Is Squidoo The King Of Social Networking Sites? by toriola1


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                                     Is Squidoo The King Of Social Networking Sites
                                                            By Neil Ashworth

   Squidoo is the preeminent model of a social marketing locate with the intention of allows you to
create lenses with the intention of are like a crucial top of appeal with the intention of you are an expert
in. By being part of social marketing locate, you will be able to arrangement with other public interested
in screening rancid their expertise too and with the intention of can build traffic to your locate.

One of the many advantages to using Squidoo to help you make noticed is with the intention of you
can sort out sales calls pro proceedings and it won't make you banned from the locate. Squidoo is
crawled by the Google spider and so here are many ways to aid the power of Google to make your
Squidoo lens ranked privileged and pull towards you public through the search engine dynamics.
Meanwhile, it's impeccably sanction to advertise your own products, your connect products, or
whatever thing moreover you aspire to promote on your Squidoo lens.

What's Up With Squidoo?

Inside order to gather how to make the most of the the makings to magnet attention from Squidoo, you
be inflicted with to understand approximately of its facial appearance. Squidoo's foremost figure is a
lens, which consists of a single mess leaf used to promote whatever thing with the intention of matters
to you. You can aid it to urge products or services to other public. You can aid it promote physically, a
theme, or your affair. You can even earn royalties rancid the lenses with the intention of you create.


The lens isn't solely used to create sales imitation, although many public aid them this way. They are
furthermore pro getting the word made known in this area things with the intention of appeal you or
with the intention of might appeal other public. You are able to create up to 10 lenses a time on one
theme you ask. However, creating a lens with the intention of gets attention is somewhat of an art form.
You don't aspire it to appear to be too money-making, and you don't aspire to spam a ration of
keywords, but you sort out aspire to aid strategies with the intention of can bring in traffic and convert
to sales shortly.

When you enter a lens, the preeminent way to think of could you repeat that? Content to add is to think
of the various topics you are an expert on. Squidoo likes to hark back public with the intention of they

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

are like a thwart linking Friendster and Wikipedia. You aspire to be gregarious, but you furthermore
aspire to make appealing and accurate in rank across to the readers of your lens. You aspire to narrow
with the intention of theme so with the intention of it becomes a brand, of sorts. It must be very
apparent, it must be inflicted with a niche, and you must strive to get on to it appealing.

SquidU is the area pro learning all things Squidoo. It is a bulletin board stylishness format with the
intention of allows you to think it over major categories of topics and search the list pro topics of
interest to you. If you are brand extra to Squidoo, it can be very caring to join with public who know
more than you sort out. They can help you optimize your pages, create striking profiles, and handbook
you on the preeminent way to aid Squidoo pro your fastidious theme. You are not single learning this
way, but you are furthermore networking. If you start to create online friendships with other Squidoo
users they might occur to your lens and poll on it, increasing the status. The more public with the
intention of notice and rank your lens, the more with the intention of it will be converted into a pull pro
public on the Internet.
Google Adwords

You lens must be optimized pro Google AdWords. You can pick one title you aspire pro the lens and
Squidoo will urge a keyword, if it finds it in your title. Otherwise, you will aspire to sort out a little
investigate on your own previous to you in fact build the lens to get on to guaranteed you've selected
approximately skilled keywords to include in your lens. You can sort out this through the Google
AdWords Keyword Tool located at this time: Https://adwords.Google.Com/select/KeywordToolExternal

Using this third-party tool to help make to order your Squidoo lens will help you to magnet traffic from
the Google search engines, and furthermore boost your advertising payout. All you be inflicted with to
sort out is think of could you repeat that? Niche you are interested in marketing and start plugging them
into the keyword tool. It will influence up associated keywords with the intention of you can aid. You
can point out to pick your keywords on various factors: Volume, CPC payout, or the amount of
competition pro with the intention of keyword made known on the Internet. You can even decide your
own formula pro which keywords are more striking than others. Thank point out by smallest amount
four to be able to fill made known the Squidoo lens. Use lone in the title and add the other three as
they are requested.

Plexo Links

Squidoo has several modules you can fit up in the profile. There are a variety of Plexo modules you
can aid with Squidoo. A plexo module allows public who visit your lens to think it over a catalog of the
content you've chosen and poll on it. Odds are, if the plexo link catalog is really appealing, you would
occur back to think it over whether your choices are status privileged or decrease, as other public poll
on them too. This has the effect of getting you do again traffic, which is the same as lots more traffic,
but with a loyalty and first name brand recognition thing thrown in.

Plexo associations can be from a variety of formats. You can aid a module pro Plexo text, a link
catalog, Amazon, YouTube and Flickr content. The Amazon Plexo module allows you to spectacle
more than five Amazon products on your lens, which you can't sort out elsewhere in your profile.
Interactive lists, like Plexo link lists, are an exceptional way to capture attention and keep it.

Finally, a further figure of Plexo link lists is with the intention of other Squidoo lensmasters can usurp
them into their own lenses. This gives you, the author, a embattled link on someone else's lens. If you

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take place to build a Plexo link catalog with the intention of is very standard, you will be inflicted with
multiple associations all ended Squidoo. When with the intention of happens, you can much more
traffic from public who think it over the catalog, stain the real author, and energy to check your lens to
think it over the surplus of could you repeat that? You be inflicted with to say, since you are the expert.

Ashworthis a successful entrepreneur and
leading member of the href=""
>CarbonCopyPro Internet Marketing Group .

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                        What is Social Media and How Can You Use it to Build a List?
                                                 By Sudarmaji Lamiran SPd

Who else wants tons of free traffic, free backlinks, new subscribers… and more money? All of this (and
more) can be yours when you start using social media sites to drive targeted traffic to your site and
onto your mailing list!

 Now before we jump into the details, let’s define “social media.” First. Basically, social media sites are
those where like-minded individuals (niche groups) can meet, network and share information. They are
the latest trend in internet marketing. Marketers have been jump into the wagon to use and then
maximize the power of social sites. They are powerful tools to bring traffic to any site. The most
popular types of social media sites include:

 1) Social networking sites. These are sites like,, and Here, people with common interests can network, get on each other’s “friends” lists,
keep their friends updated using bulletins (internal emails) and blog posts, etc.

2) Social bookmarking sites. These are sites like,,, and similar. The idea behind these sites is that users can share interesting web pages
with other members.

 Members rate and review pages – the more good ratings and reviews, the more these pages are seen
by other people… and that means these sorts of sites work hand-in-hand with viral content.

 3) Social “Content Sites.” These content sites include YouTube and other video-sharing sites, Squidoo
and other user-generated pages, Yahoo! Answers and other community question/answer platforms,
and similar.

 Like the other social media sites, these content sites integrate social networking. However, the content
sites are primarily known for their content – and for the love that Google gives them. (That means if
you optimize your pages for long-tail keywords, you can snag top rankings in Google.)

 If you want to start using social media sites to drive traffic to your site and subscribers onto your
newsletter list, remember this: These sites don’t operate in a vacuum. The more you use them
together, the more powerful the strategy becomes and the more traffic you’ll see.

For example, let’s suppose you create a video to post on YouTube. You should then:

* Use Digg, and similar to bookmark the video.

* Post the video on your social networking sites (like MySpace) and alert your friends list.

* Post the video on your other content sites like Squidoo and HubPages.

* And blog about it on all of your social media sites.

In other words, your accounts on all these different sites give you plenty of opportunities to link your
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social profiles and pages together as well as sending links back to your own site.

 Now that you know a bit about how these sites work and how you can use them to drive traffic to your
own site, you’re probably wondering how, exactly, you can leverage them for links, traffic and sales.

 Until then, check out "Smartway Social List Building" to discover what the gurus know about building
their lists using YouTube, MySpace, Digg, Squidoo and other social media sites!

Sudarmaji Lamiran SPd is CEO of SmartwayInternetCompany. He is an expert on building lists using
social sites. Learn how to build a powerful and responsive list fast through his latest ecourse

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