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					                 Parks & Recreation Department
                 HC 39 Box 3A
                 Flagstaff, AZ 86001   (928) 679-8000                     FAX: (928) 774-2572

                       Event Application & Event Management Plan
Event Applications and Event Management Plans are processed in the order received and preference is given to
organizations that are in “Good Standing,” rate high in the Lessee Events Criteria (see attached), and are established as
an annual event. First review of applications will take place after November 1 of each year. A complete Event Application
and Event Management Plan must be submitted by the appropriate deadline according to the Event Level (see Leasing
Policy, Application Process section). Applications will not be reviewed after the stated deadline for each event level. If
any portion of the Applications and Event Management Plans are incomplete the proposed event will not be considered
until a complete application is submitted. Submitting this request does not guarantee dates or use of facility.
Payment will not be accepted until such time a contract has been issued.

Contact & Event Information                                      Today’s Date:___________________________________

Event Title:_________________________________                    Setup Date(s)                    Hours:

Business/Organization Name:______________________                ______________________           ___________________

Event Producer:_________________________________                 ______________________           ___________________

Person Responsible:_____________________________                 Event Date(s)                    Hours:

Address:_______________________________________                  ______________________           ___________________

______________________________________________                   ______________________           ___________________

Phone:__________________ Fax:__________________                  ______________________           ___________________

E-mail:________________________________________                  ______________________           ___________________

Second Contact:________________________________                  Dismantle Date(s)                Hours:

Phone:________________________________________                   ______________________           ___________________

On-Site Contact:________________________________                 ______________________           ___________________

Phone:________________________________________                   Admission or Entry Fees:_________________________

Will this event be:                                              Adult: $________________ Child: $_______________

  Public              Private                                    Other: $_______________________________________

Type of organization producing PUBLIC event:                     Anticipated Total Attendance for event: _____

  For-profit                                                     Anticipated Daily Attendance for event: _____

  Non-profit (tax id #___________________________)
If you are a bona fide tax exempt, nonprofit organization,
a copy of the IRS 501(C) tax exemption letter certifying
your current tax exempt, nonprofit status is required.

Event Description: (Provide a detailed description of your event, addressing issues found in Lessee Events Criteria
and Priority Rating System, if additional space is needed use an 8 ½” x 11” paper and attach to application.)

Facilities Requested (Check all that apply and see Fee Schedule for current rates)

  Group Pavilion                                Skate Track                                    Basketball Court

CCPR offers the following services and equipment for a fee, check with CCPR for availability: (Check all
that apply and see Fee Schedule for current rates)

  Picnic table relocation or removal              CCPR Staff Assistance outside the hours       CCPR Staff Assistance between the
                                               of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. at $37.50 per      hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. at
                                               hour per person, (submit schedule, based on   $25.00 per hour per person, (submit
                                               availability)                                 schedule, based on availability)


   • Other facility or amenity needs not listed above (may require additional fees):_____________________________
    •      Is this an annual event? Yes         No
If yes, how many years have you been holding this event?___________________________________________________
    •      Do you propose this as an annual event? Yes            No
    •      List three facility references if this is your first time renting Coconino County Parks & Recreation facilities:
Facility                     Contact Person                    Location                  Phone Number              Email

    •      What is the target audience?

   • Anticipated audience demographics:
Rank each column from 1 – 6, with 1 being the highest percentage.

           Age   (0 – 12)              _____                   Tuba City                          _____
           Age   (13 – 19)             _____                   Northern Arizona                   _____
           Age   (20 – 29)             _____                   Metro Phoenix                      _____
           Age   (30 – 39)             _____                   State Wide                         _____
           Age   (40 – 49)             _____                   National                           _____
           Age   (50 +)                _____                   Other _________________            _____

    •      Nature of Event Activities:

    •      List sponsors of the event:_____________________________________________________________________
    •      What type of advertising/promotion will you be doing prior to the event?

          Press Releases
        (Web address:____________________________________________________)

If your event is approved, promotional information submitted on the Calendar of Events Form will be included on
Coconino County Parks & Recreation calendar of events.
    •   Will there be any items sold, including concessions?                          Yes              No
If yes, how many vendors will be selling items?                                     Food______     Other______
Provide a list of all vendors and their amperage and water
requirements (attach a list on a separate sheet of paper if necessary)
NOTE: Lessee is required to purchase CCPR Vendor Permit(s) (see Fee Schedule)
      Lessee is responsible for certifying food vendor compliancy with all Coconino County Health Codes.

    •   Will there be portable toilets and hand washing stations?                     Yes              No
If yes, how many? ________________
NOTE: CCPR does not provide portable toilets; (reference CCPR Special Event Rules for required number)
    •   Will there be dumpsters?                                                      Yes              No
If yes, how many? ________________
NOTE: CCPR does not provide dumpsters, lessees will have to provide their own dumpster or remove trash from

Traffic and parking control may be deemed necessary at the sole discretion of CCPR. CCPR has sole authority in
appointing traffic and parking control personnel and/or a parking management firm, and setting parking fees.

By signing the Event Application submitting the Management Plan, the applicant avows that the information therein is
complete and accurate. If determined that any information on the Application is false or incomplete, such falsifications or
incompletion information may result in the refusal of the application for said event. If any portion of the Application and
Event Management Plan is incomplete the proposed event will not be considered until a complete Application is
submitted. Coconino County Parks and Recreation reserves the right to refuse any event. This form is for application
purposes only and does not confirm the availability of either venue or dates requested.

Applicant Name: _______________________________________________
                     (Print Name)

Signature of Applicant:___________________________________________ Date:__________________________

              Parks & Recreation Department
              HC 39 Box 3A
              Flagstaff, AZ 86001   (928) 679-8000                 FAX: (928) 774-2572

                              Event Management Plan
Submit an illustrative, detailed and descriptive site plan of the event area indicating the location(s) of
equipment and activities. Facility maps are provided for your convenience. Please use the maps provided as

NOTE: Site plans submitted with insufficient detail will not be accepted.

When applicable, include on map:
     Stage(s)/Amplified sound equipment       Electrical services/Generators       Vendors
     Merchandise/Food vendors                 Portable toilets and                 Activity/Amusement areas
     Controlled access/Admission areas        hand washing stations                Other temporary structures
     In/Out gates                             Cooking areas                        Other related event
     Emergency access                         Tents/Canopies                   components not listed above, such
     Picnic Tables                            Trash containers and dumpsters   as VIP Accommodations, Lost
     Routes for runs/walks                    Temporary fencing                Children, Emergency Evacuation
     First aid/Emergency stations             Booths                           and traffic control plans (when