Ways to Make My Computer Run Faster

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     Every Microsoft Windows operating system has a registry. This registry holds the most important information
      about your computer. Later the PC may start running slow while you get all sorts of errors like DLL issues,
                                             Windows explorer errors
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                                           Ways to Make My Computer Run Faster
                                                           By Logan Albright

  With multiple uses for computers today, everyone is looking for new ways to speed up their
computer. Many have found spending a couple of hours each day deleting their cookies necessary.
When searching for resources, each website tags the computer’s id number and fills cookies very
quickly. As such, is necessary to keep these cookies removed constantly. With the new Internet
Explorer 7, the tool menu in the bar makes it simple to remove your cookies.

 These days, it is important that you Defragment your computer regularly. In the past, you could get by
with Defragging once a week, yet, it has become an everyday affair. So, after you finish doing your
work, take a break and use this time to do the Defragging. By the time you have return from your rest,
the computer will have finished the process and you can then resume work.

 Defragmenting your computer is not the only thing you can do. After the Defragmenting has finished,
you should also do a disk cleanup to help compress your old files. Doing both procedures takes a little
time, but are well worth it. This is because these two programs help prevent your computer from
shutting down or locking up.

 Keeping your desktop free from unused icons will make a difference in your computer’s speed. Things
such as short cuts, high resolution wallpapers, graphics, cursors, and skins slow your computer down.

 If you have an older computer, say three years old, it might be a good idea to upgrade it. Rams and
other chips tend to get outdated very quickly in that short span of time. When you upgrade your Ram, it
will greatly increase the speed of your computer. Also, it is fairly inexpensive and easy to install,
providing you with the opportunity to touch the edge of the computer with your forearms for about 60
seconds, enough to ground yourself and to protect you and the chips from static that may still be inside
the tower. If you are not computer savvy, be sure to talk to a computer expert to find out what sort of
chips you need to get before dismantling and fixing your computer. Most experts, such as the people at
Radio Shack are very educated in such fields and will tell you what you need to know at no cost.

 Sometimes, computers may be infected by some of the viruses picked up from the websites you visit.
It is imperative to have some sort of anti-virus and anti-spyware programs installed on your computer.
One of the more popular program used by PC owners today is Tend-Micro, a program that not only
tells you when that there is a virus present, it also quarantines the virus and then fixes it.

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 All computer users are recommended to purchase a registry cleaner as it will eliminate any clutter or
junk that has built up from installing and uninstalling programs. Without a registry cleaning program,
your computer could become sluggish, crammed full of error messages, and may have regular
computer systems crashes.

Visit to speed up your computer for free. Logan
Albright helps thousands of people optimize their computers through a proper computer check up at He is an authority on troubleshooting computer problems at

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                                        How Do I Make My Computer Run Faster?
                                                            By Jack Jimmy

If you have a computer and you feel it is not running as fast as it used to or as fast as it should, you
would know how frustrating it can sometimes be, but the good thing though is that there are several
ways to make your computer run faster and this article would show you some of them.

 The first way to make your computer work faster is to delete files and folders that you no longer use or
that are very large which you do not need and the reason why is because the files take space on your
computer and affects its speed. The reason why this method is good is because it is very easy to do
and does not take much time to do. The not so good thing about this method is that it might not make
your computer faster as there are a lot of other issues that might be affecting the speed of your
computer. You should also try not to run too many programs at a time as it puts a lot of pressure on
your computer and can make it run slowly.

 You can also make your computer work better by performing regular maintenance of your computer
and taking proper care of your computer and this includes things like emptying your recycle bin
regularly, clearing cookies once in a while and deleting temporary files. You can do this daily, weekly or
monthly depending on the age of your computer and how often you use your computer. You can also
use some software to set this process up automatically, for instance internet explorer allows you to
choose how often you would like it to delete cookies from your computer.

 Another good way to make your computer run faster is by using registry cleaners to clean your
computer. Registry cleaners usually help to remove corrupt registry files and invalid entries which
make your computer run slow. There are a lot of them available on the internet and most of them
usually allow you to download it for free for it to scan your computer. The good thing about registry
cleaners is that most of them allow you to do a free scan of your computer before you actually have to
buy it. The not so good thing about registry cleaners is that most of them usually require you to pay
before they actually help to remove any problems you might be having with your computer, it is only
the scan that is fee

 All in all, if you are having problems with your computer speed, by deleting things which you no longer
need or which take up a lot of space by taking good care of your computer you should be able to make
it run faster. But if you do this and you are still not able to make it work faster then you might want to
get a new computer or take it to a licensed professional to see what can be done for your computer

If your computer is running slow visit for more information on
what you can do about it

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