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                                              How to Trace an Email
                                                By Ed Opperman

   Getting email is just another expected part of everyone’s day. Whether they are personal, business
related, funny, informative or just plain nuisances, we all get email. Most of them we recognize as
being something we are comfortable with even if it’s an annoyance.

 There are times, however, that emails come from people, businesses, etc. that we do not know. Most
of these are junk mail that we simply delete. Some however, demand by their very nature and essence
that we determine where they came from. An email sender can be located through a reverse email
search but most people don’t know anything about it.

 The first step would be to do a Google search to find out where to start and exactly what to do. Your
search will turn up lots of websites that will help you find an email address and tell you exactly how to
do your search.

 That, however, won’t necessarily work all of the time. That’s because some of these email senders
won’t register their email address in any directory so that they can send their “mail” in stealth mode.
They are counting on the anonymity of the Internet and not registering their email address is one way
to hide but they can be found.

 Another measure to take in locating an e-mail address is to learn the IP address from which the
sender is operating. The IP address is like your home address, except it for your computer. It will
identify through a unique series of numbers, the card on a computer that in turn identifies the IP

 Although you’ve come this far, it still may not be enough to absolutely identify the sender. That’s
because even though you have an IP address and the card number of the computer you will probably
not have the name of the culprit. Ultimately, the user’s name that is associated with an IP address are
withheld as confidential information.

 If you weren’t successful with your attempt to locate the offender through this means, the next step
would be to locate and use a reverse email search engine. This tool is available to the public as well as
private investigative companies but they are not easy to find. Even if you do, it is likely that you may
not be successful in your search.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

 That’s because another trick offensive email senders use to throw off a search is using proxy servers
to route their email to the receiver. Proxy servers hide the original IP address so that it can’t be traced
by just a regular search. Subsequently, they can be anywhere on the planet but not where they seem
to be.

 Most people give up by this time; it’s just not worth the effort to them. Some, however, need to
continue their pursuit due to the nature of the emails they have received. Securing the services of a
professional investigator then would be an excellent decision.

 Professional investigators have and utilize a number of tools including reverse email search engines,
law enforcement databases, and dedicated software to trace email back to the original sender. If you
need to know who is sending you offensive email and feel you can’t do it yourself, it will be well worth
the cost to hire a professional, which it turns out, may not be as expensive as you might think.

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                          Why Hiring a Professional is the Best Way to Do an Email Trace
                                                                 By Ed Opperman

Your safety, that of your job, co-workers and family is at the top of the list. Included in this list also is
keeping your reputation in tact and preventing cyber stalkingand online defamation. Not conducting an
email trace can put you at risk; something you might not have thought of.

 Let’s face it; people who are using email to harass someone take great steps to remain anonymous.
They may or may not know exactly what they’re doing but the last thing you want them to know is that
you are attempting to find out their identity. You could inadvertently do just that.

 That in itself is the best reason why you may want to hire a professional investigator. A professional
investigator can generally trace an email and locate the sender, identify them by name, address, phone
number, operating system used, their occupation, a geographical location (even if they are using a
proxy server), the browser they are using, and much more.

 A professional investigator that specializes in email tracing can identify the actual person behind the
email account. Not just the ficticious information used to create the account. This can be accomplished
even with free annonymous accounts like Hotmail, Yahoo or the free AOL accounts. It can also be
accomplished if the email account has recently been canceled. B

 The tools available to investigative professionals are far more sophisticated than ones you could
locate and use for the same purpose but assuredly, will have a greater, safer result in a short amount
of time. A do it yourself approach could make the trace more difficult should you fail and then hire a
professional investigator later.

 This, of course, might bring another thought to your mind; that of cost of this type of service. It’s
actually less costly than you might think. Yes, there are free email trace websites that will help you do
an email trace but many of these haven’t been updated so offer little to no viable help with your desire
to locate an email.

Additionally, time is always going to be very important when attempting to locate an email sender.
That’s because they sometimes move on to using other email addresses or computers, which would
make it even harder to locate them. The untrained person who is conducting a reverse email search
may not know or find this out but continue to receive harassing emails.

 Having a professional investigator do an email trace for you will also diminish the potential damage
one can do to you while having free reign. The professional will have access to the latest tools
available online and as well as up to date law enforcement databases to use to stop the influx of
unwanted, possibly harmful emails to you.

 A professional investigator can do an email trace and come up with very viable information for you.
 Because you never know exactly why someone is bothering you on the Internet, it is best to engage
the services of a professional investigator as soon as you recognize you’re experiencing an email

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