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									 Storage and
  Material Handling
Guide                  2007 SUPPLEMENT

8 0 0- L OC8 (5 628)         W W W.L OC 8 . AE


                                 ADJUSTABLE PALLET RACKING

    For a free consultation, call 800-LOC8 (5628)
                            LOC8 Approach
                            We work with companies at all stages of design for
                            their facilities from inception through to operation
                            ensuring them of effective and efficient solutions that
                            meet their needs.

                            Help and advice
                            If you are not sure which products will provide you with
                            the best solution, or need a hand to work out how to
                            optimise the use of your available storage space, just
                            call 800-LOC8 (5628). It’s so much easier when you
                            have an experienced team working with you.

                            Installed professionally
                            Many of the products you will find in this Catalogue
                            you can install yourself. Alternatively, we can carry out
                            the installation for you.

                            LOC8 products are guaranteed
                            All LOC8 products are manufactured
                            to exacting standards. Our
                            storage products are installed
                            to the highest safety standards
                            and can qualify for the
                            LOC8 quality seal.

                              TABLE OF CONTENTS

                                 2     Industrial Overview
                                 4     Access
                                 6     Handling
                                11     Cloakroom Equipment
                                12     Bins
                                14     Workshop
                                16     Flooring
                                17     Signage
                                18     Packaging
                                20     Conveyors
                                22     Dock Equipment
                                26     Mezzanine
                                28     Shelving
                                32     Racking
                     ACCESS                                                                                                         800-LOC8 (5628)

 Available in 5 colours,      Loaded     Unloaded     Base      Top     Weight
                             Height mm   Height mm    mm        mm       kg
 red, blue, black, grey
 and green. please specify
 when ordering.                415          425        410      280       4.5

Kick steps are manufactured from quality steel for maximum safety and
durability. Snap-lock quick assembly, mounted on 3 retractable polypropylene
castors. The rubber base ring holds firmly to the floor and the kick - step will
not slide, roll or tip over.
Finish: Stove enamelled steel.

                                                                                       THE PREMIER RANGE OF MOBILE STEPS
          For a                                                                                                                                                         Inset
                ction,                                                                 •   Large Working Platform                                                       sprung
    wider sele                                                                         •   Epoxy Powder Coated                                                          loaded
     call 800-LO                                                                       •   All Weather Non-slip Injected Moulded Treads                                 roller
                                                                                       •   4 Colour options available. Blue, Green, Red, Beige

                                                                                       The ultimate in safety. The feet have inset rollers that give
                                                                                       greater mobility, but grip firmly to the floor when body
                                                                                       weight is applied. The 2 step model is available with
                                                                                       or without post.

                                                                                             Description        Platform           Platform              Overall       Weight
                                                                                                               Height mm           Size mm           L x W x H mm       kg

                                                                                               2 Step             508              400 x 200        584 x 533 x 635       7

                                                                                       MEDIUM DUTY STEPS
                                                                                       • Tread Size : 490 x 130 mm
                                                                                       • Platform Size :      Standard Version: 540 x 460 mm Deep
                                                                                                              GS Version: 540 x 300 mm Deep

                                                                                       Fully welded construction with expanded mild steel mesh treads. The lever
                                                                                       operated safety bar helps deter access when steps are mobile.

                                                                                       Finish: Epoxy Powder Coated Blue / Red Safety Bar

                                                                                       Rear Platform Handrail height:      Standard Version:1000 mm
                                                                                                                           GS Version: 600 mm

                                                                                       Wheels:       2 x 200 mm Black Rubber Tyred
                                                                                                     1 x 100 mm Polypropylene castor

                                                                                               Version         No of        Weight              Platform           Overall
                                                                                                               Steps         kg                Height mm       L x W x H mm

                                                                                           Standard Version      5            35                 1150        1150 x 700 x 2150

                                                                                             GS Version          5            43                 1150        1210 x 730 x 1850

WWW.LOC8.AE                                                                                                                                       ACCESS

                                                                                                         HEAVY DUTY MOBILE STEPS
                                                                                                        •   Safe
                                                                                                        •   Strong
                                                                                                        •   Platform Height .69 to 4 m
                                                                                                        •   Large working top platform 600 x 540 or 600 x 820 mm
                                                                                                        •   From 3 to 18 steps

                                                                                                        One of the safest, most complete range currently available. The strongly
                                                                                                        constructed steps are highly manoeuvrable and stable.

                                                                                                        Finish: Blue durable high gloss powder coated.

                                                                                                        6 Step units and above are sent folded for delivery - easy to erect.

                                                                                                        UNIQUE SAFETY ACTION

                                                                                                        This feature lifts the bottom step preventing access until the unit
                                                                                                        is grounded and safe to use.

                                                                                                        This also prevents knocked shins when wheeling the steps between

Provides safe working access to inaccessible places, accommodating two people plus
their tools and equipment.
• Safety gate opens inwards, closing automatically through the use of a tension spring
• loaded retention latch.
• Non-slip steel floor plate with lip preventing tools etc. rolling off.
• Platform is locked to the forks by 2 pins behind the heel of the forks.
• Robust, all welded construction.
• Finish in bright safety yellow with drivers warning plate at rear.
• Available with castors for ease of parking.
• Complies with Health and Safety guidance note PM28 - 2nd Edition. Units are
• appropriately CE marked and supplied with user guide.
• Fitted with an internal grab rail and safety harness anchor points
• The maximum number of people permitted within these cages is two.
• The capacity of the Fork Lift Truck must be double the weight of the
   cage and load, or greater.


184 mm wide x 83 mm deep, with inside
clearance 545 mm and overall clearance                                            65
921 mm.                                                                      Fo
NOTE                                                                                          ry.

Fork pocket specification can be altered
to meet customers requirements. - Please                       Floating toggle to prevent
                                                              accidental withdrawal of pin.
specify when ordering otherwise the
                                                     Pin locks behind heel
above dimensions will apply.                              of fork tines.

                 HANDLING                                                                                                    800-LOC8 (5628)

                                                   DRUM PALLET LOADER
                                                  • Load Capacity: 250 kg
                                                  Designed to load and unload standard 210 litre drums safely and efficiently from a pallet. Large hooped handles
                                                  for easy handling. Drum is held in position by the use of a sliding hook located down the centre of the trolley
                                                  frame. Two models available, either a hard wearing blue paint finish or zinc plated finish for extra protection in
                                                  damp areas. The Pallet Loader is balanced/produced in such a way that it should be only used with full or empty

• Fork Mounted Automatically
• Easily and quickly lift drums without hydraulic or electric connections. Simply slip onto forks and tighten hand
  screws. Heavy duty steel construction. Lifts, transports and deposits drums without leaving the driving postion.
  Firm pressure is automatically applied by action of the loaded drum and will be firmly maintained in the same
  position until being deposited, it is then automatically released.

                                          FORKLIFT DRUM LIFTER
                                         • Carry one or two drums by the automatic grip lock, maintains
                                           a positive grip over rough floor surface.
                                         • The Gator Grip auto lock feature will not open and ensures
                                           safe secure drum transport.
                                         • Grip head has different position to fit different height.

WWW.LOC8.AE                                                                                                               HANDLING


     With safety handles,                                                                         With dog-ear handles,
     application with tubular                                                                     application with
     footplate for transporting                                                                   short, flat footplate
     e.g. large crates and                                                                        for easy insertion
     parcels.                                                                                     under heavy loads.


                                                     Height-adjustable loading
                                                     frame for transporting
                                                     stacked chairs

                                                                                         With bags Accessory

                          BAGGAGE AND FOUR-WHEEL TROLLEYS

                                  • This multifunctional four-wheel trolley is available with one or two
                                    side walls or with two end walls.

                                  • This baggage trolley ensures fast and trouble-free baggage
                                    handling in the hotel lobby, even if large groups are checking
                                    in or out.

                HANDLING                                                                          800-LOC8 (5628)

                     HAND PALLET TRUCK
                     • 2.5 ton capacity
                     • Highly efficient: achieve maximum lift height in half the time.
                     • Pump automatically switches to normal operation when load exceeds
                     • Unique double seals design ensures longer life than standard pump.
                     • Quick and easy-change cassette valve system with overload protection.
                     • Perfectly ergonomic designed handle offers a comfortable trip in all
                       temperatures and more lifting height per stroke then normal handle.
                     • Ensures 25% more strength than standard fork. The truck can be used
                       frequently in toughest conditions.
                     • Extremely easy to adjust push rod.
                     • Ensures long life and repairable of the truck.
                     • Offer easier entry and exit from pallet and protect load wheels as well.

                       polyurethane      nylon              rubber

                       polyurethane      nylon              polyurethane

• Model HPW20S
• Capacity 2000 kg
• Graduation 1 kg up to 2000 kg
• Exchangeable battery module with 80 operation hours between charging
• Supplied with battery charger adaptor.
• IP65 enclosure.
• A level control device will give a message on the display when the
  system is more then 2 degrees out of level.
• According to ROSH directive and conforms to EN 1757-2.

WWW.LOC8.AE                                                             HANDLING

• Maneuver loads up ramps and dockboards effortlessly.
• Compact design combines with new technology, making this pallet
  truck ideal for narrow, cramped aisles.
• Shortest head length in the market permits the best possible
• Smooth stepless speed control.
• Superior power unit and drive wheel.
• Powerfull traction battery.

• Durable, clean, hydraulics
• Simple, comprehensive, panel
• Wet disc, progressive, brakes
• Optimised, powerful, batteries
• Versatility of use due to compact design and minimal operating
  space requirements. Compact dimensions combined with super
• High stability, both when stationary and cornering, due to long
  wheelbase. low centre of gravity and wide tyres.
• Economy of operation, resulting from miimized maintenance
  costs, e.g. Low-wear brakes.
• Cleanliness minimises seal and pump wear and keeps the control
  valve in good, trouble free, condition.
• Container size unit for unloading cargo.
• Range available from 1.6 to 2.5 ton.
• Height options of up to 6m lift.

                HANDLING                                                                           800-LOC8 (5628)

Available open sided or with a 50 x 50mm Mesh Infil on 3 sides.
A 4th hook-on side is also available, as is a padlockable security version.
• 32mm Tube
• Load Capacity Per Shelf 75 kg                                                                   For more
• Varnished Plywood Removable Shelves
• 2 fixed, 2 Swivel Castors, 200 x 50 mm Cushion                                                           n,
                                                                                               call 800-LO

         ROLL CONTAINER                                                 TRANSTOCK                  PALLET CONVERTER

      BASKET CARTS                        SERVICE PARTS                   LITTLE CARTS   DOLLIES            MASTER INOX

WWW.LOC8.AE                                                                           CLOAKROOM EQUIPMENT

A comprehensive range of lockers with a superior finish designed and built to last. Ideal
for schools, offices, factories and sports centres etc.
Powder Coated as standard offering unbeatable value for money.
Single Compartment Lockers 300 mm and 450 mm deep, fitted with hat shelf and double
coat hook. Rail as standard on 450 mm deep lockers.
Two compartment lockers fitted with double coat hook in each compartment.

Designed to allow the contents to be visually inspected and allow thorough ventilation.
Features - Semi-concealed hinges for security and clean line. Door stiffeners for added
strength and security. Vents in top and bottom for improved air circulation. Recessed
Camlock with plastic card holder. Plinth Base for rigidity.
All lockers pre-drilled for nesting.

                                                                                               Single Tier                     Two Tier                   Three Tier

                                                                                               Four Tier                       Six Tier              Perforated Locker

                                                                                                                                      Paint Finish
                                                                               PERSONNEL LOCKERS                                      Door Colours with Light Grey body
                                                                             Clean & Dirty Locker                                     - RAL 7035
                                                                             Fitted with a central partition below shelf.                 RAL 5002
                                                                             A very useful locker for the factory or anywhere             RAL 3020
                                                                             where clean and dirty/wet and dry clothes are                RAL 6001
                                                                             in use. Coat hooks fitted beneath shelf.
                                                                                                                                          RAL 7035
                                                                             Nurses Locker                                                RAL 1003
                                                                             Has a central partition below shelf, one side
                                                                             fitted with coat rail and the other fitted with
                                                                             three fixed shelves.

                                                                             Two Person Locker
                                                                             Provides secure storage compartments for two.
                                                                             A small compartment 9” high for personal items
                                                                             and a 50” high compartment fitted with coat
                                                                             hooks. One key passes both compartments.

 Clean & Dirty               Nurses locker          Two Person locker

                   BINS                                                                                                         800-LOC8 (5628)

                                                                                        CORRUGATED FIBREBOARD STORAGE BINS
                                                                                       •   Economical storage solutions.
                                                                                       •   Supplied flat packed for easy assembly.
                                                                                       •   Extensive range of sizes available, all ex-stock.
                                                                                       •   Incorporating K-Bins patented locking system.

                                                                                       K-Bins are supplied in flat form, saving valuable space prior to use. They
                                                                                       are self-locking and assembled in seconds. All bin dimensions shown
                                                                                       are External measurements, designed to fit metric and imperial shelf
                                                                                       sizes to maximise the use of available space.

• Manufactured in strong twinwall fluted polypropylene.
• Self-adhesive labels are supplied loose with all TPA                                                                            H
  K-Bins, for front panel identification.
• Wipe clean surfaces (inside and out).
• Oil, grease and moisture resistant.
• Resistant to most chemicals.
• Supplied flat packed for easy assembly.
                                                              more ideas
• Incorporating K-Bins patented locking system.
                                                        For                                                                                Width     Model
                                                           call 800-LO
• Long shelf life.                                                                                                                         mm
                                                                                                                                               50    A1505
                                                                                                                                               75    A1507
                                                                                                                         W                     100   A1510
                                                                                              DEPTH 150mm
                                                                                                                                               150   A1515

                                                                                                                                           Width     Model
                                                                                                                                               50    A2005
                                                                                                                                               75    A2007
                                                                                              DEPTH 200mm                                      100   A2010
                                                                                                                                               150   A2015
                                                                                                                                               200   A2020

                                                                                                                                           Width     Model
                                                                                                                                               50    A3005
                                                                                                                                               75    A3007
                                                                                              DEPTH 300mm                                      100   A3010
                                                                                                                                               150   A3015
                                                                                                                                               200   A3020
                                                                                                                                               250   A3025
•   Strong twinwall fluted polypropylene boxes.                                                                                            Width     Model
•   Moulded handle and corner pieces.                                                                                                      mm
•   Oil, grease and moisture resistant.                                                       DEPTH 400mm                                      100   A4010
•   Resistant to most chemicals                                                                                                                150   A4015
•   Supplied flat packed for easy assembly - no glueing                                                                                        200   A4020
•   Choice of three Colours : Blue, Red and Silver/Grey

                                                                                                                                           Width     Model
STACKABLE CONTAINERS                                                                                                                           50    A4505
                                                                                              DEPTH 450mm                                      75    A4507
                                                                                                                                               100   A4510
                                                                                                                                               150   A4515
                                                                                                                                               200   A4520

                                                                                                                                           Width     Model
                                                                                                                                               100   A5010
                                                                                              DEPTH 500mm                  W                   150   A5015
                                                                                                                                               200   A5020

                                                                                                                                           Width     Model
                                                                                                                                               50    A6005
•   Integra Containers
                                                                                                                                               75    A6007
•   Wholesale and industrial applications
•   Designed for both automated and manual handling                                                                                            100   A6010
                                                                                              DEPTH 600mm                 W
•   Lids are equipped with ribs which hold stacked containers securely                                                                         150   A6015
•   When nested the container takes up 65% less space                                                                                          200   A6020
•   Material: Polypropylene Integrated lid accepts strapping and security seals
•   Colour: Blue

WWW.LOC8.AE                                                                                                                                BINS

 System 9000 is a complete storage system for efficient small parts handling in industry and trade.
 Based on a wide range of durable bins and storage trays, System 9000 provides outstanding
 versatility. The design of our bins and trays assures easy identification of and access to the
 contents, as well as full utilisation of space. The system also includes complete bin
 cabinets, racks, panels, trollies etc.

                                                    BIN CABINET
                                                    with 80 storage trays 9221 and 44
                                                    storage trays 9223.
                                                    Size 2000 x 980 x 500 mm.

                                                                                              SLIDING BINS IN CABINET
                                                                                             Sliding panels on balls
                                                                                             bearing. Frame equipped
                                                                                             with n.2 fixed panels placed
                                                                                             side by side on the bottom
                                                                                             + n.3 sliding panels, made
                                                                                             of electro welded reinforced
                                                                                             plate. Over painted with
                                                                                             epoxy powder. Supplied
                                                                                             disassembled with a
                                                                                             handbook for assembly and
                                                                                             screw and bolts.

                                                    BIN CABINET
                                                    with 16 storage trays 9111, 12
                                                    storage trays 9113 and 4 modular
                                                    bins 9068.
                                                    Size 1000 x 960 x 400.

  Bins with large inner volume for depths 300, 400, 500 and 600 mm. The
  easy-access open fronts may be fitted with transparent flaps. Convenient
  handgrips front and back. The sturdy profiled design allows stacking
  whenever needed. Material polypropylene.

      Red 215         Blue 624        Yellow 316         Green 415

                                      Item No.      External mm       Volume l      Weight kg        Colour     Pallet unit
                                                                                                                            9067.300   Width-way divider (p.q 50)
                                                                                                                            9069.500   Length-way divider (p.q 50)
                                      9067.000     300 x 230 x 150       8.0           0.5     Red, blue, yellow 192        9067.400   Transparent flap (p.q 50)
                                                                                                                            9067.830   Label (p.q 100)
                                                                                                                            4534.835   Adhesive label
                                                                                                                                       102 x 25 mm. (p.q 2000)

                                                                                                                            9067.300   Width-way divider (p.q 50)
                                                                                                                            9068.500   Length-way divider (p.q 50)
                                      9068.000     400 x 230 x 150      11.0           0.6     Red, blue, yellow 144        9067.400   Transparent flap (p.q 50)
                                                                                                                            9141.835   Adhesive label
                                                                                                                                       70 x 24 mm (p.q 3600)
                                                                                                                            9069.500   Width-way divider (p.q 50)
                                                                                                                            9067.300   Length-way divider (p.q 50)
                                      9069.005     500 x 230 x 150      14.0           0.8     Red, blue, yellow    90      9067.400   Transparent flap (p.q 50)
                                                                                                                            9067.830   Label (p.q 100)
                                                                                                                            4534.835   Adhesive label
                                                                                                                                       102 x 25 mm. (p.q 2000)

                                                                                                                            9067.300   Width-way divider (p.q 50)
                                                                                                                            9070.500   Length-way divider (p.q 50)
                                      9070.000     600 x 230 x 150      17.0           0.9     Red, blue, yellow    80      9067.400   Transparent flap (p.q 50)
                                                                                                                            9067.830   Label (p.q 100)
                                                                                                                            4534.835   Adhesive label
                                                                                                                                       102 x 25 mm. (p.q 2000)

             WORKSHOP                                                                                            800-LOC8 (5628)

        • Extreme stability is ensured by a highly
        • engineered construction and high quality
        • workmanship.
        • Normal slides: load capacity 100 kg
        • Central locking mechanism, drawer divisions,
        • single drawer locking mechanism
        • The suitable divider sets contain small parts
        • boxes as well as slotted dividers and cross
        • dividers.


                                                                            • Multiplex worktop
                                           100 mm                           • Worktop with zinc-finished steel cladding
                                           100 mm                           • Divider kit (36 pieces)
                                           100 mm
                                           150 mm
                                           250 mm

                                                                                                             To see the
LIFT TABLE                                                                                                   full range,
                                                                                                           call 800-LO
• Large platform for special size materials.
• Meet EN1570 norm and ANSI/ASME safety standard.
• High quality power unit made in Europe.
• Economic range but reliable.
• Manual and electric versions.

WWW.LOC8.AE                                                                                                WORKSHOP

                                         HEAVY DUTY STORAGE CABINETS
                                         • A robustly constructed range of cabinets            • All formed welded seams. Doors are fitted with
                                           providing safe storage for Flammable Liquids.         vertical reinforcement panels to prevent distortion.

                                         • Manufactured from 1.2mm sheet steel for             • Produced with return flange around doors and
                                           extra strength and improved protection from fire      joints to prevent the passage of flame.
                                                                                               • Fitted with all metal security locks and two keys.
                                         • Designed to comply with Flammable Liquid
                                           Storage Regulations (1972) as appropriate and       • Adjustable galvanised shelves to
                                           Health and Safety Guidance notes HSG51 and            75 mm centres. Shelves are also reversible which
                                           CS19.                                                 allows them to be used as a Tray.

                                         • Comply with Factory Inspectorate Certificate of     • Base of each unit is fitted with a large capacity
                                           Approval No. 1 Parts 3 and 4.                         removable sump to contain any spillage.

                                                                                               • Floor stands are available for the five smallest
                                                                                                 sizes, raising the units by 450 mm.

                                                    HEAVY DUTY CABINETS
                                                  Made from 1.2mm Sheet Steel

                                                                                 SOME TYPICAL CONFIGURATIONS
Optimal “material mix”. Sheet steel, aluminium and plastic are used
for reasons of safety, stability, noise and weight.

To make maximum use of the available cargo space, 6 depths and a
wide range of widths and heights are available for each application.
We will custom-tailor your chosen in-vehicle equipment to
suit your vehicle.

The system can be easily converted and extended.

With professional planning, the net usable volume can be increased
by up to 20% (optimal use of space) while saving weight.

Retractable and folding worktop (easy and safe operation, low center
of gravity).

 BEFORE                            AFTER

                 FLOORING                                                                                                       800-LOC8 (5628)

                                                                                                            LINE MARKING / CODING
                                                                                                           • The quickest and easiest way to produce professional
                                                                                                             quality lines.
                                                                                                           • ‘Traffic-grade’ epoxy paint for unrivalled durability.
                                                                                                           • Lasts 21/2 times longer than the best competitor,
                                                                                                             making it the most effective aerosol paint money can
                                                                                                           • Paint dries in 10 minutes, reducing costly ‘down-time’.
                                                                                                           • Each 750ml aerosol produces up to 100m of a 55mm
                                                                                                             wide line.
                                                                                                           • Available in eight standard colours and two fluorescents.
                                                                                                           • Applicators are guaranteed for life for total peace of

                                                                                                           TEMPORARY LINE MARKING TAPE
                                                                                                           • A two part epoxy paint which provides superior
                                                                                                             durability and chemical resistance.
                                                                                                           • Suitable for use in heavy traffic areas with a life
                                                                                                             expectancy of up to three years.
                                                                                                           • A water based, low odour paint which is solvent free
                                                                                                             and can be applied directly onto damp substrates.
                                                                                                           • Suitable for use in solvent sensitive areas (e.g. food
                                                                                                           • A usable life of two hours once mixed, ensures that a
                                                                                                            150 metre long, 50mm wide line can be painted in one
                                                                                                           • Available in white or yellow and suitable for both
                                                                                                            internal and external concrete, tarmac, metal or timber.

                                                                                                             Raised Disk                  Embossed

They are specially compounded to withstand          Tektiles flooring offer excellent thermal insulation
high levels of vehicle and foot                     performance together with
traffic and have great resistance to impact,        good anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties.
abrasion, moisture, chemical and
oil damage.                                         Tektiles flooring can be quickly lifted and re-          •   Quick-fit interlock system
                                                    located when floor layouts                               •   No messy adhesives
The interlocking design ensures rapid adhesive      are re-configured.
                                                                                                             •   Tough, hardwearing and durable
free installation over virtually
                                                                                                             •   Easy to clean and maintain
any hard surface. They are ideal for installation
over damaged and                                                                                             •   Looks great.
dusty floors.

WWW.LOC8.AE                                                                                                         SIGNAGE

                                                                                                                AISLE & BAY MARKERS
                                                                                                               • High Visibility Aisle Markers
                                                                                                               • Manufactured in rigid white or yellow
                                                                                                                 styrene with black characters. (Except
                                                                                                                 model AM4 which is yellow only)
                                                                                                               • Drilled in four corners for easy fixing

                                                                                                                TICKER HOLDERS
                                                                                                               Clear plastic ticket holder, where the
                                                                                                               front pulls forward allowing a card to be
                                                                                                               inserted, enabling quick and easy updates.
                                                                                                               Self-adhesive or Magnetic backing.

• High visibility floor markers 290 x 200 mm
• Printed with either a bold black alpha or numeric digit on a
  yellow background will withstand the traffic in a
  modern warehouse.
• Independently tested for slip resistance.
• Suitable for use on dry, clean flat sealed surfaces.

• Peel-off self adhesive vinyl labelling.                            Adheres to any steel racking. Cut to any length to suit. Write on - wipe off. Yellow,
• Easily applied, cleanly removed.                                   White, Blue, Green or Red.
• Black characters on yellow background.
• For applications in factories, warehouses, storerooms, computer
  rooms, offices, etc.
• Cards of identical, individual peel-off
  numbers 0-9 or letters A-Z.

                                                                      MAGNETIC SELF ADHESIVE STRIPS
A range of tough durable PVC signs manufactured in line with the
latest Health & Safety recommendations. Choice of five different     Magnetic tape backed with a strong permanent adhesive, allows items to be easily
designs from pallet racking to mezzanine flooring. Signs can be      mounted onto steel racking, without the need for drilling. This simple product makes
overprinted with your corporate logo, address and contact details.   anything magnetic in seconds.

               PACKING STATION                                                                800-LOC8 (5628)

The following tried-and-tested packing tables satisfy most of the usual
requirements but you can, of course, configure your workstation to
suit your own individual needs.

• Stable table with integral scale and adjustable for height 690–960 mm as standard
• Add-on storage rack for folding boxes
• Backboard in square steel tubing, 40 x 40 mm, red RAL 2002
• Lockable steel drawer
• Mobile container
• Mobile under-worksurface cutter, 75 cm cutting width
• Document shelf
• Universal platform
• Keyboard and mouse platform
• Twin socket outlet
• Workstation lamp
• Uprights, long
• Other combinations and accessories available on request

                                                                                        Looking to
                                                                                       improve yo
                                                                                      call 800-LO
                                                                                        for a free


                          STANDARD WORKSTATION
                          • Adjustable for height as
                          • standard 690-960 mm
                          • Lockable steel drawer
                          • Document shelf
                          • Universal platform
                          • Keyboard and mouse platform
                          • Backboard
                          • Uprights, short

                          UNIVERSAL WORKSTATION
                          • Adjustable for height as
                          • standard 690-960 mm
                          • Lockable cupboard unit
                          • Cross member for mounting:
                          • - twin socket outlet
                          • - universal platform
                          • - 5 open storage boxes
                          • Slotted panel, 2000 x 450 mm,
                          • in RAL 7035
                          • Hooks for various tools
                          • Add-on storage rack for folding
                          • boxes
                          • Mobile under-worksurface
                          • cutter, 75 cm cutting width
                          • Uprights, long

                          TWIN PACKING STATION
                          • Twin packing table, adjustable
                          • for height as standard
                          • 690-960 mm
                          • 2 twin socket outlets
                          • Document shelf for twin table
                          • 2 backboards
                          • 2 workstation lamps
                          • Add-on storage rack for folding
                          • boxes
                          • 2 lockable steel drawers
                          • 2 mobile under-worksurface
                          • cardboard storage racks, long
                          • version
                          • Keyboard and mouse platform

                          PACKING STATION
                          • Adjustable for height as
                          • standard 690-960 mm
                          • Mobile container with plastic
                          • box for waste disposal
                          • Lockable steel drawer
                          • Mobile cardboard storage rack,
                          • short version with sliding
                          • telescopic bracket
                          • Twin cutting stand,
                          • 75 cm cutting width
                          • Document shelf
                          • Backboard
                          • Twin socket outlet
                          • Uprights, long
                          • Workstation lamp
                          • Add-on storage rack for folding
                          • boxes
                          • Side table for package scale,
                          • height adjustable (scale not
                          • included)

                CONVEYORS                                                                                                 800-LOC8 (5628)

ROLLER STRAIGHT                                                                   ROLLER CURVE
• Available in medium duty, heavy duty and extra heavy duty.                      • Available in medium duty, heavy duty, extra heavy duty and tapered
• Lengths 2.0m and 3.0m                                                           • roller curves.
• 300, 400, 450, 500, 600, 800BB 800* *                                           • 30, 45. 60, and 90 degrees.
• (heavy duty & extra heavy duty only                                             • 300, 400, 450, 500, 600, 800BB 800* *
• Pitch:                                                                          • (heavy duty & extra heavy duty only
• Medium Duty 42, 83, 125 & 167mm Heavy Duty 83, 125,                             • Pitch:
• 167 & 250mm Extra Heavy Duty 83, 125, 167 & 250mm                               • Medium Duty 45mm and 90mm Heavy Duty 55mm and
                                                                                  • 110mm Extra Heavy Duty 55mm and 110mm

  • Choice of 50mm diameter plastic skate wheels.
  • Can be used alone or together with other conveyor systems.
                                                                             For a tailo
  • Simply wheel to any area for use, extend to required length and lock
    castors for stability.
                                                                           conveyor s
  • All metal parts zinc plated steel.
  • Roller pitch when extended - 125mm.                                                   C8
  • Support stands fitted with 100mm diameter swivel braked castors.         call 800-LO
  • Support stands adjustable in height from 650 - 1100mm.

                                                                                  LEVEL BELT
                                                                                  • Centre Driven belt speeds 9, 14, 18, 24 and 30m per minute.
                                                                                  • End Driven by a motorised drum, belt Speeds -15.6, 18.6 and
                                                                                  • 21.6m per minute - up to 10m long.
                                                                                  • Robust and durable 2-ply transmission belt.
                                                                                  • Level belt conveyors can be used with the majority of package
                                                                                  • conveyor accessories
                                                                                  • Low noise operation


                                                                                  INCLINED BELT
                                                                                   Centre Driven belt speeds 9, 14, 18, 24 and 30m per minute.
                                                                                  • Robust and durable 2-ply feeder transmission belt and gripface
                                                                                  • incline belt.
                                                                                  • Incline belt conveyors can be used with the majority of package
                                                                                  • conveyor accessories
                                                                                  • Powered feeder for positive transfer from horizontal to incline.
                                                                                  • Top curve for smooth transfer from incline to horizontal Lineshaft
                                                                                  • Conveyor
WWW.LOC8.AE                                                              CONVEYORS

                                                            DRUM DRIVE BELT CONVEYOR
                                                            • Loading - 25kg per metre U.D.L.
                                                            • 2Drive - 0.15kw, 415v 3ph.
                                                            • Fixed speed - 15 metres per minute.
                                                            • Single direction

                                                            • Manufactured to the highest specifications.
                                                            • 2 ply smooth top PVC blet with vulcanized joint.
                                                            • Fully underguarded.
                                                            • Finish - Blue 18 -E-53
                                                            • Mild steel folded slider bed, 120mm deep.
                                                            • Complete with stop/start control.
                                                            • Support legs allow adjustment or blet height from
                                                            • 750 - 1150mm.

                                                                         FREEPHONE 800-LOC8


• Extremely versatile and easy to move powered belt
• Can reduce loading/off loading by up to 50%
• With the optional Flexible Tongue it can extend up
  to 7 metres into the vehicle.
• Capable of handling loads up to 50kg per minute.
• Hydraulic adjustment on main boom.
• Single phase 240v with controls top and bottom.
• Belt width - 600mm.

                  DOCK EQUIPMENT                                                                                                   800-LOC8 (5628)

                                           DOCK TRAFFIC SYSTEMS
                                          Our Dock Traffic System has red and green lights that
                                          help prevent accidents and injuries by providing clear
                                          communication between dock personnel and truck drivers.
                                          Built-in eyebrow type sun visors increase light visibility. LED
                                          model never needs bulb replacements.

                                          Deluxe, model DTS-10, consists of one yellow aluminum
                                          traffic light with both a green and red lens, one push-button
                                          station (for outside), and an illuminated push-button control
                                          (for inside). Light measures 11”W x 20”H and features an
                                          8” hood over each lens (recommended for west and south
                                          exposure). 60 Watt. 120V AC. Four procedure signs are                 SCHEMATIC

Laminated style dock bumpers provide
durable, economical protection for your loading
dock and trailers. Units are constructed of
fabric reinforced rubber from recycled truck
tires. Pads are laminated between painted
structural angles and held together with ¾”
steel tie rods. Installation is quick and easy
by bolting or welding units to dock. Width is
bolt hole center to bolt hole center. Bolt holes
are 13/16” in diameter. Installation hardware          HORIZONTAL BUMPER                 VERTICAL BUMPER
available separately, see below. Recommended                 TYPE A                           TYPE B
installation with laminated pads in vertical
position as shown.
                                                                                                                 SWIVEL HINGE HEADRAIL SYSTEM
 PALLET PULLERS                                                                                                 • The Heavy duty Galvanised Swivel hinge headrail
                                                                                                                  system is suitable for 300 mm and 400 mm wide pvc
Pallet pullers are used to pull pallets to rear of trailers for easy fork lift access.                            strips and is recommended where forklifts are in use.
Rugged steel construction. Heads are self-cleaning and unaffected by wood
particles, paint or grease. Pallet pullers are NOT designed for lifting.

PAL-12 and PAL-16 - Single scissor action allows for wider jaw opening.
PAL-14 - Cam closing action provides maximum gripping strength and reduces                      PAL-12
pinch points. Safety handle enables easier positioning and removal.
Grips both metal and wood pallets with biting action.

PAL-21 and PAL-LP - One piece curved heads have integral spurs for gripping
pallet stringers.

 WHEEL CHOCKS RUBBER                                                                              PAL-16

Constructed of reinforced rubber to provide a sure grip on virtually any surface. Curved surface contours to fit tires. Rubber resists tearing, abrasion, ozone
weathering, etc. Functional designed to be durable in all weather conditions.
The Airline Chock is suitable for small and large aircraft. Includes a 9” polypropylene rope with handle and reflectors connected to chocks.

                                                                                                                                     PAL-21              PAL-LP

    A) LWC-15              B) LWC-14            C) LWC-14M               D) RWC-8              E) RWC-8-HDL       F) RWC-9-U             G) RWC-11         H) RMC-4

                    MODEL                                                                            DIMENSIONS        NET WT.
  TYPE                                                        DESCRIPTION
                   NUMBER                                                                             (W X H X D)       (LBS.)
     A        LWC-15                           LAMINATED RUBBER                                        8" x 8" x 8"       18
     B        LWC-14                           LAMINATED RUBBER                                     10" x 5½" x 10"       17
                                               LAMINATED RUBBER (RUBBER
     C        LWC-14M                                                                               10" x 5½" x 10"        17
                                               GRIPS)                                                                                         I) EX-4        J) EX-11
     D        RWC-8                            MOLDED RUBBER (EYEBOLT)                              7½" x 8" x 8½"         10
     E        RWC-8-HDL                        MOLDED RUBBER (HANDLE)                                9½" x 6" x 8"         12
     F        RWC-9-U                          MOLDED RUBBER ("U" HANDLE)                           9¾" x 6" x 7½"         11
     G        RWC-11                           MOLDED RUBBER (WHC-MR)                               7" x 7¾" x 10"         13
     H        RMC-4                            EXTRUDED RUBBER                                     6½" x 4¾" x 4¼"         16
     I        EX-4                             EXTRUDED RUBBER                                     10" x 3¾" x 4½"         12
     J        EX-11                            EXTRUDED RUBBER                                      8½" x 6" x 8½"         13
                                                                                                                                            K) EX-13         L) AC-13
     K        EX-13                            EXTRUDED RUBBER                                     12" x 5¾" x 6½"         16
     L        AC-13                            AIRLINE CHOCK WITH ROPE                               10" x 4½" x 5"        16

WWW.LOC8.AE                                                           DOCK EQUIPMENT

• High loading up to 6000 kg
• Fixed mounting or movable sideways
• Precision ball bearings for easy moving
• Counterbalanced by means of springs
• Secured in upright position
• Angled roll-on/roll-off section
• Nonskid surface

                                    Dock boards should not be
                                    used at angles exceeding
                                    12.5% (approx. 7°).

                                                                         WHEEL ALIGNMENT CURBS
                                                                         Ideal for properly aligning trailers at loading docks.
                                                                         All welded steel construction suitable for indoor
                                                                         or outdoor use. Units may be bolted to surface or
                                                                         secured into concrete. Heavy-duty welded-steel
                                                                         construction with yellow powder-coat finish.

                                                                        For more
                                                                     call 800-LO

                 DOCK EQUIPMENT                                                                                                  800-LOC8 (5628)

 HYDRAULIC DOCK LEVELERS                                                                ELEVATION DOCK LIFT
Great performance and easy to use, Rite-Hite Hydraulic Dock Levelers require           • Simple Operation - Push button activation provides the dock attendant full
minimal maintenance and have the lowest lifetime ownership costs.                      control over all functions for easy and safe operation.

• Vacant dock drop-off protection - Exclusive Safe-T-Lip barrier helps keep            • Loading/Unloading Versatility - Heavy duty, twin cylinder hydraulic lift makes
forklifts from running off the open dock and can stop 10,000 lb. forklifts             it possible to safely and efficiently service all standard trailer heights.
traveling at 4 mph.
                                                                                       • Superior Stability - High tensile structural tube scissor legs with extra wide
• Automatic recycle - Leveler automatically returns to safe dock level position        stance base frame provide unit integrity and allow increased side-loading
after use with lip on trailer bed.                                                     capability.

• Smooth transition - Constant-radius rear hinge and two-point crown                   • Improved Employee Safety - Features include:
control on the front lip hinge help provide the smoothest transitions for your         - Constant pressure push-button controls
operators, forklifts and products as they move in and out of a trailer.                - Standard safety handrails on two sides
                                                                                       - 8” tapered toe guards on all sides
• Environmentally friendly - Hydraulic fluid is biodegradable and out performs
traditional industrial-grade fluid.                                                    • Easy Installation - Unit ships factory complete, for fast and economical
• Automatic free-fall protection - Dependable hydraulic velocity fuse stops
rapid leveler descent within 3” with heavy load on platform.

• Full end load access - Patented slotted lip can be positioned out of the way
for unobstructed end loading.

                                                                                        IMPACT DOORS
                                                                                       Choosing the right interior door for your application can be difficult. Here are
                                                                                       some highlights of each of our models to help direct you to the right door for
                                                                                       your unique application. But remember, your local Rite-Hite representative is
                                                                                       the best source for identifying the right solution for your warehouse, plant or

                                                                                       Designed around a single operational platform, FasTrax High Performance
                                                                                       Doors can match virtually any interior, exterior, high-wind, cooler or freezer
                                                                                       high-cycle application - reducing the complexity of maintaining multiple door
                                                                                       models in one facility.

                                                                                       • Simple Design - Designed around a single operational platform, these highly
                                                                                       versatile doors can match virtually any interior, exterior, high-wind, cooler
                                                                                       or freezer high-cycle application - reducing the complexity of maintaining
                                                                                       multiple door models in one facility.
                                                                                       • Versatile track designs allow the door curtain to store in multiple track
                                                                                       configurations and will fit in almost any application with fewer costly building

                                                                                       • The industry’s safest door with multiple safety features including the
                                                                                       standard Soft-Edge™ Technology, thru-beam photo eyes and optional I-
                                                                                       Zone™ make FasTrax an easy choice for safety.

                                                                                       • The industry’s highest operating speeds with operating speeds up to 100”
                                                                                       per second, the fast cycle time maximizes productivity and energy savings.

                                                                                                     FREEPHONE 800-LOC8

WWW.LOC8.AE                                                                                                      DOCK EQUIPMENT

 BUG SHIELD INDUSTRIAL DOORS                                                                 FAST ACTION INDUSTRIAL DOORS
The BugShield is a screen mesh designed to block the infiltration of pests into             • Lightweight Soft-Edge Safety System has no hard bottom edge, coil cords
a facility. It is available in either a roll-up model, or a convenient sliding model        or exposed electronics.
for wider door-ways. Both doors have these unique benefits:
                                                                                            • Soft-Stop Sensing System stops the door’s movement upon contact without
• Keep insects and birds outside the facility.                                              the need for reattachment.

• Allow fresh air in for comfort and productivity.                                          • Magnetic Tensioning System releases door upon significant impact from any
                                                                                            angle. Door can be quickly reattached without tools or special parts.
• Enable light to enter the work area.
                                                                                            • High speed operation opens/closes door at 48”/sec.
• Improve safety by providing a visual barrier.
                                                                                            • i-COMM Digital Communication Controller Redefines control box operation
• Deter theft and vandalism.                                                                and communication.

                                                                                            • Large full-width vision panel is 45” high for superior visibility.

                                                                                            • Optional dual vision panel available to increase visibility at the opening.

                                                                                            • Internal pressure stays maintain curtain stability in positive/negative
                                                                                            pressure without wind bars.

                                                                                            • Entire door is UL Listed.

                                                                                             SECTIONAL DOORS AND SHELTERS
                                                                                            Simple, straightforward design helps reduce maintenance costs and
                                                                                            downtime from sectional door damage. Most common impacts occur to
                                                                                            bottom two (2) panels of sectional doors.

                                                                                            • Bottom two (2) panels of Steel-Rite II engineered for unique impactable

                                                                                            • Rugged construction with durable Aketon™ facing and insulation added to
                                                                                            the bottom two panels to provide enhanced impactability.
                                                                                            • Unique pivoting roller assemblies allow bottom two panels to separate
                                                                                            from track upon impact -- simply reset the roller assemblies and the door
                                                                                            continues to operate smoothly.

                                                                                            • True 24-gauge roll formed steel doors are ideal for moderate-duty

                                                                                            • Full perimeter seal and insulated inner core help minimize energy costs.

             MEZZANINE                                                                                              800-LOC8 (5628)

                    RETAIL SOLUTIONS                                               SAFETY LOADING GATE
                Mezzanine floors are increasingly being used for                  This unit ensures absolute safety for the operators on the
                expanding the usable space within retail units,                   raised floor. Working on the principle of two way lock - the gate
                creating larger sales and display areas on various levels.        ensures that when loiidinq or despatching via the gate there is
                                                                                  always a secure barrier in place.
                                                                                  • Opening dimension options: 1500 or 2000 mm
                                                                                  • Unit overall height : 2155 mm with maximum load workinq height 1800 mm.
Free consultation                                                                 • Finishes: RAL 7035 light grey, RAL5010 Enzian blue.
 call 800-LOC8

                WAREHOUSE AND DISTRIBUTION                                         OFFICE SOLUTIONS
                Mezzanine floors are becoming more prevalent in                   Extra space is often created by utilising available
                warehouse and distribution centres, to provide                    headroom in existing buildings, with single or
                valuable extra space for general storage and to                   multi tier mezzanine floors.
                support automated material handling equipment.

WWW.LOC8.AE                                                                       MEZZANINE

As well as providing raised storage areas, mezzanine
floors can also be used for increasing valuable
production space. LOC8 incorporates safety features
in their mezzanines ensuring complete peace of mind.

Maximum space utilisation can be obtained using mezzanine floors by utilizing
previously unused space above the standard ground level. Reduction in costs and
probably more importantly avoiding the need for extra buildings with their
accompanying cost and possible dislocation of normal business.

                SHELVING                                                                                         800-LOC8 (5628)



                              8                          2










1 Starter Bay                          10 MULTI-STABIL                            SYSTEM COMPONENTS
2 Mesh Back Panel                      11 Trough bin shelf with dividers          The shelving and small parts storage system for those applications
                                                                                  where space utilisation is paramount. Our modular programme
                                                                                  allows for easy specifying, quick delivery and a professional
3 Mesh Shelf Dividers                  12 Fully clad bay

4 Anti-spill trough shelf fronts       13 Back cladding                           From only two system components ( frames and shelves)
                                                                                  combined with a comprehensive accessory range we can offer
5 Plain shelf dividers                 14 Drawer Block top with central locking   solutions from a simple bay of shelving to a custom built small part
6 Plinth                               15 100 mm drawer

7 Add-on Bay                           16 200 mm drawer

8 Open frame                           17 Base for Drawer Block

9 Open fronted plastic storage         18 Door set

WWW.LOC8.AE                                                           SHELVING

                  Galvanized or
                  you choose...


                 For a shelv
                 call 800-LO

Typical applications are parts stores, industrial, commercial
and trade locations or even VMI (Vendor Maintained Inventory)
applications where its versatility ensures the most efficient
layout can be achieved.

• Individual shelf capacity up to 400 kg udl
• Bay load up to 3700 kg
• Shelves adjustable at 25 mm vertical pitch
• Shelves perforated at 50 mm centres to accept divider
• Stepped beams for flush inlay chipboard decks (perorated
  for divider accessories at 200 mm centres)
• Galvanised and powder coated finishes available - standard
  powder coated colour RAL 7035, light grey.
• Shelves S100, MS 230 // and MS 330 // all with safety factor
 of 2X udl.

                SHELVING                                                                                                      800-LOC8 (5628)





                                                                                                                                 For more
                                                                                                                              call 800-LO

In every commercial storeroom or warehouse there are            • Shelf loads up to 400 kg udl                                       1 Separators
bulky or awkwardly shaped items which need to be                • Bay loads up to 2400 kg udl
efficiently held in stock and easily handled.                   • Shelf loads adjustable at 25 mm centres                            2 Stepped beams
In the automotive trade body panels, tyres, wheels and          • Stepped beams perforated at 200 mm centres for locating
exhausts are typical examples. The META CLIP® boltless            separators (and to accept flush chipboard decks).
shelving system augmented by beams, chipboard decks,            • Galvanised or light grey powder coated finish - RAL 7035.          3 Spigots
separators and spigots can often offer the best solutions
for this type of storage.                                                                                                            4 Beam pegs

                                                                                                                                     5 Chipboard decks

WWW.LOC8.AE                                                                                                        SHELVING

 MOBILE SHELVING                                                   APPLICATIONS:
This system can be rapidly and easily assembled without tools in
                                                                   Light Duty                      Medium Duty            Heavy Duty
the office environment by any worker even without experience
                                                                   •   Office/Lateral Filing       •   Shelving Systems   •   Pallet Racking
in the assembly of shelving.
                                                                   •   Stationery Stores           •   Small Parts/Bins   •   Widespan Racking
                                                                   •   Magnetic Media              •   Book Libraries     •   Tool Cabinets/Drawers
It simply clicks together to form really tough but attractive
                                                                   •   Packaging Materials         •   Archive Stores     •   Mobiles on Mezzanine Floors
shelving for the modern office. This can be easily delivered
                                                                   •   Retailing/Garment Racking   •   Medical Records    •   Cantilever Racking
to non-ground floor locations and assembled on site with the
minimum of space requirements, often much easier than a
cupboard or filing cabinet.

                                        META COMPACT CUPBOARD WALL SYSTEM
With side and back cladding, door
sets, slide-out file frames and other

• Bay heights - 1850, 2200, 2550 mm
• Bay depths - 300 mm
• Finish - Light grey powder coat

                  For a free
                store desig
                call 800-L OC8

                     RACKING                                                                                                      800-LOC8 (5628)

For your v
 call 800-LO

  •   Reduces racking damage by as much as 80% saving your time, trouble and money.
  •   Rapid and easy installation, fits in seconds - no fixing required.
  •   Reliable, tough and resilient BALLISTICS grade polymer.
  •   ‘Persistence of shape* ensures long & effective lifetime service.
  •   Virtually unbreakable in temperatures +5C plus operates down to -40C.
  •   Fits all makes of pallet racking and is inter-transferable.
  •   Impervious to moisture, mould growth, corrosion, acid, alkaline and most solvents.
  •   High visibility colour as standard with other colours available to enhance your warehouse safety and stock ID e.g. GREEN (Fire Exits)
  •   Affordable, flexible options to suit your budget - invest to save.
  •   Fully recyclable and non-toxic.

  WHAT IS RACK ARMOUR                                                                    HOW MUCH IMPACT CAN RACK ARMOUR WITHSTAND
  Rack Armour is an innovative, tough and inexpensive device with which                  The test below simulated a Fork Lift Truck weighing 2000kg travelling at 1.8
  to significantly reduce damaged racking costs. Rack Armour incorporates                meters per second that would hit the racking with a force of 21.6 kilo Newtons
  classical defensive design principles using modern materials with which to             (2.4 tons).
  protect your pallet racking.

  Immediate, positive and ‘real world’ benefits can easily be yours be installing Rack Armour on your existing or new pallet racking. No catch, no gimmick. To put
  it simply, RACK ARMOUR WORKS! Only you can choose whether you want it to work for you. Investing in Rack Armour is approximately 20% of the cost of a
  3000mm length of replacement rack upright! Discounts for large orders, High visiblity, Red and Green colours are allthe same price.


  Pallet support bar

                                                                                                                                              Standard Flat

  Fork entry bar

  Shelf panel                                 Frame guard                                                                                     Wide upright
WWW.LOC8.AE                                                                                                                 RACKING

• The lower cost alternative to pallet racking for heavy and bulky items which        • Frame depths from 650 to 1050 mm
are non-palletised and can be hand loaded                                             • Level load capacities for beams 1400, 1800 and 2200 = 600 kg max.
• Frames and stepped beams galvanised for long service life.                                                                           2600 = 490 kg max
• Inlay decks: chipboard or steel panels                                              .
• Frame heights from 2200 to 3000 mm                                                  • Bay load capacity 4600 kg mx (udl)

Standard Drum Racks. These are based on Meta Mini Rack components. A                  • Knock-down frames and two pairs of beams give storage for 4 standard 200
straightforward solution to the storage for oil and other liquids.                      litres (45 gallons) drums.
                                                                                      • The levels can be adjusted in height at 50 mm centres.

                 RACKING                                                                                   800-LOC8 (5628)

CABLE REEL RACK                                                              MOBILE RACK
All the components such as beams, cable reel holders, feet and               Giving you 100% accessibility to all pallets, front in front out
ground fixings are included but please note that the cable reel bars         principle and extremely dense storage, mobile racking can be
must be ordered separately to match your types and sizes of reels            the ideal space saving solution. Using 50% of warehouse space
to be stored.                                                                compared to conventional racking this can produce significant
                                                                             build cost savings. Particularly cost effective for a cold store

DRIVE-IN RACKING                                                             CANTILEVER RACK
Very dense storage and best suited to the storage of bulk quantities         This system is designed to store all types of long goods. The
of the same store. Often a good addition to a tailored solution which        range includes compact racks (single and double sided) for light to
might involve VNA & APR.                                                     medium long components and extends to super heavy duty racks
                                                                             for heavy bar and sheet materials.

WWW.LOC8.AE                                                               RACKING

                      NARROW AISLE SOLUTIONS
                      Looking for a fast, effecient warehouse that optimises storage and
                      picking requirements that narrow aisle may be the right solution.
                      Using small aisles and maximum use of hed room you can be sure
                      of an optimal design where your operator can not only store and
                      retrieve full pallet loads but also case pick.

       For your       A-FRAME RACK
      free desig      The A-Frame racks are ideal for the storage and retail display of
     consultatio      light goods stored vertically suchas lengths of wood, plastic pipe

     call 800-L OC8   and sheet materials such aschipboard.
                      • Frame height up to 3000 mm
                      • Frame depth 500 mm single sided 800 mm double sided
                      • Beam length 1400 mm
                      • Separation spigots 400 mm long

                                              2007 SUPPLEMENT

     2 Industrial Overview
     4 Access
     6 Handling
    11 Cloakroom Equipment
    12 Bins
    14 Workshop
    16 Flooring
    17 Signage
    18 Packaging
    20 Conveyors
    22 Dock Equipment
    26 Mezzanine
    28 Shelving
    32 Racking

       toll-free. 800-LOC8 (5628) | email. |

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