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					                                    CAREER CHANGE

        30 Questions To Ask Yourself Before A Major Change In Your Work Situation
                                         Bob Beihl

NOTE: Not every question is expected to help in every situation. This is simply a checklist to
help you keep from overlooking obvious questions. You will also want to add your own
questions as you find others helpful in making career changes.

1. What do I see to be the major advantages of this career change? (Make a list)

2. Why am I thinking of this change? What is my real motive?

3. What is the real price or loss that comes with this change? (Make a list)

4. What real "bones do I have to pick" with my present work situation? (Make a list)
   What may be eliminated if I talk with my boss?

5. Is this the right time for a move?

 6. In my new position do I want to put primary emphasis on the relationship I will have, the
security the new position will bring, or the challenge of the position?

 7. Where do I see myself in 5-10 years? What is my overall career path? Does this
change represent a step in the "right" direction for my longer range plans?

8. What do my 3-5 closest friends advise about the possible change? My spouse? My

9. What does my pastor say about the change?

10. How will the change affect the following areas:
      My spiritual development?
      My physical development?
       My personal development?
       My family/marriage relationship?
       My social life?
       My profession/career life?
       My financial situation?

11. What would I do, if I could do anything, if I had all of the time, money, education,
    staff, etc. ... and God said He didn't care what I did ... and I knew I couldn't fail ...
    what would I do?

12. If I had all of the money I needed, would I still make this change?

13. If the doctor told me I had 5 years at the most to live, what would I do then?

14. What needs do I see that make me want to weep? ... want to explode with anger?...
    keep me awake at night? Should I do something about them in my next work change?

15. What do I believe in enough to "give my life for" if necessary? In what ways can I
    work in support of this area?

16. What 3-10 things would I most like to "do" in my work? What do I feel best at and
    enjoy the most?

17. In what areas would I most like to grow personally and develop my full potential?
    Which opportunity offers me the most potential for growth in these areas?

18. What is really holding me back in my professional life? If these could be overcome ...
then what would I do?

19. With whom would I most like to work (what person or persons)?
20. What would I most like my epitaph to read? How would this career change affect the
    totality of my life work?

21. If I had all of the skills to handle any position in the world... what position would I most
    like to have?

22. How much would I honestly like to make a year? Why?

23. At what age do I plan to retire? Why? What 10 things do I want to do before then?

24. What accomplishments am I most "proud" of at this point in my life? How would these
    kinds of accomplishments be possible in my new position? More of a possibility or

25. Have I given myself at least 24 hours to pray and let this decision settle in my mind?

26. Is the pressure and tension at my present situation temporary or a constant long term

27. Which position will make the most difference 50 years from today?

28. What questions are lingering in my mind that should be asked before I make a final

29. What facts should I really see before I make the final decision?

30. Do I have "peace of mind" about a yes or no answer as I pray about it and look at the
decision from God's eternal perspective?
                  WHEN MAKING A CAREER CHANGE:

1. Be careful the environment you choose ... for it will shape you.

2. Who you work with may be a more important decision than the company, the pay,
      or even the job.

3. Run to something ... not away from something.

4. Life is too short to work at something you don't enjoy if you have a choice.

5. Choose work that lets you "grow" personally and become your best self ... even
though it may be a bit less secure.

6. Find work that lets you maximize your strengths ... and work on your weaknesses.

7. If you have an option, always choose a career that will be making a difference 50
years from now ... because you worked today.

8. Every assignment you are given is preparing you for what God sees as your best
possible position. Learn from each lesson as you go through an experience and
write it down so you will remember it well.

9. Work on meeting needs you feel emotional about.

10. When it is God's move ... the timing will be perfect.