Car Loans After Bankruptcy - How Poor Credit Or A Recent Bankruptcy Can Affect Your Loan Approval

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   Car Loans After Bankruptcy - How Poor Credit Or A Recent Bankruptcy Can Affect Your Loan
                                                        By Carrie Reeder

   If you have poor credit or a recent bankruptcy, you can still get approved for an auto loan through
sub prime lenders. Sub prime lenders specialize in financing auto loans to people with adverse credit.
And a car loan can help you rebuild your credit history, enabling you to qualify for lower rates on all
your loans within two years.

Poor Credit Factor

Traditional financing companies are willing to work with people with less than stellar credit scores. An
estimated 80% of individuals have at least one late payment on their credit report. So it is better to
request quotes from traditional lenders before crossing them off your list. You may be surprised to find
that you do qualify for low rates.

With a recent bankruptcy or foreclosure, you may need to use the services of a sub prime lender. With
these types of financers, you can expect to pay a couple of percentage points higher than your
average car loan.

Savvy Car Loan Shopper

You can still be a savvy car loan shopper with bad credit by shopping around for the lowest rates.
Online auto loan lenders are finding that to compete, they have to offer lower rates than neighborhood
banks. They are also able to reduce fees by using technology to eliminate overhead costs.

To compare real costs, request quotes from several auto loan lenders. A difference of $8.50 a month
can save you $500 on a five year loan.

There are many variables to compare such as rates, term, and fees. While low rates are ideal, you may
find a low monthly payment is in your best financial interests.

Quick Application

Once you have done your research, you can quickly apply for your car loan online. By using the online

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application, most lenders will reduce or eliminate loan fees. Within an hour you can expect a reply.

When you are approved, you will be sent a blank check to sign over to the vehicle seller. The nice thing
about an online auto loan lender is that only they know you have poor credit. When you bring in a blank
check to a dealership, they just see you as a cash buyer and are ready to deal.

To view our list of recommended auto finance companies online, please visit this page:

Carrie Reeder is the owner of, an informational website about various
types of loans.

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                                             Poor Credit Loans After Bankruptcy
                                                             By P. A. Davis

 Obtaining Poor Credit Loans after bankruptcy can assist individuals who need a fresh start with their
credit. The most unsuitable thing that one can have against their credit rating is a bankruptcy. This is
because a bankruptcy is evidence of an individual’s incapability of paying off debts. Fortunately, there
are many lenders who are now willing to give second chances with Poor Credit Loans after bankruptcy.
Rates for these types of loans are somewhat higher than conventional loans, however, borrowing small
loan amounts will make it easier to pay off and raise your credit score.

What Comes Next After Bankruptcy Bankruptcy is a legal action, which allows a fresh start for
individuals who were unable to pay back debts. In the beginning, it’s a great relief when bankruptcy is
filed. It becomes innocuous to answer your telephone without fear of a creditor being on the opposite
end, you receive less mail from collection agencies and finally you can devote your income to all of
your living expenses.

After bankruptcy, most people are told that it takes ten years to repair credit. This is no longer true.
Naturally, you won’t instantly qualify for most traditional loans, but Poor Credit Loans After Bankruptcy
are within reach.

Poor Credit Loans Easy To Obtain The loan market is overflowing with lenders. In order to do more
business, lenders do not decline borrowers very easily. Therefore, getting approval for Poor Credit
Loans is not as difficult as it used to be. Individuals who file bankruptcy will probably pay a higher
interest rate for the first couple of loans. The reason for this being that poor credit is considered high
risk to lenders. This is a small price for borrowers to pay when attempting to re-build their credit score
after bankruptcy.

Secured Or Unsecured Poor Credit Loans A Poor Credit Loan can be found in either secured or
unsecured form. If an individual offers collateral for the loan it is called a poor credit secured loan. This
loan provides some portentous benefits like bigger loan amounts, smaller monthly repayments, lower
interest rates, and a loan period extended over a longer length of time. The risk involved is that what
ever collateral is offered may be forfeited in the event of failure to pay off the loan.

Unsecured Poor Credit Loans do not require collateral. This will take away any risk of property
repossession. It may also guarantee quick lending, if an individual has shown more responsibility at
paying their bills on time, as there is no paperwork related to collateral. However, unsecured Poor
Credit Loans come with comparatively higher rates of interest, lower loan amounts, larger monthly
repayments and a shorter loan term.

Those people whose credit score is less than ideal take Poor Credit Loans. These loans offer a second
chance to those individuals wanting a fresh start. Whether secured or unsecured, these loans offer
valued assistance during hardships.

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