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									          Adsense Arbitrage Report –

  Adsense Arbitrage Report
 “How to Turn Nickel Clicks Into Dollars!”

                       By: Gary Huynh

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           Adsense Arbitrage Report –

       What exactly is Adsense arbitrage?
There's a fancy term for arbitrage which relates to the financial and horse race
betting market but that won't serve you any purpose here.

For our purposes you just need to know that I buy visitors through Google's Adwords
and send them to my website so I can monetize them (make money from them) with
Google's Adsense program. It's like playing the stock market where you buy low and
sell high. Instead of waiting though you sell the visitor to someone else almost
instantly and take a cut of the profit.

Adsense is a contextual advertising program run by Google which allows me to place
a javascript code on my site which displays a block of ads. I make money every time
a visitor clicks on my ad. How much I get paid is really up to Google. They don't
disclose their formula for payout because it really depends on a lot of different
variables which we'll cover later.

Most everything you read about how to make money with Google Adsense discusses
methods for generating free search engine traffic to your websites. Why is this? Why
the focus on getting free traffic when it relates to Adsense but not so when it relates
to info product marketing? In other words, when you read about how to make money
as an affiliate or by selling your own products, then why isn't the focus on getting
free search engine traffic?

It's because a few years ago, some people developed software programs called
"webpage generators" which allows you to build hundreds and thousands of
webpages with the click of a button. These webpages were used as bait to get free
search engine traffic easily as they claimed. It WAS easy to get search engine traffic
using these programs several years ago. That's partly the reason why so many
people started making money with Adsense and why so many people got interested
in the Adsense revenue model.

Easy and free search engine traffic mixed in with an easy way to make money
without customer support issues allowed many many people who had never made a
dime online before to see their first success. When the search engines caught on
these page generators, they adjusted their algorithms and these sites gradually
disappeared from the rankings. It is no longer a cake walk to get free search engine
traffic. You actually have to put a little more work and creativity into getting good

Since many people were so used to getting free traffic, they pretty much would turn
their noses at the idea of paying for traffic. That's a big mistake and here's why...

You will be spending a lot more time now to get free traffic and the traffic is not
instantaneous. It will likely take you weeks or months to get good rankings. Even if
you get instant traffic using certain techniques, that traffic will only decrease over
time as the search engines find webpages that have more relevance than yours.

Not only that but think of all the time and money you will spend hiring ghostwriters,
bloggers, submitting to directories, and mixing up your private label rights articles so
they look unique. Then think of all the hundreds of webpages and domains, and

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           Adsense Arbitrage Report –

subdomains you have to manage. Think of all the blog and blog networks, ip
addresses and content you have to manage. It makes my head spin.

In addition, once you get traffic to your site, you may only be making a few cents
per click on the particular niche where you thought you'd be making $1.00 per click
on your Adsense ads. I'll go over why that is happening in a later lesson.

With my Adsense arbitrage system I'll show you how to get traffic almost instantly
with Google Adwords and other PPCSE (pay per click search engines). These are sites
where you get to decide how much you're willing to pay for each visitor to your site.
In the case of Google, I pay no more than 5 cents per visitor. I often pay only 3-4
cents per visitor though. When those 4 cent visitors visit my site, and click on my
ads, I make a profit of as much as 500%.

The goal of any business should be to have a high ROI (return on investment). If you
operate a brick-and-mortar store, you'll likely pay to have your ads in the yellow
pages, newspapers, billboards, flyers etc. You should track your spending and if
you're making more than you're spending then you're in profit.

It's exactly the same way with your Adsense business. You can sit around and rely
on free traffic or you can pay for traffic and make a profit over and over again.

The fact is, you can make money in multiple ways from the traffic you buy. I
particularly like to make money from traffic through Adsense because it doesn't take
much work to get someone to click on an ad. If I was to sell a product to those five
cent visitors, it would require a lot more testing and tracking.

The only numbers I care about is my ROI. The higher percentage of people that I get
to do what I want them to do to generate money for me without me digging too
deep into my pockets, the higher my ROI will be.

I could spend $40 on Adwords to get me 1000 visitors. The easiest thing to get those
visitors to do after visiting my site is to leave my site by clicking on my ads. It's
harder to ask them to fill in a form to join my mailing list and even harder to get
them to buy.

The type of visitors that I get for 5 cents and below are not the most likely candidate
to become customers or subscribers. I use them mainly so they can click on my ads
because they are click happy visitors. You'll learn that not all types of visitors behave
the same way. You can control the types of visitors you get by what you say in your
ads by controlling the keywords you bid on.

When you're dealing with Adwords, you will be spending money to make money.
Since you can get traffic almost within minutes of setting up an Adwords account,
you will be making a profit almost instantly. Using my system for setting up
profitable Arbitrage campaigns, I've been able to generate an automated income of
$20-$200/day the very first day I set up my campaign. How long would it take you
to do that with a site generated for the free search engine traffic?

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            Adsense Arbitrage Report –

    Is it still possible to make huge money
        with Adsense? Myths debunked.

Adsense has been one of the biggest talked about subjects in the online marketing
circles for a couple years. Part of the interest stemmed from the popularity of the
'page generators' that were developed a few years back. You may have remembered
the two notorious ones "Traffic Equalizer" & "Ranking Power".

What these programs basically did was they made it easy for average users to
generate hundreds of thousands of webpages in minutes. I will not go into detail
about how they work but I'll just say that these programs worked like gangbusters.

Word caught on and everyone who was interested making money online wanted a
piece of this push-button income stream. I was one of the people who made upwards
of $10,000 a month using these page generators. I used Niche Portal Builder.

These page generators helped people get a lot of free traffic to their sites. The
preferred method to monetize this traffic was Adsense. This is because these sites
were pretty ugly looking simply because they were designed for the search engines
and not for real visitors. The best way to make money from the traffic was with
Adsense because it allows the site owner to make money from visitors leaving the

No visitors would trust such ugly looking sites to buy anything. Secondly, it takes a
lot of time to write a presell to entice visitors to buy anything from the site. You still
place Adsense on your sites for the same reason that they were used back when
page generators were effective.

Adsense only makes you money when people leave your site. The only requirements
that you need are to have content that can trigger the correct ads and traffic of
course. Answer this question for me. What is the easiest thing you can get your
visitors to do? The easiest thing is to get them to click on your ads.

Most of your visitors will leave your site anyway and you really don't have to get
them to do anything. They'll click on the ads themselves if you make it easy for them
to notice your ads. There are easy ways to do this which you can learn for free
online. I'll give you a few pointers. Make the ad background the same color as the
background of your site and get rid of the ad border so that it blends into the site.

Make the color of your ad title blue and the display url grey. Blue is the universal
color for links and most people are used to seeing links in blue. You make the title of
the ad blue and not the url because the title is bigger and is usually where the call-
to-action is for the users. You blend the ad so that it flows into your website because
it makes it look less like an ad. Have you heard of banner blindness? It's when
people are so used to seeing banners that they dismiss it automatically. It's built into
their subconscious.

Speaking of banner blindness, there are certain sections of online users who do not
have banner blindness as much as others. For example, do you remember the last

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           Adsense Arbitrage Report –

time you clicked an Adsense ad? I know I don't. I'm so used to avoiding clicking ads
on my own sites that I never click on ads on other people's sites. If I see an ad that's
interesting, I type the url into my browser window. I know that CTR is dismal on ads
that serve the business opportunity and webmaster market. It's based on my own

Other markets that have strong banner blindness are, business, technology, internet
marketing. Basically, people who are online frequently. When you're selecting
markets to create Adsense sites in keep this in mind. Go for markets where people
often don't go online and are not always subject to online ads.

There are specific types of keywords where people are very 'click happy.' This is
what I'll be covering in my report. Using these types of keywords in conjunction with
several other techniques not mentioned above, I'm able to get CTR as high as 50%
on many of my sites. In my arbitrage formula I only need a minimum CTR of 20% to
make a profit so anything higher is great.

Now back to the reason why people may feel that Adsense is dead. Knowing some of
these reasons will help you make you more money with Adsense. See below.

There was a recent report that I read which was titled "Adsense is Dead" by a fellow
named Scott Boulch. You may have read it too. As you can see from my earnings
recently, I have proof that you can still make a lot of money with Adsense. Anyway,
what the report basically said was that once Google enabled publishers to make
separate bids on the search network versus the content network, people earned less
per click on their Adsense pages.

This is true to a degree. The content network is the network of website owners who
place the Google Adsense ads on their sites. If advertisers are paying less for this
Adsense traffic then of course you're going to get less of the cut from Google. This
does not mean that ALL advertisers are paying less. There's a very high number of
advertisers who continue not to track their spending so they haven't lowered their
bid prices on the content network. Then there are other advertisers who just want
branding and have a huge ad budget. Many big companies advertise on Google.

I still have many sites which pay me more than $1 per click. As long as you're
making a profit and it's worth the time and monetary investment you put in then you
should not dismiss Adsense as a revenue source.

In a follow-up report, Scott tells people how he's making $50,000 a month by selling
his visitors to lead companies instead of to Google. These lead companies pay him
$20 and up for someone to fill out a form instead of the nickels, dimes and quarters
you get from Google. Sounds very good doesn't it. There are a few problems you
need to know about. First, you're spending way more than a nickel to generate
leads. Do you have the stomach to spend fifty cents to a dollar per lead to have a
chance of making $20 a lead? How much will you spend to test and track your profit?

Second, it takes targeted Google ads, very targeted keywords and a little preselling
to get someone to fill out a form. The more things you ask a visitor to do, the lower
your conversion rates.

Third, Scott is was selling software which automates the tracking of your profitable
keywords. Without tracking software you would either have to do it manually or take

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           Adsense Arbitrage Report –

a stab in the dark and spend money on keywords which you don't know will convert
or not.

When you work with Adsense arbitrage the way I do it, you will never spend more
than a nickel per visitor. You get a whole lot more traffic to work with before
depleting your ad budget. It also is a whole lot easier to convert your visitors to cash
in the bank because getting them to click your ads is the easiest thing you could ask
them to do. Like I said, you're not even asking them.

While you're only getting nickels, dimes and quarters from Google, the little numbers
do add up to big numbers. Always consider the return on investment and the startup
costs when pursuing a new business. I can't argue with five cents.

Weigh your time and cost investment when comparing revenue generation methods.
Adwords is simply a method of generating traffic. You can monetize it with Adsense,
other contextual ad networks, pay per lead offers, with affiliate products or with your
own products. What I've listed is in order from lowest paying to highest paying.

Adsense will pay you the least and your own products will pay you the most.

Now look at the costs in time and money involved with each of those. Check out the
table below:

      Monetization                       Cost                          Time
          Adsense                         1                              1
Other Contextual Networks                 2                              2
       Pay Per Lead                       ?                              3
    Affiliate Products                    4                              4
   Your Own Products                      4                              5

Number 1 is least costly and quickest to set up and number 5 is most costly & more
time consuming.

Adsense - costs .05 per click and Adsense pages are easy to set up.

Other Contextual Networks - Similar to Adsense, ad serving is not as accurate as
Adsense, payout may be lower, application process may be more involved and not as
big a selection in advertisers as Adsense.

Pay Per Lead - Less offers to choose from. There are way less companies you can
promote via pay per lead than there are Adsense advertisers. Costs more to
generate a lead because your competition is stiffer. Takes more time to set up a
presell page for your lead offers.

Affiliate Products - Again, limited number of products to promote. There are tons
of affiliate products out there that you can promote but the majority do not have
good a good sales process. This will result in a lower conversion and higher costs for
you. If you want to set up your own presell page, you'll spend more time.

Your Own Products - Takes the most time to create and you more than likely won't
be able to find Adwords traffic for nickels.

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           Adsense Arbitrage Report –

Looking at the above chart I'd say that sending traffic to Adsense is the least costly
and quickest way to generate quick profits. I could have never increased my income
from $15/day to over $1,000 a day in 2 weeks using the other methods.

Takeways from this lesson is to consider your time and costs involved when picking
out new methods of income generation. Know exactly when you should use Adsense
on your sites and what types of visitors to target if you want higher CTR.

      Why aren't many people doing this?
Many people aren't talking about Adsense arbitrage because they never thought of
the idea of making money specifically by spending money using PPCSE (pay per click
search engines).

People often buy advertising for their sites. They spend money to send traffic to their
sites but their main goal isn't to specifically make money on Adsense for that traffic.
Our goal is to specifically make money on Adsense from that traffic. So we need to
use tracking tools to see how much we're making. Google has all the available tools
you'll need to get started with tracking.

In business you should always track your spending and profits. You should know
exactly how much you make from your visitors. If you make money then you simply
add more money to your spending and you'll make more money.

Or you could make more money from the same amount of traffic you're getting by
increasing your conversion rates. That is, you sell higher priced products to your
visitors or get them to buy more products. Your 'product' in this case is Adsense.
You're selling your visitors to other sites and Google is managing that transaction for

How can you bid on traffic that only costs .05 cents and still get enough traffic to
make this worthwhile? Here's how pay per click marketing works.

The higher your bid is, the more traffic you'll get because your ad will be placed near
the top on the first page of Google's search results page.

So the question I've heard some people ask is, if they bid only .05 cents won't their
ad be pushed to the bottom of the barrel and not get any visitors?

No, because your bid will be placed on a keyword which doesn't have many
competing ads. If there are less than 8 other advertisers bidding on the same
keywords as you are, then you're guaranteed a position on the first page of Google.

There are many keywords which get a lot of traffic but don't have many advertisers.
That's because those keywords are not targeted enough for what people are trying to
do. Most Adwords advertisers are not looking to send their traffic away once they get
the traffic. They're trying to generate a lead or a customer.

That's why they don't bid on terms in which users are simply browsing for
information and don't know what they want. Those are the least targeted visitors.

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           Adsense Arbitrage Report –

You, as an arbitrager, don't really care what type of visitors come to your site
because you're going to get rid of them anyway. Of course you don't want to bid on
baby cribs if your Adsense page is about rock bands. That's common sense.

But if your site is on rock bands you can bid on guitars, drums, concerts etc. Is it
clear now?

Here's an example of visitor and cash flow through the arbitrage system:

Advertiser bids on term "Playstation" for $1.00 and lands #1 position on the right
side of Google.

You bid on term "cheap video game system" for .05 and get #1 position for that

Visitor clicks on your Adwords ad and goes to your website.

On your website, you have an article on the Playstation game console and there's the
"Playstation" ad on your site. Assuming the advertiser is bidding the same amount
for the content and the search network, you will get about 50 cents when your visitor
clicks that ad.

You profit .45 cents.

Now if 100% of the people you pay to visit your site click on the Adsense ad, you'd
be making a 900% ROI. Some days you might get 100% and other days you might
get 10% CTR.

As long as you're getting a 25% CTR and the ad is paying at least .20 per click, then
you'll break even.

In my Arbitrage multi-media course, I will cover:

   •   The exact formula I use for discovering niches which are worth focusing on.

   •   What types of niches have more high paying ads.

   •   How to increase CTR on your Adsense pages.

   •   How to use channels to track your Adsense income.

   •   What steps I take to make the most efficient use of my time so I can set
   •   up new campaigns very quickly.

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           Adsense Arbitrage Report –

              The big lie about high paying
                     keyword lists.
Ever since the start of the Adsense craze there have been sites trying to sell you lists
of keywords which show you exactly which keywords to build your sites with in order
to make the most money from Adsense.

Usually at the top of those keywords lists are terms such as mesothelioma, improve
credit score, mortgage refinance, etc.

Here's why you shouldn't rely on those keyword lists to build your arbitrage
campaigns around.

First, these highly profiled keywords are the target of many MFA (made for Adsense)
sites. In turn, the types of visitors coming from ads on these sites are not as
targeted as visitors coming from Google's search results page.

This means two things. The advertisers will either bid very low prices to have their
ads show on the content network or they will remove their ads altogether. Secondly,
Google will give you less of their profits from the click on these types of keywords.

You have to know that even if these keyword lists give you hundreds of thousands of
high paying phrases to go after, they haven't touched even 10% of the total number
of keywords that people use on the search engines every day.

You will have better luck using your own brain to research high paying niches which
aren't under Google's radar.

Here's a hint: If a product is expensive, advertisers are willing to pay more to
advertise on keywords related to that product.

Second hint: Big companies with big budgets can pay more per click to advertise
their products.

You only need a niche which pays you 20 cents per click on average on a page which
gets an average of 25% CTR to break even on your campaigns. The high CTR is
easier to obtain than finding a high paying niche. You can make assumptions to find
high paying niches but the ultimate way to find out is to actually drive traffic to your
Adsense pages. I've found out that many times a niche that I thought would pay
high actually pays very little. The opposite scenario also happens often. Some niches
which I thought would pay low actually pay high.

In my full course I'll go over exactly where to pinpoint the high paying keywords. I'll
show you video tutorials of specific sites where you can mind high paying keywords.
From there you can use my methodology to find a never-ending supply of these
keywords which will bring home the bacon. Remember, my research method will help
you find more profitable keywords more often. It's not a guaranteed method of
finding high paying keywords. With Google, you're never really sure of anything until
you run a live campaign.

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            Adsense Arbitrage Report –

             How to get started with a very
                     small budget.
The thrill of running an online business as opposed to running an offline business is
that you have so little overhead. In fact, you can pretty much start making money
even without any money at all. With a traditional offline business, you have to go
through the trouble of obtaining business loans and seeking investors.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that because they can do things for free,
they shouldn't pay for anything at all. There's always a tradeoff for doing things that
don't cost money. First, you will spend more time doing something without tools for
automation. Once you spend the time to do things manually, you'll likely run into a
software tool which sells you on the idea of saving time. Just give them your money.

Secondly, when you pay for advertising, you can actually generate traffic much
quicker. Generating traffic quickly is important because it gives you the visitors you
need to tell if it's worthwhile to continue within that niche.

I know that spending money will not boost your confidence. I mean, you're trying to
increase your cashflow, not empty your pockets.

So I will show you how to spend very little money and snowball it into huge profits
like I did.

First, here's a little warning:

You WILL have losing campaigns and you WILL lose a little money but I'll show you
how to minimize your losses.

There is no method online that I know where you're assured 100% success every
time. If there was such a method, I don't think the owner would ever release it as a
product. He'd be on a cruise boat somewhere in the Bahamas.

Even with the Google Cash method that was popular a few years ago, people would
find that their success rate was 10 to 20%. That means they'd set up 9 losing
campaigns before they found one that made money.

To minimize your risk of losses, you only bid .05 cent or less for keywords, you use
my techniques of finding high paying niches, and you use my templates to obtain
high CTR (click-through-rate) on your Adsense pages.

You will lose money when certain things happen. When the high paying niche you
research doesn't really pay high and when your CTR is very low. Usually the problem
is with the niche that you picked. If that happens, then just pick another niche. Your
biggest variable that will determine your success is probably the niche that you pick
to build your Adsense pages around.

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           Adsense Arbitrage Report –

Think outside the box and don't rely too much on the available tools you find online
to pick your niche. Use clues from the offline world such as television, your friends
and family.

I've noticed that whenever I set up campaigns, most of them break even or end up
in profit. I've never set up a campaign where I pay for 100 visitors and don't make a
penny off those visitors. Let's say you use my system for finding profitable keywords,
use my high CTR template and drive 100 visitors to your site. The worse case
scenario is that you lose $5.00 before you stop the campaign. If you're confident,
you can stop it after 50 visitors and analyze why it's not profitable. You can tell if the
payout from Google is low or you have a low CTR.

Consider that a profitable campaign will make up for all your losses. I've had several
different campaigns where I found that it was profitable and then I started up more
campaigns around similar niches and keywords. They all became profitable. I review
how to expand your profitable campaigns in my multimedia course.

I find that I can still extract some very valuable data from my break even
campaigns. By looking at the types of keywords which generate impressions and
clicks, I can see what the visitors are interested in. For example, if one of my
keyword phrases which gets a high CTR is "learn spanish tampa" I can add more
keyphrases targeting other cities. I know where to focus my time and research.
Don't dismiss the data that Google provides.

I'll show you how to drive more traffic from the same keywords without increasing
your bid price. There are five ways to do this.

In the next lesson I'll go over how to write Adwords ads which get high CTR. This will
drive down your bid prices and send you more visitors. Most people find this is the
most difficult part of generating cheap traffic.

   How to generate more traffic and lower
      your costs by writing good ads.
Google calculates your click through rate as a percentage for you. The higher that
number is, the lower you pay per click. Even though you may set a max bid price of
.05 you can pay less if you have a high CTR. It's Google's way of rewarding
advertisers for writing relevant ads. Of course, relevance is a relative term. Different
people see different things as being relevant.

My ads are still seen as relevant by Google based on the fact that they receive a high
CTR. I'll show you how you can generate a high CTR below.

You have a very small space to write compelling ads to make your visitors click. If
you were advertising a product to sell then you don't want unqualified visitors to
click your ads and waste your money. That's why many books on Adwords tell you to
put a price in your ad to prevent freebie seekers from clicking your ads and wasting
your budget.

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            Adsense Arbitrage Report –

Well, with the arbitrage system, you want as many visitors as possible. If they even
have a remote interest in the topic of your ad, they'll click on it. When they click on
it, you have more potential visitors to leave your site through your Adsense ads.

You don't need to be a world-class copywriter to write good ads. In fact, there are a
few adcopy techniques which you can use over and over in all your ads to elicit
response. You just need to know how to push the right buttons by your word choice
and placement.

I have a few techniques up my sleeves. I will not reveal my best method but here's
one that you should definitely try.

Appeal to the emotions.

The simple truth is that as humans we are controlled by our emotions. We can
suppress it but we are ultimately in the control of our emotions.

You can control other people by appealing to their emotions. That's why you should
provide benefits in your ad copy and not provide the features.

Appeal to the 7 deadly sins of greed, lust, gluttony, laziness, wrath, envy and pride.

Use your keywords in your ads. Google makes bold all keywords in your ads which
relate to what the searcher input.

Make your ads stand out from the rest of the ads near yours. * hint

No matter what I teach in this lesson about writing good ad copy, you need to
always split test two different ads. Testing is the only thing that will tell you which ad
is better. Some of the smallest things such as capitalizing one letter can boost your

Things you can test are:

The title of the ad. This is the first line. (most important thing to test)

Capitalize letters.

Different placement of words.

Punctuation marks.

Call to actions.

Remember to follow Google's guidelines when writing ads. Read an understand their
guidelines to save yourself the trouble of writing new ads which have been

I really go into more specifics about the techniques taught here in my multimedia
course. I've learned that there are specific templates that you can use for different
niches. Just change the keywords.

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           Adsense Arbitrage Report –

Often times, I will pick niches based on the creative adcopy I can create for it. This
makes the whole process of niche finding a whole lot easier. In other words, when I
find a niche, I look at my templates and ask myself if I write a template and plug
these keywords in, will it work for this niche. This is a great time saver because I
don't have to develop new ads all the time.

            Finding those nickel keywords.
You can bid a nickel per keyword on any keyword you want. The problem is getting
nickel keywords which will generate the traffic that is necessary to be worth your

Because you want as many clicks as you can get and are not so worried about
relevance, you're in a position to bid on keywords which others deem to be not worth
their investment.

Let me give you an example. Many times advertisers choose not to bid on any
keywords with the word 'free' in it. They don't want freebie seekers. Therefore, you
can get those keywords for nickels and drive them to Adsense pages which have
higher paying keywords in the same or similar niche.

The power of this strategy is immense and I can't believe I am letting this one out of
the bag!

Let's talk more about keywords. Most people are often too lazy to do any real
keyword research. If you put a little effort in by going off the beaten path, your
research will be highly rewarded.

Google states that more than 50% of its queries are unique. This means that over
half of the searches done online will generate .05 clicks for you. Now do you see how
plentiful cheap keywords are, especially if you don't have to worry about generating
visitors who buy but rather click your ads.

Another method I use to generate lots of low priced but relevant keywords is the
lateral keyword strategy. You can generate a pretty big portfolio of low priced
keywords by using this strategy. In my course I outline five different sites which will
give you lateral keywords to work with.

Also in my Adsense arbitrage multimedia course I will reveal the one keyword
research tool that saves me a whole bunch of time in finding large sums of low
priced keywords. If you want to do it manually I can show you where to look also.

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           Adsense Arbitrage Report –

         How to increase CTR on Adsense.
Having a high CTR will generate more revenue for the same amount of traffic you
get. This is very important when you are paying for your traffic. A higher CTR can
increase your ROI and make a campaign profitable.

I've mentioned before that certain niches can have more 'click-happy' visitors than
others. Finding those niches is one consideration you should make when choosing a
niche. Usually though, the only way to tell is by driving traffic to your Adsense pages
and watch your CTR.

I always do the following things when designing my ads for higher CTR.

1.) Make background of the ad same as background of the site.

2.) Remove border from ads.

3.) Use large rectangle ad layout

4.) Make the title of the Ad blue

5.) Place ads 'above the fold'.

One mistake I see many newbie arbitragers do is not place any outgoing links on the
page with the Adsense ads. This is against Google's TOS. You have to have at least
one outgoing link on the page with your ads. Always check Google's TOS and
ultimately contact Google if you're in doubt about a technique of generating higher
CTR. None of the techniques I use are against Google's TOS. In fact, they help
improve the relevancy of your landing page, which is a very important factor
according to Google.

In my course, I'll show you a little trick to having links on your sites but make it look
like there are no links. This is pretty clever and I don't see many people doing it.

I've purposely left out my favorite trick for increasing CTR. Out of all the books I've
read about this subject, I have not seen anybody teach it and I do read a lot of
books and forums on the subject. It doesn't require any special software.

This one technique was learned only from testing dozens of landing page styles. In
fact, it works best with the arbitrage method.

Inside my Adsense Arbitrage Revealed course I'll show you this one technique and
give you an 80 minute interview with Patric Chan and Fabian Lim (Adwords
Professional) where all we talk about is how to increase your Adsense CTR.

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     Moving Beyond Adsense and Adwords

If you know the principle of Adsense arbitrage then you should understand that you
don't have to use Adsense to monetize your sites and Adwords to generate traffic.

You can also sign up for Yahoo's contextual ad network which is similar to Adsense.
Since they're in Beta at this time, they pay out higher amounts to publishers. That
could change though as soon as they are no longer in Beta.

You should start off with this combination but eventually you will want to expand into
other ways to monetize and other ways to drive traffic to your sites.

You can focus on the many smaller search engines to generate traffic. They will
generate less traffic for you but they will give you a higher ROI because you can bid
lower prices for clicks.

I usually like to start off with Adwords to generate traffic because it gives me the
most volume of traffic. Without the traffic volume, you can't calculate profit
potential. If I were to start my campaigns on the smaller search engines, I would
have to wait a long time to generate enough traffic and find my ROI.

Other than Google, you can use MSN and Overture to drive traffic to your sites. Each
of these search engines have their pros and cons. I usually like to start out with
Adwords and only duplicate my campaigns on Overture,MSN, and the other search
engines on the campaigns that I find are profitable.

Let's review what you have learned in the previous 9 lessons and break down what
you have to do.

Lesson 1:

Adsense arbitrage explained. How to generate instant traffic (thus, instant profits)
using Adwords. The idea of making money with Adsense being easier than other
methods because your only task is to drive traffic and get visitors to notice and click
on the ads.

Lesson 2:

The types of markets you pick to build Adsense sites in is very important. You want
to avoid markets such as 'webmasters' because they suffer from banner blindness
the most. Then there are other markets where people are rabid clickers. They see
something interesting and click on it by habit. These are the types of markets you go

Lesson 3:

Learn how you can bid .05 for a keyword but still generate enough traffic to your
site. You'll focus on keywords where there are few advertisers so you can get first
page exposure for your ads. The sheer number of low priced keywords will generate
the traffic volume you need to make it work.

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Lesson 4:

Why you shouldn't rely on precompiled keyword lists to target your arbitrage
campaigns. How to find those high paying niches more often.

Lesson 5:

Why it's important to test as many niches as possible. When you find a niche that is
profitable, you'll be able to explode your income by expanding on that niche and
finding similar niches. You also learn how to make a majority of your campaigns
break even or profit. You learned how to mine valuable data from campaigns which
break even.

Lesson 6:

How to lower your bid prices automatically by writing ads which generate lots of
clicks. How to appeal to the emotions of your visitors so they notice your ads. What
specific items to test in your ads.

Lesson 7:

How to generate tons of traffic from nickel keywords. The key is to look where
everyone else isn't looking. You can afford to bid on these types of keywords
because your ultimate goal is different than what most advertisers want. You can bid
on keywords which contain 'free', 'information','tips' etc.

Lesson 8:

How to generate high CTR on your Adsense pages so you can increase your ROI.

                     Questions & Answers
Isn't Google trying to get rid of Arbitrage sites?

Google's main source of profit is their paid advertising and the Adsense program is a
big boost to their income. Looking at it from an infoproduct perspective, Adwords is
their product and people who advertise using Adwords are their customers. Adsense
publishers are their affiliates. Of course they have to please their affiliates, their
customers and also the ring that holds it all together (their search engine users).

In July of 2006 Google made some big changes to their Adwords program. People
who were bidding on low priced clicks such as .10 and below had their bid prices
jacked up to ridiculous prices such as $5-$10 a click. Their excuse was that
advertisers needed to follow their landing page quality guidelines.

Needless to say, they upset a lot of legitimate advertisers. Things have pretty much
gone back to normal now. That means that the bid prices aren't ridiculously high for
search terms which have only one advertiser.

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I notice that Google will make my keywords inactive if they are getting a very low
CTR such as under 1.0%

Google sets its prices based on the history of a keyword also. For example, if you bid
on the term "html" it will ask for a minimum bid of $1.00 per click although there are
less than 8 advertisers on the front page. This is probably due to the fact that it's
such a general term and advertisers could not make back their investment on this
term. Only Google knows this based on their history data.

The way to combat this is to find niches which contain keywords with a short history.
Considering the number of keywords that are out there, this isn't as hard a task as
you may think. You just have to set up your campaigns first and let Google tell you
the history of the keyword before you create a full fledged campaign.

How many sites do I have to run?

Unlike building hundreds of portal pages, you can simply have a single page website
and drive all your traffic to that one page. You would have a page for each niche.
When starting off, get yourself a generic domain and just create different pages for
each niche. Once you find a niche that is making a profit, move it to its own domain.

I've tried all the tricks to get a high CTR on my Adsense pages but it's not

There are a lot of factors which can result in low CTR. In an earlier lesson I
mentioned how 'webmaster' traffic will give you low CTR? There are other markets
like that. Don't beat yourself up over one niche. If it doesn't work out then just move
on. There are too many niches online to pursue so stop wasting time with a
particular niche. It's easy as heck to set up a new campaign in a different niche. Test
dozens of niches a day. If you find a winning niche then expand on that niche into
subniches and lateral niches.

Is Adsense arbitrage viable for newbies?

The Adsense business is a dream come true for newbies. You don't need to know too
much about copywriting, joint ventures, affiliate programs, email marketing,
infoproduct creation, software and all that technical stuff. I'll lay out the steps for
you here:

1.) Find high paying niches

2.) Find low priced keywords

3.) Set up simple one page website for high paying niche

4.) Generate list of keywords

5.) Set up Adwords campaign to send traffic to Adsense page.

6.) See if you're making a profit or not.

7.) If not profiting then move into different niche.

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8.) If profiting, then expand on that one niche.

9.) Keep entering more markets.

As you can see, it's not a complicated process. You just have to do it.

                               What’s next?
You've come to the end of the 10 Day eCourse. The next step is to put what you've
learned into action. Read through the lessons again and understand the underlying
concepts. The most important thing I can tell you is to enter as many markets as you
can. Set up many different campaigns and examine your ROI regularly.

Once you get the flow going, there's no reason why you can't enter a couple new
markets a day.

I've created a full-blown multimedia course which includes audio and video tutorials
to provide you even more help with Adsense arbitrage. Here is what the course will

Videos on:

   •   how to find high paying niches

   •   how to do keyword research

   •   how to set up your Adsense pages

   •   how to set up your Adwords account

   •   how to set up different campaigns

   •   how to write high converting ads and split test them

   •   how to track your ROI

   •   campaign setup from beginning to end

   •   more…

The whole process will be outlined on video.

I will include an additional manual that you can print out and follow the whole
process from beginning to end. There will also be some nice bonuses including
flowcharts, worksheets and an audio with fellow high income Adsense earners Patric
Chan and Fabian Lim.

I will expand on the concepts I taught in this eCourse. There will of course be some
tips and tricks which I left out of the free eCourse that could explode your earnings

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           Adsense Arbitrage Report –

with less effort. For example, I will give you my exact templates for creating
Adwords ads which generate high CTR most markets. I will give you the Adsense
page templates I've been using to generating high CTR.

I will show you the sites I use to research high paying niches and sites I use to build
my niche keyword lists. I will outline my preferred method of setting up campaigns
as efficiently as possible so you can generate new campaigns as quickly as possible.
I will show you exactly how to expand your profitable campaigns. Don't waste your
time redoing steps which are unnecessary.

If you want to succeed at this faster and need some visual tutorials to show you how
then get the course at when it is released.

If not, remain subscribed and I'll provide you some more updates and help with
Arbitrage as I discover them. I hope you found this introduction to arbitrage very
beneficial. My aim was to provide you enough information for you to get started. If
you go Google "Adsense Arbitrage" you'll find that there are a lot of people who are
clueless about arbitrage.

Many times they make assumptions without doing any testing. This method only
works for me now because I didn't give up when I lost money. I tested and tweaked
my campaigns until they were profitable. What I teach is based on my experience,
not on assumptions.

Do your own testing if you want but don't ever listen to others blindly.


Gary Huynh

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