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									Manufacturing and Mechanical
  Engineering Technology

 Dwight Look College of Engineering | Texas A&M University
People, knowledge, and technologies
      bringing world-class products from
              concept to market

                     Manufacturing and mechanical engineering technology is
                     for doers, people who like to get things done. Maybe even
                     get your hands dirty once in a while. MMET graduates are
                     the people who turn designs into products, who find better
                     ways to make cell phones, cars, and air planes, automate an
                     industrial process, or improve the design of products.

                     Your MMET program starts with mathematics and physics,
                     history and English, chemistry and kinesiology. While you are
                     getting these basics out of the way, we’ll start preparing you
                     for engineering technology courses such as:
                        •   materials                      •   strength of materials
                        •   machining                      •   mechanics
                        •   welding                        •   quality engineering
                        •   micro/nano manufacturing       •   operations management
                        •   information systems            •   applied thermal sciences
                        •   robotics and automation        •   fluid power technology
                        •   3-D modeling                   •   mechanical design
                        •   design-for-manufacturability       applications

                     These courses will get you to a degree that will prepare you
                     for a world of opportunities.

                     Our graduates are encouraged to take part in co-op education
                     opportunities and internships, helping many students with
                     their education and securing employment after graduation.
Good      when you graduate, with great salaries

                  When you graduate from Texas A&M’s MMET program, you’ll have
                   access to a whole world of possibilities.

                       You’ll find Texas A&M MMET grads working for excellent
                        salaries at the biggest and best manufacturing and tech-
                          nology companies. There’s a reason – these companies
                             want Texas A&M MMET grads because they know those
                               grads have the academic background and hands-on
                                experience they need.

                                   Don’t just take our word for it. Companies like
                                    Boeing, ExxonMobil, Ford, and Motorola have
                                      hired our graduates.

                                                 Chelsi Kaltwasser
                                                  Aggie Class of 2004
                                                   Design Engineer
                                                    FMC Technologies, Inc.
Everybody talks about
ds-on education
    Our learning laboratories do our talking for us.
    Laboratories do much to enhance engineering technology classes. Labs give students
    a deeper understanding of information presented in lectures and provide hands-on
    experience for real-world jobs. We have state-of-the-art equipment that is used by
    the companies that hire our graduates. When you want to understand manufacturing
    processes and the technology that makes them work, our learning laboratories put you
    in the driver’s seat.
Take a

         Micro-Nano Manufacturing (MnM) Laboratory
         In the Micro/Nano Manufacturing Laboratory, you’ll learn the technologies
         to fabricate and quantify the sub-miniature devices that are transforming
         biomedical science, aerospace and other high-tech fields. For instance,
         microrobotic surgical devices that combine nano-, wireless and information
         technology may soon be helping doctors perform surgery inside your body
         without the stress and risk of conventional surgery. Our MnM Lab gives you
         hands-on experience with this futuristic technology .

         Rockwell Automation Laboratory and System Integration Laboratory
         The Rockwell Automation Laboratory actually consists of two labs: the
         Automation Laboratory and the System Integration Laboratory. Students learn
         basic (component-level) knowledge and skills in the Automation Laboratory; then
         develop integrated (system-level) knowledge by working in the System Integration
         Laboratory. The lab supports automation and control education for approx-
         imately one-fourth of the Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution
         department’s undergraduates.

         And other great laboratory facilities. Check them out at
         Then go to the laboratories links.
CNC Haas Computer-Aided Design/
Manufacturing Laboratory
The CAD/CAM laboratory emphasizes
Computer-Aided Design and Com-
puter-Aided Manufacturing. Labora-
tory exercises include several part and
tool computer designs and machining
on computer controlled machines. Stu-
dents generate electronic and printed
drawings, process sheets showing
machining operations, required tool
lists, and the machine coding required
to machine their tools and parts.
The labortory is equipped with soft-
ware for 3-D modeling, finite element
analysis, design-for manufacturing,
process planning and computer-aided
manufacturing. It emphasizes integrat-
ing these functions and execution sys-
tems on the shop floor. The laboratory
is equipped with new CNC vertical mills
and lathes in collaboration with Haas
Automation Educational Program. It has
high performance tooling donated in
partnership with ISCAR.
You will

           from the
We know what we’re
talking about.
MMET faculty members are
experts in what they teach.
They’ve done it in industry.
They do research on it while
they’re teaching. And they
know their students as
people, not just names
on a roster.
         cap and
Getting to your


 It’s going to be a challenge to get from here to your diploma. If you’re good in math and science and
 you enjoy applying them to solve problems. This is the place for you. It all starts with a plan. Yours starts
 here. Find our current degree plan on the Web at:
 Then click on the Student Information tab.

 By the time you graduate, you’ll be ready for whatever you aspire to. You’ll know you’re ready and so
 will the companies you’ll be working for. We know you’ll be ready because we work closely with the
 best companies to be sure that your classes give you what you need to know.
The day after commencement, real life knocks on your
door. With your degree in MMET, you’ll be able to say,
“I’m here and I’m ready.”

MMET spans a number of technical areas, including de-
sign-for-manufacturing, materials, manufacturing process
design, automation and operations management. Profes-
sionals in this field require a broad educational back-
ground. The background you get here prepares you for        Everything costs
a wide spectrum of job opportunities and great salaries.
More than 9 out of 10 MMET graduates have jobs waiting
when they graduate. Recent graduates have received job      Getting a college education is
offers averaging around $53 ,000 a year - some as high as   one of the biggest investments
$80,000.                                                    you’re ever going to make. Texas
                                                            A&M University has a wide range
                                                            of financial aid to help you make
                                                            that investment. Scholarships for
                                                            qualified students. Student loans.
                                                            Student-work jobs. Find out more
                                                            about how you can get help pay-
                                                            ing the bills.

The Texas Aggie
                  There’s more to a college education than the time
                  you spend in class. At Texas A&M University, you’ll find
                  students from all over the United States and all over
                  the world — all 50 states and 115 other countries,
                  when we counted last.

                  You’ll have your pick of more than 40 recognized stu-
                  dent organizations in engineering — 800 altogether
                  campuswide. The National Association of Engineering
                  Student Councils has judged Texas A&M’s Student
                  Engineers Council the “most exemplary” engineering
                  student council in the United States.

                  MMET Organizations
                  Society of Manufacturing Engineers
                  American Welding Society
                  American Society of Mechanical Engineers
                  Tau Alpha Pi

                  Find out more about what Texas A&M
                  has to offer:
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First, you have to

                       Getting started in Manufacturing
                      and Mechanical Engineering Tech-
                     nology is just a step away. Visit Texas
                     A&M’s Admissions web page to learn
                      more about how to get an admis-
                      sions packet and start the admis-
                       sions process.

         No one expects you to make an important decision like

Now      where to study without lots of information-gathering and

 what?   You’ve got questions, so ask us. We’ll be happy to answer
         them – in fact, we want you to ask. We want you to be sure
         you have all the information you need to make the right
         decision. Stop by and visit. We’d love to show you what we
         have to offer.
                                    979/ 845-6490 (voice)
                                    979/ 862-7969 (Fax)

         Here are some places to start:

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  Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology

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