What Can You Do With The Right CD DVD Publishing Software?

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                         What Can You Do With The Right CD/DVD Publishing Software?
                                                    By Dale Kubin

   Whether you are in a band and are looking for a great way to get your music out there or you are a
business professional who is looking for a better way to distribute information about a product or
service that you offer, a CD/DVD publisher can be a great help to you when trying to reach your goals.
However, when you're going to be taking advantage of the benefits of a CD/DVD publisher, one of the
things that you will need to be sure of is that the unit you buy has fantastic CD/DVD publishing

 When you have the right CD/DVD publishing software, you will find that you are able to do more than
simply create a CD or a DVD; you'll be able to create effective marketing materials. Here's why:

 •With the right CD/DVD publishing software, you will find that you are able to find the files that you
want to include easily and to organize them in the most logical order. As an example, say that your
plan for a marketing disc for a given product includes an interactive component designed in HTML,
graphics that include the features of the product and copies of some of your marketing materials as
well as a user guide. When you publish a CD or DVD with these materials, you will find that there's an
order that works, and you should be sure that you can put those files in order.

 •With the right CD/DVD publishing software, you won't just be able to set up the files that will be
included on the CD or DVD, you will be able to generate the best possible label for the disc. With the
right software, bringing in an image, including the right text (including, of course, the product name,
your company name and contact information) and have a sense of how it will look once published.

 •With the right CD/DVD publishing software, you will also find that you are able to design the booklets
that will accompany the CD or DVD that you create: you'll be able to know that you are able to create a
consistent look and to market your business more effectively.

 When you choose the right CD/DVD publishing software (as well as the right CD/DVD publisher) you
will find that it's easy to take control of your marketing department. More importantly, you'll find that,
once you have set up a group of files that you will publish and the artwork that will be printed along with
it, the right CD/DVD publishing software will enable you to save the materials based on the project.
That way, the next time you need to access them, everything will be in one place.

In other words, the right CD/DVD publishing software will make it possible for you to have full control

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over the process, and to know that once the work is done to your liking, it won't be difficult to replicate
the same discs at a later point in time.

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                                                       DVD Catalogs and Kids
                                                          By Maxim Smirnov

If you have kids, you need a DVD catalog. And the best way to make it is with top quality DVD catalog
software. You might think it's not necessary to keep a list of children's DVDs, or even your own DVDs.
But a DVD catalog is a great idea for every DVD collection. Not only will you have a list of your movies
in a worst case scenario in which you might need to file an insurance claim, but you'll have a list just for
fun browsing. You won't have to remember if that movie you haven't watched in years is part of your
collection or one you rented—the information is right there. And you can see at a glance which movies
you've loaned out that haven't been returned.

A Child's DVD Catalog

 Those are all great reasons to use DVD catalog software to catalog your movies, but what about kids'
movies? There are many reasons to make a DVD catalog of children's movies. Do you really
remember every movie your child owns? Do you have to physically look through all the DVDs before
you buy one for a birthday or Christmas? With DVD catalog software, you'll never have to try to find all
of Johnny's or Janie's DVDs to make sure they don't already own the movie.

 Having a DVD catalog will make it easier for the kids, too. Just like adults, kids might forget whether
they actually own a movie or have watched it elsewhere, so when it come time to make that Christmas
wish list or answer “Do you have that movie?” they can remind themselves which movies they do have
with a quick check into the DVD catalog software.

 It's also big fun for kids to use the software. Even little ones can add movies with your help because
the best DVD catalog software is simple to use. Type in a keyword (great practice for kids learning how
to spell) and then simply click to add the movie.

 A DVD catalog is a great way to teach kids organization and how to keep track of their valuable
possessions, too. If they've made a fun list of their movies in DVD catalog software and can sort how
they want, they're more likely to take care of their actual movies because they suddenly seem more
substantial and important.

Your DVD Catalog

 If you have children, you can use DVD catalog software in many other ways. You can password
protect your DVD catalog if you've listed adult movies or even regular movies that contain
inappropriate content for minors.

 That PG-rated movie might have contained something you wouldn't want your toddler to see, or that
PG-13 movie might be full of stuff you wouldn't even want your 15-year old to see. Label them, and you
won't have to remember these details next time the kids ask to watch a movie. With movie inventory
software, you have the power to create your categories to suit your needs.

Max Smirnov, All My Movies (DVD catalog software) project manager

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