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                                   Using a Craigslist Proxy on Craigslist
                                               By Creztor Tessel

   Do you post on Craigslist with a proxy server and Find that you always get ads flagged no matter
what you do and no matter what section you post in? Have you thought that perhaps there was a
connection between ads being flagged and the use of a proxy for posting? This first assumption is one
that many Craigslist users make and is that their ad was flagged due to some proxy or IP detection
spam filter on Craigslist. Usually this isn't the problem and the actual caused is much simpler.

 If you get ads flagged off of Craigslist, don't assume it is because you posted with a proxy. If ads are
flagged on Craigslist it is usually due to two main reasons. The first is because visitors to Craigslist
considered your ad spam or inappropriate, it has nothing to do with any kind of Craigslist detection.
The main problem with Craigslist is that it is user moderated. What does this mean for anyone who
uses the classified website frequently? It means the users are the ones who control what is and isn't
permitted. Visitors to Craigslist are able to flag ads they consider spam through buttons that are placed
in each ad. If enough users consider your ad to be inappropriate they flag it as spam and it is deleted.
All it takes for an ad to be flagged is enough viewers of your ad to vote it as spam and it is
automatically flagged. Once an ad is flagged, nothing can be done about it. It is deleted automatically
and you have no way of unflagging or having it undeleted. The ability for viewers on Craigslist to flag
ads causes some people a lot of pain. This is abused by many and you may even find that one of your
competitors may be deliberately flagging your ads because you are a threat to their business.

 There is another second reason that causes ads to be flagged and is one that not many people stop to
consider. This is based on the actual content of your ad. Many sections on Craigslist use spam filter
rules. If you post an ad that contains specific words or phrases that have been blacklisted by Craigslist,
you may find that your ad is automatically flagged and deleted. This happens because each time you
post an ad, Craigslist automatically scans the ad using software filters. If any phrases or words are
detected that are in blacklisted by Craigslist, your ad is automatically deleted. It appears as though
your ad went live and is visible on Craigslist, but if you try to search for the ad you will never find it. To
avoid this happening to your ads, make sure you post ads in their correct classified section and try to
keep your ads short and to the point.

 Usually one of the above reasons is why your ad was flagged. Posting ads that are spammy or may
be considered as spam or your competition flagging your ads trying to stop you from posting. It usually
is not due to your Craigslist proxy.

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                     Craigslist Proxy - Don't Post Too Many Ads From Your IPs
                                           By Creztor Tessel

Are you aware that even if you place ads on Craigslist via a proxy, Craigslist can still be aware of your
activities? Craigslist is careful about how many ads you can post from an IP. Everything you do and
post on Craigslist is tracked and posting too many ads from one IP can cause problems. You probably
are interested in knowing how many ads can be posted from one IP on their Craigslist proxy per day
safely without raising any alarms. The answer to this varies a lot depending on several factors.

 Generally speaking, don't post anymore than 20 ads per day from any one IP. This is the commonly
accepted maximum by the Craigslist advertising community on how many ads you can safely post from
one IP each day. If you want you can try posting more than this but do so at your own risk, so it is not
advised to go beyond 20 ads per day. You might have no problem with your ads beyond this, but
usually after sometime they discover that their ads are no longer sticking like they used to. The quantity
of IPs you have on your proxy server will also affect your posting method. Do you have a lot or just a
few IPs at your dispose? Having only a few IPs means it makes sense to try and post as many ads as
you can. Take this with a grain of salt though. Do not post all the ads at once from a single IP over a
short period of time. It is better to change your IP between posting ads. If you don't do this, Craigslist
will soon be able to detect that one person is posting several ads. This is perhaps one of the biggest
mistakes made by people advertising on Craigslist. They start off great but post too many ads during a
short period from one single IP and quickly hit a brick wall once they get flagged as spam by the
Craigslist spam filters. Having one or several IPs blocked by Craigslist can be extremely troublesome.
Any ads you post from the blocked IP range will more than likely be blocked and not show up.
Currently, there is no known timeframe for how long blocked IPs remain blocked. IT may just be
temporary or it could even be permanent. Is it worth risking having your IPs blocked and causing
headache for yourself in the long run?

 If you wish to increase the traffic and potential leads you generate from Craigslist, always remember to
implement the above technique when posting ads to avoid any chance that your IPs on your proxy
server are flagged or blacklisted so as to make posting ads on Craigslist as easy and painless as
possible. By doing nothing more than this, you can make the most of your Craigslist proxy and
hopefully generate more traffic. Traffic is the life blood of all websites and is something that you should
pay great attention to.

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Craigslist Proxy Server.

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                                    Presented by Daniel Toriola

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