CLEAN (2532)

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