; What Can You Do With a Photo Editing Application?
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What Can You Do With a Photo Editing Application?


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                                    What Can You Do With a Photo Editing Application?
                                                                     By Alex Don

   You've taken the photos and installed an image editing application on your computer... no it's time to
get to work. This article is aimed to get you through the basic functions of a photo editing application.
There are a lot of such applications available on the market, from basic programs which include
features like removing dust, scratches and red eye or adjusting brightness and color, to more
sophisticated ones that let you use special effects, combine several images etc. Some companies offer
you a free trial to make sure the software responds to your needs.

Viewing pictures

 You can work on a single photo at once or bring in several photos.Working on two or more photos at
once is particularly useful if you want to combine them in the end. Most applications include a browser
which lets you see the pictures as thumbnails and double-click to open. You can also do this from the
file menu, which opens a dialog box and lets you search for the file through your computer.

Resizing the image

 Resizing may be needed for printing pictures or uploading them on the web. In case you want to print
a photo, bare in mind to take it at a higher resolution. In case you are scanning it, make sure it is at
least 150 dpi. This way you can enlarge it with your photo editing software. Images you want to upload
on the internet have to be resized at a smaller size and resolution, like 72 or 96 ppi.

Rotating or flipping the picture

 This is a very easy to use feature which allows you to rotate the image if, for example, you scanned it
upside down. With a couple of mouse clicks you save all the work of rescanning the photo again.


 There are functions that enable you to make small corrections to the image, such as removing dust,
scratches or red eye or unwanted background objects, improving color balance or making the picture

Color and contrast

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Playing with color and contrast can be very entertaining. You can create interesting changes, such as
turning a color photo in black and white or adding some color to a black and white photo. There are
also more subtle changes you can make to improve the image.

Basic tools

 Just getting used to your software is a good start. Don't let yourself overwhelmed by the high number
of features available. Take baby steps instead, learning a little bit at a time.

Hand a zoom

 The hand feature lets you move the image around the screen while keeping the same zoom level.
Zoom allows you you to zoom in a lot, which is good for working at small details, such as making
corrections with a small brush. Then you just zoom out to see the whole picture.

Selection tools

 There are several types of selection tools you can use, allowing you to make adjustments on just a
section of the picture. For example, if you have a photo you like but a portion of it is to dark, you can
select that portion and increase its brightness. This way you avoid brightening the whole picture when
there's no need to. You can also use selection tools to cut something out of the photo.

Rubber stamp (clone)

 This is a very useful tool which you are likely to be using a lot. It allows you to pick color and attributes
from one part of the image and paste them somewhere else. For example, if you want to take an object
out, you can pick the attributes from the area next to it and gradually stamp them over it. You will need
to zoom in and zoom out to see how the picture turns out like and use different brush sizes. Check if
the area you are cloning is solid or gradient color. You may need to work on the transparency level of
the clone tool so that the area you covered doesn't look patchy.

Text tool

 You can use this tool to insert a text box into the picture. You can choose from the true type fonts
available or insert artistic text, which in turn has a range of different fonts, but also lets you apply filters,
stretch or manipulate the text the way you want.

Montaging and overlaying

 Some photo editing applications allow you to combine several images to make a collage or overlay
two or several images (similar to multiple exposure in film camera). From now on your creativity can go

 Hope this were some useful tips that will help you getting used to your photo editing software. Good

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                                         Finding Free Photo Editing Stories Online
                                                      By Carey Paris

Once you have discovered the many uses of creating photo stories such as sharing your adventures
with family and friends, creating an online journal or creating a story to highlight your qualifications in
order to boost your college application or resume you will want to use free photo editing software to
create your stories. Finding free photo editing software online to create your stories is easy because
there are many sites and programs to choose from. You will want to choose the best free photo editing
software for the type of stories you want to create, however. You can even create a free online photo

 You should look for free photo editing software that allows your stories as much flexibility as possible.
You should be able to resize your photos, create backgrounds from a variety of designs and colors and
place the text where you would like it to go. You also want the software to allow you to edit your photos
to reduce redeye and eliminate flaws in the photo. The ability to crop your photos is also helpful so that
the image is focused on the subject and displayed to its fullest potential. In fact, your free photo editing
software that you use for creating your photo stories should be able to do anything you can do with
regular photo editing software PLUS the capability to add your text in a creative fashion.

 Even the best professional photographers regularly use photo editing software, so budding photo
storytellers should not feel that their photos are second-rate just because they need some editing with
free photo editing software to create stories that are compelling. Editing is just a way of taking a good
photo and making it great so free photo editing takes your stories to the next level. You want your
viewers to focus on the subject of the photo and be drawn into your story so removing imperfections
and cropping unnecessary scenery can help them zero in on the important elements of your photo

 Finding the best photo editing program online for your stories will ensure that your creativity will not
have limits. You want your photo story to translate from your mind onto the computer screen just the
way you see it and the right editing program will help you do just that. In fact, all the editing tools and
options that are available may just make the photo story you develop better than you could've

 Creating photo stories is a great hobby that has so many possible uses such as: creating a family
history, recording a vacation, journaling your thoughts and feelings or just keeping in touch with friend
and family. Free photo editing for your stories makes this fun hobby even better in these difficult
economic times. With a couple of clicks of your mouse you can be on your way to creating memories
that will last a lifetime with free photo editing and the stories of your adventures with your family and
friends. What could be better than that?

MJ Johnston writes for a variety of websites, including http://Freeonlinephotoalbum.org (
http://www.freeonlinephotoalbum.org), a site that offers advice on the quickest and easiest way to build
a free online photo album.

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