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                                                            Buying Travel Insurance
                                                                By Sheila Challiner

   When you fly off this summer on your longed-for sunshine holiday, the last thing you want to
anticipate is getting ill whilst abroad, or losing all your belongings. Having adequate travel insurance
will give you peace of mind that, should the untoward happen, you will be taken care of.

 But the watchword is ‘adequate’. You need to make sure that your policy covers all your potential
needs, so check the terms carefully for any limitations or exclusions you might not expect.

 Medical - To begin with you need your policy to have a high basic medical cover – one million pounds
for Europe and at least two million for the States and the rest of the world. You won’t have the luxury of
our good old NHS should you have an accident in America. The medical cover should provide for an
air ambulance to fly you back home if need be.

 Loss of baggage and personal belongings – Be aware of any single item limit on your policy so that
very expensive camera equipment wouldn’t exceed the upper limit.

 Cancellation – If you have paid out thousands for a holiday and have to cancel at the last minute
through some unfortunate illness, you would be glad to have a policy which would refund most of your
money. The same applies if you were abroad at the time and had to rush home for an emergency.

 Personal liability – This is an important one especially in the States. A policy should have a minimum
cover of one million pounds in case you cause an injury to someone whilst abroad, or to their property.

Emergency help line and legal expenses – a 24-hour phone line should be available on your policy.
You should also be able to claim for legal expenses.

 Disputes – Your travel insurance provider should be a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service.
This is the body you can make a complaint to if you have a dispute that can’t be agreed between you
and your insurance company.

 When you purchase travel insurance you must be completely honest about any medical conditions
you or anyone else on the policy may have. This is important as otherwise you will be denied a claim
relating to that condition.

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Choose a policy where you are happy about paying the excess.
 Don’t sign up for anything you are not sure of. Ask questions if you aren’t clear on any details, and
read the small print.

 Travel agents are likely to charge more for travel insurance than you would pay elsewhere, so don’t
automatically buy it when booking your holiday – shop around. Travel agents are best dealing with
travel, not with insurance. Currently you wouldn’t have the safety-net of the Ombudsman if there was a
dispute on a policy sold by a travel agent.

 You can save on the premium if your possessions are covered on your home contents insurance
already. Also, if you are planning another trip later on in the year it might be more cost-effective to
purchase an annual multi-trip policy rather than just the single. And don’t accidentally buy a worldwide
policy if you’re just going to Europe.

If you use an EHIC card (the old E111) in Europe your policy excess may be waived if you need
medical treatment.

 When you start thinking about travel insurance don’t forget to check your bank account and credit
cards. Some had an incentive of free travel insurance if you used the card to pay for the holiday, so
you may find you are already covered. Just check it’s the right cover. And watch the wording – travel
accident insurance only offers limited medical cover; it’s not the same as full travel insurance.

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                                   Choose The Right Travel Insurance For Travel Tours
                                                            By Jerry K. Blackburn

 It is unknown to you whether you need travel insurance or not although you are planning for your
vacation. From travel agents you have come to know about the necessity of travel insurance. Hotel
reservations, airfares, and additional arrangements require a lot of money so question arises whether
to make insurance or not.

You might require money back because of number of incidents. Travel tours might become cancelled
due to various incidents. Travel insurance acts like some saving grace for these people. Travel
insurance ensures that your money will be refunded if airline unexpectedly goes out of business a
week prior to your trip or you become unwell and aren't able to travel and vacation deals are not
carried out. There are other areas also where travel insurance can help you.

While visiting a foreign country you might like to conform whether normal insurance will cover you up or
not. Insurances are either not accepted in other countries or it might not cover the medical grounds. So
any medical expenses that might arise will not be covered by the insurance. One is guaranteed to be
covered in any medical situation that may arise by these travel insurances.

An unforeseen circumstance in your life that may prohibit you from flying is taken care of by this
traveling insurance. Your money will be refunded if anything like sickness to a death in the family

A deep research is suggested before buying any insurance from any company. People traveling not
just by plane, but also on cruise lines must opt for travel insurances. You must select what is best
suited for your travel. For people traveling frequently one must have long term travel insurance. You
must ask all sort of question and must not have any doubt before going for any insurance policy. You
must see to all unforeseen circumstances that must be covered by the policy you are opting for.

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