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					 Quiet Moments Massage Therapy News
  Winter 2005

The Benefits of Massage
Bodywork Goes Beyond Relaxation

                                                                                                 Nothing is so
As you lie on the table under crisp, fresh         cultures. Touching is a natural human
sheets, hushed music draws you into the            reaction to pain and stress, and for
moment. The smell of sage fills the air            conveying compassion and support.
and you hear the gentle sound of                   When you bump your head or have a
massage oil being warmed in your
therapist's hands. Once the session gets
underway, the daily stressors and aching
                                                   sore calf, the natural response is to rub
                                                   it to feel better. The same was true of
                                                   our earliest ancestors.
                                                                                                 strong as
muscles fade into an oblivious 60
minutes of relief, and all you can
comprehend right now is not wanting it
                                                   Healers      throughout    time      and
                                                   throughout the world have instinctually
                                                                                                 Nothing is so
to end.                                            and independently developed a wide
                                                   range of therapeutic techniques using
But what if that hour of massage did               touch. Many are still in use today, and
more for you than just take the pressures          with good reason. We now have scientific
of the day away? What if that gentle,
Swedish massage helped you combat
cancer? What if bodywork helped you
                                                   proof of the benefits of massage --
                                                   benefits ranging from treating chronic
                                                   diseases and injuries to alleviating the
                                                                                                 gentle as real
recover from a strained hamstring in
half the time? What if your sleep,
                                                   growing tensions of our modern
                                                   lifestyles. Having a massage does more        strength.
                                                                                                 -Frances de Sales
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Along with easing stress -- the No. 1 cause of disease -- massage has a long list of benefits.
                                                                                                 In this Issue

digestion, and mood all improved with              than just relax your body and mind --         The Benefits of Massage
massage and bodywork? What if these                there are specific physiological and          What Is Reiki?
weren't just "what if's"?                          psychological changes that occur, and         The Art of Aromatherapy
                                                   even more so when massage is utilized as
Evidence is showing that the more                  a preventative, frequent therapy and not
massage you can allow yourself, the                simply mere luxury. Massage not only
better you'll feel. Here's why:                    feels good, but it can cure what ails you.

Massage as a healing tool has been
around for thousands of years in many             Continued on page 2
Continued from page 1                        toxic invaders. For example, in breast           - Reduces post-surgery adhesions and
                                             cancer patients, massage has been shown          edema and can be used to reduce and
The Fallout of Stress                        to increase the cells that fight cancer.         realign scar tissue after healing has
                                             Furthermore, increased circulation of            occurred;
Experts estimate that 80 percent to 90       blood and lymph systems improves the
percent of disease is stress-related.        condition of the body's largest organ --         -    Improves range-of-motion and
Massage and bodywork is there to             the skin;                                        decreases discomfort for patients with
combat that frightening number by                                                             low back pain;
helping us remember what it means to         - Relaxes and softens injured and
relax. The physical changes massage          overused muscles;                                - Relieves pain for migraine sufferers
brings to your body can have a positive                                                       and decreases the need for medication;
effect in many areas of your life. Besides   - Reduces spasms and cramping;
increasing relaxation and decreasing                                                          - Provides exercise and stretching for
anxiety, massage lowers blood pressure,      - Increases joint flexibility;                   atrophied     muscles    and    reduces
increases circulation, improves injury                                                        shortening of the muscles for those with
recovery, encourages deep sleep, and         - Reduces recovery time and helps                restricted range of motion;
increases concentration. It reduces          prepare the body for strenuous
fatigue and gives you more energy to         workouts, reducing subsequent muscle             -     Assists with shorter labor for
handle stressful situations.                 pain of athletes at any level;                   expectant mothers, as well as reduces the
                                                                                              need for medication, eases postpartum
Massage is a perfect elixir for good         - Releases endorphins -- the body's              depression and anxiety, and contributes
health, but it can also provide an           natural painkiller -- and is proving very        to a shorter hospital stay.
integration of body and mind. By             beneficial in patients with chronic
producing a meditative state or              illness, injury, and post-op pain;
heightened awareness of the present
moment,     massage   can     provide
emotional and spiritual balance,
bringing with it true relaxation and

The incredible benefits of massage are
doubly powerful if taken in regular
"doses." Researchers from the Touch
Research Institute (TRI) at the
University of Miami, found that
recipients of massage can benefit even in
small doses (15 minutes of chair massage
or a half-hour table session). They also
note that receiving bodywork two to
three times a week is even more
beneficial. While this may not be
feasible, it's nice to know that this
"medicine" only gets better with

What It Does
In an age of technical and, at times,
impersonal medicine, massage offers a
drug-free,     non-invasive,      and
humanistic approach based on the
body's natural ability to heal itself.
Following is a brief list of the many
known, research-based benefits of
massage and bodywork:

- Increases circulation, allowing the
body to pump more oxygen and
nutrients into tissues and vital organs;

- Stimulates the flow of lymph, the
body's natural defense system, against
                                             Drinking plenty of water after a massage is important for helping wash toxins from the body.
What Is Reiki?
Understanding Energy Work

A type of energy bodywork, reiki             of three levels of training. Through this
(pronounced ray-key) relies on the           training, the practitioner learns how to
ancient belief in the life force energy,     access energy flow through the hands to
referred to as chi, that flows through all   heal. Completion of the third and
things. This life force runs throughout      highest level of training results in the
pathways in the body called meridians,       title of reiki master. Reiki is used to
nourishing organs and cells and              accelerate healing, assist the body in
supporting vital functions. When this        cleansing toxins, balance the flow of
energy is disrupted by negative thoughts,    subtle energy by releasing blockages, and
feelings or actions, illness and disease     help the client contact the healer within.
result. A reiki practitioner's hands hover
just above a person's body, sensing the
affected areas and infusing them with        According to www.reiki.org, reiki is
positive flow. This raises the energetic     beginning to gain acceptance as a
vibration and breaks up the negativity to    meaningful and cost-effective way to
heal, clear and restore the natural flow     improve patient care in hospitals and
of the life force. The reiki practitioner,   clinics across America. In an interview
trained to access and serve as a channel     on the website, Dr. David Guillion, an
for the life energy, places his hands on     oncologist at Marin General Hospital in       Reiki balances subtle but vital energy.
or just above the client's body and uses a   California, says, "I feel we need to do
passive touch that some clients              whatever is in our power to help the
experience with warmth or tingling. The      patient. We provide state of the art
hands remain in position for 3-5             medicine in our office, but healing is a
minutes, alternately covering 10-12          multidimensional process. I endorse the
positions over the body.                     idea that there is a potential healing that
                                             can take place utilizing energy." For
Thought to be Tibetan Buddhist in            more information, consult your
origin, the practice of reiki is comprised   bodywork practitioner.

The Art of Aromatherapy
Essential Oils Provide Healing and Balance
Aromatic essential oils extracted from       incorporate this noninvasive treatment        The emotions listed below can be gently
herbs, flowers, resin, wood and roots        into their practices. Dispensers or           eased by one or a combination of the
have long been a source of healing since     diffusers filled with aromatic essences       following essential oils:
ancient times, aiding in relaxation,         may be used to scent the massage room,
circulation and wound healing.               and specific essential oils are used on the   Anxiety: bergamot, cedarwood, clary
However, the use of these medicinal oils     client's skin during the massage. Because     sage, frankincense, lavender, patchouli,
declined as the modern pharmaceutical        each oil has unique characteristics and       Roman chamomile, rose, sandalwood.
industry developed. In 1928, French          benefits, the choice of oil or oils can be
chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse revived      customized to the client's needs and          Fatigue, Burnout: basil, ginger,
the use of essential oils and developed      emotional state. Whether inhaled or           grapefruit,     jasmine,       lemon,
the art and science of utilizing naturally   applied topically, aromatherapy requires      peppermint, rosemary, sandalwood.
extracted aromatic essences from             an understanding of how each essential
botanicals to balance and harmonize the      oil interacts with the body, as well as the   Stress:    bergamot,    frankincense,
health of body, mind and spirit.             mind.                                         geranium, lavender, mandarin, neroli,
Gattefosse     coined     the     practice                                                 patchouli, Roman chamomile, ylang
aromatherapy.                                Many pure essential oils need to be           ylang.
                                             diluted, as they can cause irritation
Because aromatherapy's affect on             when applied directly to the skin. To         Anger: jasmine, neroli, orange,
emotional health, many massage               guarantee safe and correct usage, consult     patchouli,     petitgrain,        Roman
therapists and bodywork practitioners        a trained herbalist or practitioner.          chamomile, rose, vetiver, ylang ylang.
There came a           The original Quiet Moments was established in Merriam,

time when the
                       Kansas in 1997. Meg Fiddler, the owner/therapist has
                       brought her practice to her home on 25 wooded acres
                       outside of Kearney, Missouri. She is a graduate of The

risk to remain         Massage Therapy Training Institute's 500-hour program and
                       a nationally certified massage therapist. Her state inspected
                       and approved office offers a tranquil and secluded refuge
tight in the bud       from the every day stresses of today's world. The soft
                       lighting, serene background music and flickering candles will

was more               help clients reach a deeper level of relaxation.

                       Meg would like you to enjoy the many benefits of a relaxing

painful                massage session at Quiet Moments. As a special promotion
                       for new clients you can receive a 90 minute session for

than the risk it
                       $50.00 for a limited time; a $20.00 savings. This offer will
                       expire on April 30, 2005 and is valid on the first visit only.

took to blossom.       Please visit Quiet Moments and take the opportunity to relax,
                       refresh and renew.

-Anais Nin

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