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    If you want to buy an office printer and it will be used to print out contracts and objectives, then the best choice
          is an all-in-one printer that can print, scan and have the functions of a fax machine at the same time.
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                                             HP Multifunction Printers For Business
                                                               By Derek Rogers

   When buying your own printer for your business, more things need to be considered compared to
buying printers for your home. Depending on your business, your working area may be limited and
even if you found yourself a good printer that fits, you will still need room for a scanner and copying
machine to perform other core functions for your business. Purchasing these devices individually are
not only expensive, but the space they take up is simply too much. Even if your office space has all the
required room, usability becomes a frustration especially if different brands are purchased and
workflow can be a bit reduced.

 A multifunction printer can save setup time and energy while ensuring that the productivity flow is fluid.
Of course this depends on the manufacturer of the multifunction printer, but if you decide to get an HP
multifunction printer, you should be in pretty good hands because HP multifunction printers are the one
of the best printers for business because of these reasons.

Small, but Excellent Selection of Multifunction Printers

 There are currently 6 modern HP multifunction printers that are recommended for business
environments and they can range from around £300 to £5,000 which is a decent range that can suit
any business size.

Feature-rich Budget Models

 The 2 budget models available which are both HP colour laser multifunction printers are highly
compact and both serve the roles of a printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine. The CM1312 which is
the least expensive model has two variations with the other having special features including an LCD
screen and network connectivity which is excellent for a compact machine.

 The CM2320 model is a bit bigger, but still maintains a compact look boasting additional memory,
faster print speeds, and a multipurpose tray. This model has a variation as well that adds memory card
slots to the unit.

Versatile Midrange Models

The CM3530 is around four times as expensive as the CM2320, but the size difference isn’t that

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

much, but the print quality is much better and the overall performance of the other functions greatly
enhanced. The multipurpose tray and input tray can hold more sheets and the variation has a stapler

 The HP CM4730 takes a bigger form costing nearly double amount of the CM3530, but has multiple
sheet input trays for long term printing tasks. These midrange models are excellent for multiple users in
a small or medium business.

Powerful High-end Models

 The HP Colour LaserJet CM6030 and CM6040 MFP Series are similarly sized when compared to the
CM4730, but they both have premium features including an 80HB hard disk which is unique for a
printer. Now business users can not only print, but store backups of printed files and virtually any other
media that can be accessed via network or USB. The top model which is the CM6040 has a similar set
of features with even faster printing speeds of both colour and mono.

 All of these HP printers in their price range are powerful in their own right and have their quality evenly
focused on the printing, scanning, and faxing capabilities. Their variations give even more options of
consumers to find the best printer they need for their business.

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For a wide range of
HP products, he recommends Printware Ltd, a leading supplier of HP Printers.

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                                           The Advantages of a Multifunction Printer
                                                               By Derek Rogers

If you are planning to turn your own room into your home office for your own productive purposes, you
need to have the right office equipment in addition to the office furniture. No office space is complete
without a computer system whether it is a desktop or a laptop. There should also be a printer, copying
machine, scanner and other special equipment depending on the tasks that are needed to be done.
One of the main concerns of having all that equipment is that it takes up a lot of space and that can
affect productivity especially when mission critical operations are needed. Getting a multifunction
printer is one way to solve this problem.

 Getting a multifunction printer won't just save you space, but multifunction printers also have a number
of good advantages to the office user. Some may not be very obvious until you really get one for

Great for Power Saving

 With a multifunction printer, you can save power in two different ways. Rather than having a printer,
scanner and copier all on at the same time, you can save a bit of power if you turn on the same device
when you need to do something that the multifunction printer is capable of doing. The other way is that
since it is just one device, only one plug and USB port needs to be used to make room for other
devices. This is ideal also for plugging into routers that have USB ports.

Better than the Sum of its Parts

 If you stumble across a good brand that is proficient in scanning, printing and copying you can avoid
the risk of getting three different devices that have questionable reliability. This can save you some
money and the combined features of the three works better together since it is the same product. It is
worth remembering that some multifunction printers have fax capabilities as well to make them more

Excellent for Networking

 It is easy to share a printer on a network these days, but if you place a multifunction printer on the
network instead, you are basically sharing most of its powerful features without any setup or
configuration troubles. Multifunction printers are ideal for environments where there are many
computers connected to each other.

Easy to Setup and Maintain

 Again this depends on the type and brand of the multifunction printer, but if you do enough research in
finding the best one, you should have an all in one device that sets up in no time and the maintenance
is much easier than taking care of the separate devices. Driver problems aren't much of an issue either
since everything should be installed using the software supplied on a single CD rather than multiple
CD's if the devices are separate.

Multifunction printers are not very useful for the average home users that occasionally print or scan,

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but office users will save a great deal of time in getting things done if the printer performs well in all

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For a wide range of
printers and products by brand, he recommends Printware Ltd, a leading provider of multifunction
printers: http://www.printware.co.uk/Products.html#Multifunction_Printers

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