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                                                               Internet Coupons
                                                                By Leon Groom

    Coupon is a voucher or a slip enabling the customer to avail a discount while purchasing a
particular product. Traditionally businesses used to print and distribute coupons in volumes through
newspapers and magazines. Proliferation of internet has changed all this. Now one can locate and
print the desired internet coupon over the internet by visiting websites and avail the discount when the
shopping is done. Manufacturers and retailers offer variety of coupons to promote their sales during
lean seasons and some times to clear their old stocks.

There are basically four types of Internet coupons available online. Printable Internet coupons as name
suggests can be sited online, printed at home, and exchanged at the shops for a discount. The other
types are product code coupon and activated line coupons which can be only redeemed online.
Product code coupons involve entering a code of alphanumeric characters during the checkout which
enables them to avail certain amount of discount.

The last variety is click coupons which are transferred online to your shopping card, which avails the
discount when you do shopping. User selects the coupons online and enters the grocery card number;
the internet coupon discounts are applied electronically to his accounts. The next time when he goes to
grocery shopping the internet coupons are automatically applied and the discount is granted.

Internet coupons are the most convenient way of getting discounts as they are easily accessible at all
places. Right from newspapers to word of mouth, one can frequently hear about the names of websites
who offer internet coupons and promotional codes. There are innumerable benefits to the consumer in
using internet coupons. Internet coupons facilitate people as it can be sited online at any convenient
hour. They are very user friendly; one can find and use them with little efforts. Printable coupons allow
the people to print them at their home and use when they go for shopping.

The internet coupons are environmentally friendlier than the conventional coupons. Unlike traditional
coupons, customers only print the required coupons, rather than trashing the pages of unwanted
traditional printed coupons and advertisements.

As with any new technology, internet coupons are prone to some adverse effects. We often hear news
about coupon scams, coupon frauds, illegal redemptions, auctioning, and so on. These illegal activates
causes losses of thousands of dollars every year to manufacturers and retailers. Federal agencies and

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consumer organizations take actions time and again to contain such activities. Despite of all these
drawbacks, internet coupons are going to stay for long helping people to save their hard earned

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                                           An Introduction To Internet Coupons
                                                           By Lanny Hintz

 Almost all the bigger brands are offering Internet coupons to their consumers. They are using these
Internet coupons as a powerful way to promote their sales, especially when they launch new products
or when there is a huge competition in the market for the similar types of products. Even though
companies are not seeing these coupons as an alternative for the traditional ones, they are certainly
looking at online coupons as a good complementary option to promote their sales.

Types of online coupons:

There are two different types of the online coupons. The first type is a printable one. These can be
exchanged at the retail stores for financial discounts or rebates. The other type is the e-commerce
coupon. You can exchange them only on the retailer’s website. Out of these two available options,
printable coupons are the most popular variety. So many people even don’t know about the existence
of the e-commerce coupons.

The most popular usage of the Internet coupons is at grocery stores. How ever, you can find Internet
coupons for restaurants, air travel, home care services and almost for everything you want. But you
can normally find internet coupons for international or at least national brands. It is definitely hard to
find online coupons for your local stores.

Places to find Coupons:

Try and start your search from the manufacture’s or the merchant’s website. Most of the times, you can
find internet coupons which offer some great rebates on their websites itself. For example Pizza Hut
offers good number of online coupons on their site itself. However, if you are looking for a wide variety
of online coupons then you should visit websites where you find links for various types of coupons or
some times coupons themselves.

Your inbox is another great source for the online coupons. We normally delete all the mails which offer
online coupons even without opening the mails. It is true that most of them are junk. But you can
definitely find some good number of coupons that meets your requirements in your inbox itself.
Merchants are investing good amount of money in offering coupons through e-mail to a very targeted
customer base. Hence it is always a better idea to go through your inbox before actually you delete all
your e-mails.

Difficulties in usage:

The main hindrance in the usage of these online coupons is that it is very hard to prove to the retail
store owners that the coupon is a legitimate one. That means; to prove that it is a printed one rather
than a photo copied one. The only thing that can help us in this case is the usage of self-checkout to
use these coupons.

Lanny Hintz writes about, and

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