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How Your Blog Can Grow Your Business


									                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

     A blog is one of the best ways to do what you like, when you like, and earn money while doing it! But creating
     your blog the right and profitable way could take you years and can cost a small fortune to figure out just the
                                                   right combination.
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                                            How Your Blog Can Grow Your Business?
                                                             By George Meszaros

    A quality blog will generate more qualified traffic for your site. Its greatest value is that it helps you
build your customer list. The quality of your list is increased because you have established yourself as
an authority in your field. The leads you generate through your blog should be considered low-hanging
fruit. When you interact with your blog visitors you really get to know them. Remember, the goal is to
get them to return frequently.

The Expert

Position yourself as an expert. A blog showcases you as an expert and can help you achieve expert
status in the eyes of your visitors. When you focus on a particular topic you will become known as an
expert in your field. Remember, you are providing a reliable resource for news about a certain topic.
You are not posting commercials about your business, instead you are providing a valuable service. As
you are building a following you are developing your brand. You are building your reputation through
your blog.

Closing the Sales

Experts are a lot more likely convince people of the benefits of a product than sales people. If you have
a loyal blog following, when they need your service, it will be a small step for them to choose your
company for the job. Remember, experts make the best sales people because they make it look easy.

Taking Action

When faced with unfamiliar technology such as blogs, many business owners simply avoid it, writing it
off as not essential. It may not be essential to your present business, but it may take your business to a
new level of success. You will not find out until you try it.

You have many options to start blogging. There are a variety of free blog hosting solutions that only
take a few minutes to set up. The blog hosts only require a simple online application and you can start
blogging. If you want to install your own blog, there are free open source and commercial solutions

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

available to you.

The right blog CMS (Content Management System) makes a huge difference. You should try several
before you make a decision. One may be perfect for one business, but you may find the interface
awkward, or difficult to use. Most importantly, your blog has to work for you since you will be spending
the most time on it.

If you want to differentiate your blog from the rest, consider a custom blog solution - one that can be
completely customized to your business. In most cases, WordPress, Blogger, MovableType or
Typepad will work. The greatest advantage of using one of the more popular systems is that there is a
lot of support available to you.

The best blog system is something that's easy for the writer to use and brings together the features
that allow your business blog to flourish. Consider how you want comments, archiving, sub-pages,
categorization, and user accounts to operate in order to narrow down your choices. OpenSourceCMS
is an informational tool to help you select a software.


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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

   Blog Comments Equal Great Blogger Content - Building Business Blogs Into Communities
                                                          By Chuck Crawford

“Yeah, our company has a blog…”

 Sound familiar? Lot’s of companies have blogs, but most of the staff and management have no idea
what that blog is about. If you have employees, even if they aren’t responsible for your blog, they could
be a super valuable addition to your blog and it’s overall performance.

Just by making a comment or two a couple of times a week.

 This also holds true for your marketing network. You spend a lot of time networking with other
companies, right? Are you networking your business blog with a tenth of the same effort?

I’ll stop being cryptic here and get to the point.

Blog comments rock!

 Your employees and your network of friends should be making comments on your company blog
wherever possible. The logical place to start is within your own organization. If you have employees,
ask them to READ the company blog. You don’t have to tell them to post comments, but you might
suggest that they get involved from time to time. Comments are new content. And new content is one
of the main objectives for your company blog.

 It also helps your potential customers get familiar with your organization. If they know that “Timmy” is
in charge of shipping, then they know who to email should they have a shipping problem.

 It also shows your readers that your business is a real business. That your company is a group of
great people that can provide whatever product or service you sell. It builds trust.

 You can take this to a new level with your business network as well. We all know that networking is
the key today. It’s why websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, are so popular.

 But to have a comment friend you have to be a comment friend. That means taking your networking
relationships to a new level. If companies within your network have and maintain a blog, take the time
to read that blog. Take the time to make comments on that blog if it’s something that interests you or
pertains to your industry.

 I know there’s this whole “do follow”, “no follow” blog controversy going on. With comment networking
it doesn’t matter. Don’t get wrapped up in the follow tag hoopla. Links are links and the blogs within
your network are working at building traffic just like you are. If you are a regular commenter on several
blogs that are related, your traffic will grow. Whether it’s search traffic or blog traffic, it’s traffic.

 And one hand washes the other. These companies are blogging too. When they see that you are
contributing to their blog, many of them will return the favor by reading your blog when they can and
commenting on your blog posts where relevant.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

 This is how blogs grow. This is how business blogs become business communities. And this is how
you can improve your overall sales and web presence.

 Don’t discount comments on your blog. They are powerful additions and can help your site and it’s
content grow. If you take heed to the “content is king” credo, then you absolutely must take the time to
work on the comments section of your business blog.

Chuck Crawford is an established expert in web design, traffic development and website financial
analysis. He has been helping people design and develop their internet business since 1995. visit

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