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What is Chunkit


									What is ChunkIt
ChunkIt is a safe and innovative add-on to your Internet browser that searches and extracts the valuable chunks of information often hidden within the countless hyperlinks that comprise the Web. What do we mean by a chunk? Think of a chunk as a compact block of content, text, or data that contains enough descriptive information pertaining to your search terms to convey an idea. After a quick install, you'll see the new ChunkIt search box appear in your browser. By entering keywords in the ChunkIt search box, valuable information from the Web will become much easier to find. This revolutionary approach to search will save you hours of time and frustration because you can avoid aimless browsing and endless clicking from one link to another. It's the perfect application for researching consumer products, gathering important information, sifting through discussion groups and blogs, and finding answers to all your home and technical problems.

Key Features
Enhance Your Google Search Engine with Super Strength. Transform your favorite search engine (Google, Yahoo, Live Search, AOL or Ask) into an information powerhouse. ChunkIt searches within the pages of your engine's results to find your search terms in context. You can then preview the resulting multicolored chunks for relevance without clicking on the actual page. Use X-Ray Vision to See More Beyond the Links. Search Web pages and discover information conventional search tools may have never revealed. ChunkIt digs deep inside a Webpage and all of the webpages it contains links to, leaving no stone unturned as it searches for information relevant to your search. Be in Two Places At Once. Click the ChunkIt icon next to a chunk in the left side of your browser, and ChunkIt highlights that information in the context of its original Web page on the right side of your browser. There's no need to bounce between multiple windows. Find Your Search Terms with Super Speed. Go beyond conventional search and find commands. ChunkIt allows you to search lengthy reference manuals, PDFs, legal documents, contracts, and news sites quickly and effortlessly. ChunkIt is especially helpful with a multiword search, because it can extract all of the relevant content surrounding any of your search terms and display it all at once. Teleport Your Chunks Via Email Share your findings effortlessly by clicking on the Email Chunks link. An email message containing your valuable chunks of information and the original Web page address is instantly created and ready to send.

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