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									              MaCo              Marketing & Consulting GmbH
               Enterprise concepts   Application consultation   Marketing and event management

                              Company Profile in Brief

In order to pursue our goals in the marketplace more intensively, to make the best
possible use of the synergy effect and to take optimum advantage of our strengths,
we have decided to combine our business activities through merger.

SCHRÖTER CONSULT!NG, the event agency EVENT’ zeit and
Manigk Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH have now become

                       MaCo Marketing & Consulting GmbH

As of the 1st of January 2009 the business activities of the three companies have
merged and carry on under the new company name.

Managing partners:                                   Daniela Schröter
                                                     - Marketing and sales economist-

                                                     Rainer Manigk, M.Eng.

Company founded 2004
Main focus of activities: Marketing concepts, advertising efforts, sales, exhibition
Owner: Daniela Schröter

EVENT’ zeit Event Agency
Company founded 2006
Main focus of activities: Planning, organisation and execution for events of every
Owner: Daniela Schröter

Manigk Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH
Company founded 2002
Main focus of activities: enterprise and technology consultation in the fields of
elastomers and plastics; arrangement of national and international co-operations
with businesses active in this field
Owner: Rainer Manigk, M.Eng.
Profile: Daniela Schröter

    34 years old, born and raised in Potsdam

    Graduate in marketing and sales economics

    More than 10 years primarily management-level work in the fields of
      consulting, project management and project administration

    Attended marketing studies while pursuing profession, graduation as
      marketing and sales economist

    Self-employed since 2004 with the marketing agency SCHRÖTER
      CONSULT!NG in the fields of marketing, sales, event and exhibition

    2006 founded the event agency EVENT’ zeit

Profile: Rainer Manigk, M.Eng.

    Born 1944 in Potsdam

   Vocational training, master's qualification and graduation as
     M.Eng. in rubber and plastics processing

    Postgraduate studies at the Berlin Humboldt University with diploma in the
      field of labour and commercial law

    Many year's experience in the rubber industry with executive positions as
      department head, chief technologist, production manager as well as plant
      superintendent until 1990

    1990 – 2007 Managing director and managing partner of a medium-sized

    Serving in an honorary capacity inter alia in the Association of the German
      Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) in the areas of Research,
      Industry and Foreign Trade

    Delegate to the European Parliament of Enterprises in Brussels

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