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                                                                                          The Phase 1 Report and the
              Integrated Regional Water Management Plan,                                  process used to develop it were in
             San Timoteo Watershed Management Authority                                   the nature of a scoping report for
                                                                                          purposes of the National Environ-
                                                                                          mental Policy Act (NEPA) and the
    Background                            Stakeholder Involvement
                                                                                          California Environmental Quality
    The San Timoteo Watershed             The STWMA formed a stakehold-
                                                                                          Act (CEQA). The Phase 1 report
    Management Authority (STWMA)          er group to develop a watershed-
                                                                                          was updated and re-titled The
    was formed in January 2001 by         scale integrated water resources
                                                                                          Integrated Regional Water Manage-
    the Beaumont Cherry Valley Water      management program to ensure
                                                                                          ment Program for the San Timoteo
    District, the City of Beaumont, the   a safe and reliable water supply
                                                                                          Watershed (IRWMP) consistent with
    South Mesa Water Company, and         for all water users in the water-
                                                                                          Department of Water Resource
    the Yucaipa Valley Water District.    shed. The STWMA retained Wil-
                                                                                          (DWR) guidelines for integrated
    The purpose of the STWMA is to        dermuth Environmental (WEI) in
                                                                                          regional water management pro-
    prepare and implement a water         March 2001 to develop the San
                                                                                          grams in June 2005.
    resources management program          Timoteo Watershed Management
    for the San Timoteo Watershed and     Program (STWMP). The STWMP
    the waters tributary. This Program    was completed in March 2002
                                          and was documented in The San                   The IRWMP is consistent with other
    includes conserving local water
                                          Timoteo Watershed Management                    reports that are commonly referred
    supplies, improving surface and
                                          Program, Phase 1 Report (March                  to as integrated regional water
    ground water quality and quantity,
                                          2002).                                          management plans such as the
    protecting and enhancing ground-
    water storage and recreational
    resources, preserving open space,
    protecting wildlife habitat and
    wetlands, protecting and enhancing
    agriculture, and developing and en-
    hancing the region’s water resourc-
    es for the benefit of the public.

    The water resources management
    program includes watershed and
    basin monitoring; groundwater stor-
    age, banking and conjunctive use;
    stormwater capture and manage-
    ment; recycled water programs
    and projects; wetlands, wildlife,
    and open space protection; water
    quality protection and enhance-
    ment; and water conservation and

                                                                San Timoteo Watershed & Water District Service Areas

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                                                                                          protection/enhancement of
           Integrated Regional Water Management Plan, cont’d                              habitat in the STWMA area, and

                                                                                       5. Equitable distribution of the
                                                                                          benefits and costs of the
     Santa Ana Integrated Watershed                Report (March 2002), and its suc-      IRWMP.
     Plan: Water Resources Element                 cessor, the updated and re-titled
     developed by the Santa Ana Wa-                Integrated Regional Water Manage-   Phase 1 of IRWMP
     tershed Project Authority (SAWPA,             ment Program for the San Timoteo    Phase 1 of the IRWMP process
     2001) and the Chino Basin Opti-               Watershed (June 2005).              included early implementation of
     mum Basin Management Program                                                      Program Elements 1, 2, 4, and 5.
     (WEI, 1999).                                  Goals of the IRWMP                  The Phase 1 investigation inven-
                                                   The five goals of the IRWMP          toried the water resources in the
     The IRWMP was developed and                   include:                            STWMA service area and de-
     implemented in two phases                                                         scribed, at a reconnaissance level,
     for the long-term benefit of the               1. Enhancement of basin water       the occurrence and quality of these
     STWMA area stakeholders. Phase                   supplies,                        waters. The current and future
     1 included describing the areas’              2. Protection and enhancement of    water demands of the member
     water resources, establishing goals              water quality,                   agencies were described based on
     concerning the needs and issues                                                   planning information provided by
     identified to protect and enhance              3. Optimizing management of
                                                                                       the STWMA member agencies and
     these resources, and affirming a                  the STWMA-area groundwater
                                                                                       the City of Banning (Banning). The
     management plan to accomplish                    basins,
                                                                                       water and recycled water master
     the goals. This is documented                 4. Protection of riparian habitat   plans and the urban water manage-
     in The San Timoteo Watershed                     in San Timoteo Creek and the     ment plans of the agencies were
     Management Program, Phase 1                                                       reviewed to assess how the STWMA
                                                                                       member agencies and Banning
                                                                                       were planning to meet their water
                                                                                       demands and dispose of or reuse
                                                                                       their recycled water. This research
                                                                                       revealed daunting water resource
                                                                                       management challenges and op-

                                                                                       Phase 2 of IRWMP
                                                                                       Phase 2 of the IRWMP is intended
                                                                                       to result in the implementation
                                                                                       plan, and the construction and
                                                                                       operation of the facilities neces-
                                                                                       sary to meet the IRWMP goals.
                                                                                       Existing and planned facilities were

                           Recharge basin in the San Timoteo Watershed

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                                                                                  8. Development and implemen-
           Integrated Regional Water Management Plan, cont’d                         tation of a financial plan to
                                                                                     enable the IRWMP.

                                                                                  Currently, the proven local water
     reviewed during Phase 1 of the         Program Elements                      supplies for the area are about
     IRWMP process. Existing facilities     The STWMA has entered into the im-    32,000 acre-ft/yr and ultimate
     are facilities for which CEQA is       plementation phase of the IRWMP.      demand will be about 99,000 acre-
     complete and that have been or will    The progress and accomplishments      ft/yr; as such, the STWMA service
     be constructed by January 1, 2007.     since March 2002 and the specific      area will need to develop 67,000
     Planned facilities are facilities      accomplishments during 2005 are       acre-ft/yr of new supplies. The
     for which CEQA documents have          described below through eight         IRWMP was designed to ensure
     been prepared and certified by          management initiatives or program     that the additional 67,000 acre-
     the project proponents that will be    elements that include:                ft/yr of water will be there when it
     constructed in the future.                                                   is needed.
                                            1. Development and implementa-
     All existing and planned facilities       tion of a comprehensive moni-
                                                                                  The estimated cost of IRWMP
     were assumed to be constructed            toring program for groundwater
                                                                                  implementation is about $300 mil-
     and were integrated into the              level, groundwater quality,
                                                                                  lion (includes the cost to member
     IRWMP analysis because they are:          production and diversion, sub-
                                                                                  agencies to implement their own
                                               sidence, surface water discharge
     • Necessary to fulfill the local                                              projects that are included in the
                                               and surface water quality,
        entities’ mission,                                                        IRWMP).
                                            2. Development and implementa-
     • Consistent with and an integral         tion of a comprehensive surface    Key Benefits the IRWMP
        component of the IRWMP, and            water management and re-
                                                                                  The benefits of STWMA’s IRWMP
                                               charge program,
     • Necessary to implement the                                                 are the enhancement of basin
        IRWMP.                              3. Development and implementa-        water supplies, protection and
                                               tion of a regional supplemen-      enhancement of water quality,
     Most of the facilities included in        tal water master plan for the      optimizing management of ST-
     the IRWMP will be implemented by          STWMA area,                        WMA-area groundwater basins,
     the STWMA members or others.                                                 protection of riparian habitat in San
                                            4. Development and implemen-
     However, the STWMA may imple-                                                Timoteo creek and the protection
                                               tation of a salt management
     ment facilities on behalf of its                                             and enhancement of habitat in the
     members or cooperating entities.                                             STWMA area, and equitable distri-
     The types of facilities that will be   5. Establishing a groundwater man-    bution of the benefits and costs of
     necessary to implement the IRWMP          agement entity,                    the IRWMP.
     include pipelines, pump stations,      6. Development of conjunctive-use
     wells, monitoring wells, storage          programs,                          The IRWMP is available for review
     reservoirs, treatment plants, dams,                                          at:
                                            7. Development and implementa-
     rubber dams, basins and T-levees.
                                               tion of a habitat and recreation
     The IRWMP also identified project
                                               program for the San Timoteo
     objectives or program elements to
                                               Creek Watershed, and
     achieve the goals.

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