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                                                Corporate Apparel
                                                By Bill W. Johnson

    The right kind of clothing on the employees is the first and most powerful impression creator for
clients and associates alike. That is the reason why corporate apparel is also known as power
dressing. You need to dress up your employees in company uniforms to look powerful, just like you
want your brand to be. And you can achieve that only with the right kind of corporate work wear.

Corporate clothing can make your employees look suave and dignified. Think about dressing them
elegantly. Men could ideally wear a subtle colored full-sleeved shirt with sharp V-collars, which can be
coordinated with suits or jackets when needed. Their corporate apparel must include sharp-creased
trousers in a color that either complements or offsets the color of the shirt. The loops of these trousers
must have broad loops to allow for their belts to pass through. Women would have a similar kind of
corporate uniform, but they could do with skirts instead of trousers. You could of course use different
colors for the women's and the men's corporate work wear.

Accessorizing the corporate clothing is important too. You can opt for belts, wristwatches,
handkerchiefs and shoes and socks for your employees. Keeping a uniform code of corporate apparel
for your employees makes the workplace more regulated and dignified. It automatically improves the
work output of the place.

Once you have decided what kind of outfits you need for that corporate look, you have to see how can
personalize the clothing. This is very important because, as an intelligent entrepreneur, you must
always make an attempt at branding your image. If you already have a logo, you can get that logo
embroidered onto your corporate uniforms. Give the logo to the manufacturers or stockers of the
corporate clothing. They will digitize the logo and then get it worked onto the uniforms. With present
day computerized techniques, embroidering logos has become a very elaborate art, and you can get
high quality logos sewn on to your company uniforms.

You can also brand your company uniforms with your corporate colors. Just the colors without the
actual name of the company written on the corporate work wear could also be a good option to
customize your company uniforms. If you are looking at making your corporate uniforms look more
personal, then you can get them screen printed with your company's logo.

Corporate work wear does not just imply business uniforms that are worn in the office. It also includes

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clothing worn for other company related events, like sports jackets, golf wear, Friday casual dressing,
etc. When placing orders for your corporate uniforms, if your budget allows you, you might also invest
in some of these other corporate work wear for your employees. That will make sure your employees
will carry your business brand even when they are not working at the office.

When your coworkers where corporate apparel with the company logo, there is a sense of pride from
all members of the team. Customized corporate apparel can bring company's even closer together.
The pride in the company can also spill over to the local community because when employees are out
and about they are showing their corporate pride and marketing the company you work for.

So take all opportunities to market your organization to all aspects of the community. Corporate
apparel is a strong opportunity to market your organization.

Bill Johnson is webmaster of

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                                            Casual Apparel
                                           By Shawn Kohan

Today the casual dress code has been embraced by employees of corporations in the United States.
People have begun selecting more comfortable clothes to wear for work and even more comfortable
ones for parties and other social occasions. There seems to have been a change in the trend and little
appetite for more formal wear in the offices.

The attire of your employees needs to be within the acceptable business standards as well as making
them feel motivated to work better. You could also allow your employees to wear casual apparel on
one particular day during the week.

Casual corporate apparel has become a fashion statement today and the casual corporate apparel
industry is making waves in the corporate market. You could sell corporate apparel to your clients,
employees and to people for a nominal price by getting them customized through customization
vendors. Polo sweaters, twill shirts and sports coats, for instance, also make quite presentable casual
corporate apparel.

Customization vendors take bulk orders for getting corporate apparel customized and help give them
the casual look at a nominal price. While selecting customization vendors, you need to consider the
number of years they have been in this business. The more the number of years they have been in
business, the better they know their corporate market.

You need to accommodate some casual look in the formal corporate apparel in order to make a
transition in the corporate apparel trend. Such a transition would be a transition in the popular image of
your company as well as a great resource for the long-run.

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the customer some luck.

Shawn Kohan writes article on many topics including AIMS and Apparel Software

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