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                                             Bathroom Furnishings
                                               By Linda Polansky

   There are luxurious bathroom arrangements that can be installed during a bathroom remodel
project. These choices might include basins that are surfaced with smooth stone or ornamented with
curved facets that feature handles made of durable brass. All of these splendid choices will offer major
resale opportunities when the home dwellers place their abodes on the open real estate market.

The bathroom remodel project might include the addition of whirlpools or air tubs that will not only
enhance the value of the home, but give the occupants a relaxation area in the home that visitors will
seldom get to visit, much less intrude on their tranquil space. These bathroom themes might even
include such pampering features as a steam unit or sauna or a bidet for the lady of the house.

When people think of remodeling their home, they want to enhance the creature comforts inside their
home first, and deal with outdoor repairs last. The inside of the home directly affects the lives of their
family and homeowners want to make sure that every creature comfort they can afford to make is

There are many exotic features that can be added during a bathroom remodel that will make the
resting area so inviting. With towel warmers in place, the weary homeowner will seek refuge in this
comfortable space to unwind from a difficult day at work, and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose
and vigor that he has not felt in a very long time.

The homeowners can have a lot of fun selecting bathroom vanities and cabinets that will give them
added space that they have need for a long time. The exquisite wood grains and wood coloring
choices are so varied that they spend many hours experimenting with each one. From light to dark
wood, or somewhere in between, there are bathroom vanities made to fit each of person individual
character and lifestyle.

People can choose to browse by brand and are amazed at the number of quality brands that are
offered on Internet shopping sites that specialize in bathroom remodel furniture and fixtures. With
brand names like Ambella Home, Regatta and RonBow, it is hard to choose a specific one.

Online bathroom remodel sites are easy to use and allow homeowners access to these fine bathroom
furnishings 24-hours a day, which certainly helps people with very busy work schedules or families with

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                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

children that need to be transported to many locations throughout the day and night. The online
access is ready when they are ready to shop, and certain websites offer 24-hour customer service help

Any bathroom can be easily remodeled to add variety and style to homes that were built over 30 years
ago. These outdated areas can be brought up to speed in record time, even if the shape of these older
rooms may be unique and might require bathroom furnishings that are uniquely shaped or require a
certain height be met in order to meet the curve in a particular part of the room.

Homeowners should carefully measure their bathrooms to determine the size of their bathroom
furnishings before they start to shop. There are many dimension offerings to be found in online
bathroom remodel sites that have bathroom furnishings that range from under 30 inches to those that
are 45 inches in height or more.

Linda Polansky writes about

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

                           Bathroom Remodeling Don’ts - What Not To Do
                                           By Frank Johnson

 Bathroom remodeling takes time, careful planning, and precise execution. The objective of a bathroom
remodel is to upgrade the appearance of your bathroom with the latest bathroom fixtures, designs, and
styles. However, bathroom remodeling can be a bit overwhelming. Even if you don’t install your new
fixtures and furnishings yourself, simply selecting that perfect bathroom vanity, sink, and mirror can be
more complicate than you think, especially if you’ve never remodeled a bathroom before.

Below are a few tips on what NOT to do when remodeling your bathroom. Use these tips to avoid
common mistakes and ensure that the look you intend for your bathroom is actually what turns out.

Bathroom Remodeling Tip #1: Don’t Wing It

Some people think that remodeling a bathroom is a piece of cake and simply involves swapping out an
old sink or vanity with a new one; however, because the bathroom involves plumbing, you need to
carefully plan out your remodel. You need to make sure the new fixtures you select fit the space and
the plumbing of your bathroom, or at least understand that rearranging the layout of your bathroom
may involve rerouting some pipes (which is an arduous task). So, before you even think about the new
vanity or sink you want to buy, establish the basic layout of your new bathroom. If the layout is staying
the same, take note of the plumbing layout and keep that in mind when you’re shopping for a new sink,
toilet, or vanity. If you’re rearranging a few items, draw out how you want your bathroom to look,
measure everything to make sure your vision is realistic, and then see if you need to reroute any
plumbing. In some cases, you won’t know if your new bathroom layout will call for new plumbing to be
installed, so call a plumber and get his/her professional opinion. After you’ve mapped everything out
and established the basic layout of your new bathroom design, then you can start shopping for your
new lavish bathroom furnishings.

Bathroom Remodeling Tip #2: Don’t Buy the First Thing You See

The key to successfully remodeling your bathroom is to shop around. You never want to buy the first
thing you find. If you’re not already set on a specific vanity or sink design, go online and check out the
latest bathroom furnishings. This way, you’ll get a better idea of the number of different styles available
without having to leave your home. Shopping around will also give you the opportunity to comparison
shop. Today, modern bathroom furnishings are more available and affordable than ever before.
Thanks to wholesalers who purchase bathroom furnishings in bulk, you can get that elegant vessel
sink you’ve always wanted at a price that won’t bust your remodeling budget. Before you buy, you
better shop around.

Bathroom Remodeling Tip #3: If Don’t Know, Don’t Install It Yourself

Getting a new toilet is a different experience from getting a new bed. With a bed, you pay the extra $50
to get it delivered and put in your home. However, with a toilet, getting it delivered and put in your
home is only the beginning. Bathroom remodeling almost always involves plumbing work. Even if you
aren’t rerouting pipes or drainage systems, installing new bathroom fixtures (such as a toilet, sink, and
faucet) takes a little plumbing know-how. However, not all of us are as “handy” as we would like to be.
And when you’re dealing with running water, it’s important to know how to properly uninstall and install

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

bathroom fixtures. So, if you’re a novice at plumbing, call a professional. Many bathroom remodeling
shops offer installation with the purchase of their products (for an added fee) or know of plumbers in
your area who can install your new bathroom fixtures for you. Either way, if you’ve never installed a
toilet, sink, or faucet, or had a bad previous experience with plumbing, it’s worth the money to have
your new bathroom furnishings installed right.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, it’s very important to plan out your new layout, shop around,
and install your new bathroom furnishings properly. Failing to do so could cost you more money in the
long run and result in a less-than-perfect remodel.

Modern Bathroom offers the latest bathroom furnishings and fixtures at discount prices. From
contemporary bathroom sinks to modern bathroom vanities, you’ll find the bathroom furnishings you
need for less at

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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