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                                                                  WAP Web Sites
                                                               By Jackie Johnson

   I recently came across some interesting statistics about mobile phone usage and mobile internet
usage that I thought were worth sharing. Did you know that currently thirty-seven percent of mobile
phone owners are using their phones to access the Internet? According to recent studies, people are
mainly using their mobile phones and devices to access various Internet services and search engines
or to look up information like the daily news, addresses, directions, pricing, etc. The demand for
internet access on mobile phones and devices has also been steadily increasing over time. Currently, it
is estimated that approximately 40% of all Internet users worldwide have Internet access on their
mobile phones. It is also estimated that the number of mobile Internet users will reach 546 million by
the end of this year alone. And, the forecast of mobile Internet users is expected to surpass 1.5 billion
worldwide in 2012!

 Given the significant and ever increasing numbers of mobile phone owners who are now accessing
the Internet each and every day, it is easy to see why it has become so important to have not only an
Internet website presence but also a specific mobile Internet web presence. People need to access
websites daily while on their mobile phones and many of the regular websites that were created for PC
viewing simply do not display properly or even at all on the small screens of these mobile phones and

 WAP web sites are specially created websites designed to be viewed by anyone using a WAP
enabled mobile phone or mobile device. Since people who are accessing the Internet on their mobile
phones do not have access to the large monitors, keyboards or a mouse like PC viewers do for viewing
regular websites, it is important that mobile websites are designed with the needs of these mobile
viewers in mind. Many times a mobile user is either in their car or running errands and needs some
basic information quickly. They often need information such as an address, hours of operation, pricing
or estimated delivery information. And, they don’t want to sort through an endless amount of text that
may be difficult to view or navigate through or have to tediously input a lot of information to access
what they need to know. The goal of WAP web sites is to help eliminate this frustration for mobile
Internet users.

 In order to support the growing need for mobile web sites, there are now some affordable and
easy-to-use online services available that can be quite helpful in creating and customizing WAP web
sites of your own, either for business or personal use. One of the best WAP web site service providers
is Mobilemo. They have a free online service or other more robust service options that are either $5 a

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                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

year for Premium Personal service or $10 a year for Business service (a free 15-day trial is also
incuded). Mobilemo will help you to create WAP web sites that are automatically converted to the right
size, layout and format for any mobile phone Internet viewing. And, you don’t need to have any
programming skills whatsoever. All of their tools are extremely intuitive and easy to manipulate as well.
Although it can sometimes feel overwhelming if you need to create your own WAP web sites, it is nice
to know there are easy-to-use and affordable solutions like Mobilemo that are now available.

For more information visit

Mobilemo is Mobile Web 2.0., i.e. it’s about user-generated content. Mobilemo allows ordinary people,
businesses, and institutions to create and manage mobile sites. For more information on WAP web
sites visit

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                                                            Free WAP Sites
                                                         By Jackie Johnson

The delivery medium for mobile WAP sites are mobile phones and various other types of wireless
devices. An important thing to note when creating any WAP website is that you want to create a site
that will be compatible with not just some but all types of mobile phones and wireless devices used to
access the Internet. Otherwise, your mobile WAP site will have limited visibility to the hundreds of
millions of possible viewers.

 A simple way to create free WAP sites that will be compatible with all mobile phones and devices
capable of accessing the Internet is by using a new mobile WAP site creation service called Mobilemo.
They offer a feature-packed free service that is simple and easy to use and lets you not only create but
also extensively customize your very own mobile WAP site. In addition to the free service that is
available, they also offer a premium service with added features and storage that is only $5 a year and
a business service that is only $10 a year (and includes a free 15-day trial).

 One of the reasons so many people are now creating mobile WAP sites is because the content of a
regular website created for viewing on a PC screen does not necessarily work well for small mobile
screens. Sometimes the information doesn’t display well and sometimes it doesn’t even display at all.
Making a good mobile WAP site requires delivering relevant information to mobile phone users who
are accessing the Internet while they are on the go and have limited screen size, limited functionality
and limited time.

 It’s important to make sure to keep the needs of these mobile users in mind when you begin to create
your free WAP sites on Mobilemo. Since people will be accessing your WAP site via their mobile
phones while they are on the go, either in the car, at an airport, on a bus, at the car wash, etc. you
want to choose information that will be specifically relevant to provide them with and easy for them to
view. Most online mobile phone viewers are looking for basic kinds of information such as addresses,
hours of operations, pricing, delivery status on orders placed or measurements. You really don’t want
to overload them with too many unnecessary details, photos or images that might become
cumbersome and frustrating for them to sort through in order to get access to the information they

 The great thing about Mobilemo’s service is that they not only let you easily create
professional-looking free WAP sites but they take a lot of these design considerations in mind and do
the work for you. They know both what mobile website designers as well as mobile internet viewers
need in order to make a mobile WAP site functional and effective. And, it is easy to see that they kept
that in mind by providing you with so many easy-to-use tools and customization options so that you
can make top notch free WAP sites either simply for your own personal use or for your business.

For more information visit

Mobilemo is Mobile Web 2.0., i.e. it’s about user-generated content. Mobilemo allows ordinary people,
businesses, and institutions to create and manage mobile sites. For more information on free WAP
sites visit

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