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                                                             iPhone Music Apps
                                                                By Neal Hamou

   The iPhone application revolution has become the face of new technology in many more ways than
one. Whenever a new invention is released, it is often followed by many smaller ‘spin-off’ ideas, which
accumulate into other new useful releases as well. Most of the time, combining a pre-existing
technology to the new invention does the trick.

 In this case, the Apple iPhone is the new technology and the other is music. Apple created an
amazing phone, a phone that many feel is ahead of its time. The top mobile phones don't even come
close to what the iPhone is capable of. Google has recently released the G1, their answer to the
iPhone. Sadly, it is not match. Google has even opened an app development market similar to Apple,
but it will not prove to be as successful.Cell phones have been around for well over a decade and
music for eons. But put them both together and you have an invention that is undeniably a trademark
of the 21st century.

 Combine cell phones with music and the internet and you’ve struck gold! This combination is widely
being used in ways never before seen. But the iPhone now takes this even one step further. Today,
artists can use the iPhone for promoting their music as well as their music videos. But it doesn't stop
there, Artists can not only generate revenue from the sale of a song, but they can create an app that
showcases unique content about their music. Dedicated music lovers would purchase the app just
because they love the artist so much. And that’s something that has never been done before in history.

 Artists are using this revolutionary tool to spread their message, every way imaginable. One up and
coming rock band, called Snow Patrol, has created an iPhone application - which showcases the lyrics
of their newest album A Hundred Million Suns by sifting through interactive origami-like packages.

 Other more established artists such as Nine Inch Nails are releasing iPhone applications, which
feature the lead singer Trent Reznor’s hand-picked favorite songs from the last 2 albums jam-packed
into one iPhone application.

 The list of artists currently taking advantage of this incredible opportunity is quite short today but will
be ultimately endless by next year’s end. With every album launch, public relation companies and
marketing companies should collaborate to put together an application dedicated to the new album

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release. There is an unlimited amount of apps they could make if they realize the huge potential in
iPhone apps. A study recently surfaced that rated the iPhone as the number one selling mobile phone
in the world. The runner up was the razor which held first place for roughly three years. I'm sure we all
remember the razor, upon its release it was the thinnist phone on the market. But, times have changed
and so has technology. Apple has gone above and beyond the razor, and it is easy to see why the
iPhone is regarded as the best in its class.

 One website featuring this opportunity is AppCraver.com – the web’s leading iPhone application news
and reviews site, dedicated to featuring the best and latest additions to the iPhone application world.
AppCraver has some of the best app reviews I have seen on the web. Most other app review sites
don't even write their own reviews, they just pull their information from other sources.

For information on the best iphone Apps or to view the top iPhone complaints check out

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                         iPhone App Basics - Getting Started With IPhone Applications
                                                            By Jordan Ianelli

iPhone App Basics

If you’re new to the iPhone world, you may need some iPhone Application basics.

 The applications are the heart of customizing your iPhone experience. Each person who has an
iPhone can download and use individual applications, or apps, directly from the Apple App Store.

 iPhone app developers post new applications every day that accomplish tasks, entertain and inform.
iPhone game developers are always hard at work for your enjoyment. There are new applications

 There is help from iPhone application developers and from Apple itself if you need to know how to get
an account, download an application, or get updates.

 For starters, you can browse through the app store from the computer through iTunes, or you can tap
the button for App Store on your iPhone.

 If you’re on iTunes, it may be little difficult to find the App Store. Simply go to the iTunes Store button
on the left hand side of the iTunes screen, then you’ll find the App Store link on the left hand side of the
iTunes store window.

 If you already have an account with the iTunes store, then beginning to purchase or download free
applications for your iPhone is easy. You simply use the same password.

 If you don’t yet have an account on iTunes, it’s easy to create one, and you’ll definitely want to
download applications to your iPhone. These apps, created by iPhone developers all over the world,
work on all iPhones, and most work on the iPod touch as well. This fact is not always separately
indicated, however.

 If you need more basic help, you can go to the Apple Knowledge Base where you’ll find step by step

 Some applications are silly and frivolous. One popular app is called “Steam.” With this app, you blow
into the microphone on your iPhone, and the screen clouds over with what looks like steam. You can
then wipe it off with the appropriate squeaks and condensation.

 Other games and interest applications put out by iPhone developers include the U.S. Presidential
quotes. You swipe across the image of a president, and some of his finest quotes appear.

 To create these and thousands of other fun, silly and useful apps, the iPhone application developers
work hard to keep ahead of the curve. Now that there are over 50,000 applications for the iPhone,
iPhone developers also need basics on how to get noticed in the market.

One thing to do is to be very narrow in the focus of your app. Cut out extraneous screen stuff, and

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focus on the core concept. You can us a mockup tool when you are experimenting with different
applications and different ideas so that you can pitch them to a company or other developers.

 You want to choose the approach you will take for building the program. As an iPhone developer,
using apps that are built in the browser are easier to develop, easier to share, and easier to distribute.
Why make things hard on yourself by learning objective C to write iPhone apps?

Jordan Ianelli has been an http://www.iphoneappquotes.com iPhone App Developer ever since Apple
announced the release of the SDK in 2008. After working for 2 http://www.iphoneappquotes.com
iPhone Development Companies, he decided to go on his own and form a company with 2 other
http://www.iphoneappquotes.com iPhone app Developers.

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