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                                                      Using Myspace For Advertising
                                                                    By N. Robbins

   MySpace has been in the news quite often over the last few months and most Internet savvy
people know about it. If you do not know, it is an online community that users have the opportunity to
create websites where members or visitors can view personal information about them and contact
them. Users of MySpace have found how to advertise their home business services and/or products.
MySpace can also be used for self promotion. You can advertise indirectly or directly but care must be
taken not to violate the terms of agreement. Read them carefully.

MySpace has a very large member base and also draws many non members who visit the members
websites. With large daily traffic to MySpace there will most likely be members or visitors interested in
the services and/or products you are offering on your MySpace website. Your advertising must not be
viewed as spam and if done correctly, can be very effective.

MySpace is a great way to provide information about your home business services and/or products buy
using your MySpace profile. You can also create links to your home business website. For your
advertising to be effective you must know your targeted audience and how best to advertise to them.
Follow the same guidelines you would follow when advertising on other online locations. I love to utilize
online free advertising and MySpace is totally free to use.

MySpace does not charge you a fee for use since it earns money through paid advertising. You can
take advantage of this opportunity by purchasing banner advertising to achieve additional traffic to your
home business website. To gain additional information about banner advertising, contact the MySpace
administrators directly.

MySpace is a social community and members who are active participants spend time meeting others
and making friends. If you are one of the active members then you will be able to market your products
and/or services directly to your MySpace friends. You will only be able to advertise this way to your
group since most MySpace users are not looking to gain knowledge about services and/or products. I
like to take every advantage I can take to promote my home business and this is one way to generate

Try to meet and make friends with other MySpace members who are also promoting a service and/or
product. They will be more inclined to find your services and/or products interesting and visit your

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

home business website. If they like what you have to offer they may consider making a purchase and
also letting their friends know about your site. If you make comments on other MySpace member's
websites, I do not recommend leaving a link to your home business website. This may be considered
spamming by MySpace administrators and other members. Just leave an informative comment about
your services and/or products and if they are interested they can view your MySpace website and find
the url to your home business website.

MySpace can be used for not only selling services and products, but for self promotion. If you are an
actress, actor, model, have a band, or other performer, you can utilize MySpace to promote yourself.
Many performers are realizing how valuable MySpace is for promoting themselves. You can add
almost anything someone would need to learn about you and your skills for them to hire you or to
request an interview. You can include videos, pictures, news articles, profiles, and you can even have
music playing if you are a musician or singer.

Recently many industries and recording companies have dedicated staff spending hours looking at
MySpace to find new talent. Set up your profile, add your information and get discovered today.

Nial Robbins is the owner and webmaster of, the site for the best home
business opportunities, free Internet home business training, as well as ideas to start an online home
business and earn money at home . Get your own money making home business site set up free
today. You may publish my article provided you include the resource box at the end.

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                                    Increase Your Sales Lead List Using Myspace
                                                           By Eric Fields

 Increasing your sales lead list using myspace is a very effective method. Myspace has a huge network
of people. Using myspace to create your leads is a very smart way to build your business. Many
people are advertising using myspace. There is a correct way and incorrect way to advertise on
myspace. We will go over the two.

Using myspace to increase your sales lead list is just like using a forum to create leads. The key is
building a relationship first. So first signup for a myspace account. Make sure that you add a picture
because it helps build trust if people can see you. It will also look really awkward if you do not have a
picture up. Next add some information about yourself. For example, what you do for a living, what
businesses you are apart of, etc. Keep your myspace page looking professional especially if you are
trying to advertise your business. There is nothing worse than someone trying to sell a product with an
unprofessional page.

Now it is time for you to network. First off, find your target audience. So if you are selling rims, look for
people who are into cars. After you've built your network, start establishing relationships. If you build
your network and send out bulletins without the relationship being in place, expect a poor response.
Also people may kick you out of their network. Always try to focus your conversations towards your
products. So if you are selling rims, try to talk about cars and rims.

After you have established relationships, then go ahead and send out bulletins to your network. Also
have your network advertise for you. Just like an affiliate program but it is on myspace. Give them
commissions or discounts for advertising for you. Lastly if you do not want to take the time to build
relationships, find people with huge networks and huge page views. Offer to pay them to advertise on
their page. It is a lot cheaper than advertising directly with myspace. Using myspace to increase your
sales lead list can bring in many leads if used properly.

To get more techniques to increase your sales lead list, visit
Copyright 2006 Eric Fields This article may be reprinted provided no part thereof is edited in any way
and this resource box is included.

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