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									  Massage Therapy                           Massage & Spa                                         Swedish Massage
                                                                                            This is a treatment using massage oil
    Massage therapy is a powerful             Services                                   long, deep strokes that soothe sore muscles
                                                                                             and relax the nervous system. This
       stress reliever for both                                                           massage technique also uses kneading to
           mind and body.                  Massage & Muscular Therapy                           wring out tension and knots.
                                             Your choice of Sports, Swedish,
                                            Deep Tissue, Sport & Area Specific,                       Deep Tissue
                                             Prenatal, Ashiatsu Oriental Bar,
                                                                                             This massage is aimed at the deeper
                                             Hot or Cold Stone or relaxation.
                                                                                         tissue structures of the muscles and fascia.
  Massage techniques are practiced                                                           Deep Tissue uses many of the same
                                             30 minutes                    $35
                                                                                            techniques as Swedish, but with more
     to improve many common                  45 minutes                    $45
                                                                                                      pressure applied.
    ailments including arthritis,            60 minutes                    $65
               insomnia,                     90 minutes                    $90
         migraine headaches,                                                             Ashiatsu is an ancient form of bodywork
                                             60 minutes Ashiatsu           $75
       chronic and acute pain,                                                                       first brought to us
      irritable bowel syndrome               Add Hot Stones                $15                   by Buddhist Monks. It uses
           and many others.                  Add Cold Stones               $15              a variety of gliding strokes with the
                                                                                               therapist's feet to create a very
                                                                                         effective push-pull-pumping effect on the
                                                                                                   complex arrangement
                                                  Sugar Body Scrub                                       of muscles.
                                              Works to awaken and exfoliate
                                                        your skin.
  Massage therapy also promotes a                                                                 Hot or Cold Stone
  general feeling of well being while                                                        Hot stones add to any massage by
                                            Conditioning Body Masque                        softening tight and aching muscles.
reducing anxiety and relieving stress.              Deep conditioning for
                                                                                                     Cold stones work
                                                       your dry skin.
                                                                                             to reduce inflamed sore muscles.
                                             Scrub, masque & massage
                                             2-hour treatment        $125                               Prenatal
                                                                                         Prenatal massage is a nurturing Swedish
                                             Scrub & massage                              style massage intended to help ease the
All treatments are tailored to suit your     90 minute treatment           $100          back and hip pain of the expecting mother.
specific needs to provide you with the
 most restorative experience possible.       Masque & massage                                   Sport & Area Specific
                                             90 minute treatment           $100              Massage and stretching aimed at
                                                                                             enhancing athletic performance
                                           Seasonal specialty wraps and scrub glows        preventing injury & increasing range
                                           available. See Member Services for details.          of motion after an injury.

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