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     Gold coins are a favorite of coin collectors with an eye toward investment. Not only are golden coins lovely to
              behold, but they also have a value that is guaranteed, due to their precious metal content.
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                                                        Buying gold bullion online
                                                               By Gavin Conway

   More and more investors in the US and Europe are turning from the securities of shares and
currency to a more solid investment, privately owned gold bullion. Buy gold though, is not as easy as
one might think and securing it prevents more of a challenge.

The ways most people buy gold are in the form of physical gold coins like the American gold eagle or
the Canadian coins, there are gold mining shares and mutual funds and there are certificates where
you can buy gold but what I want to talk about here is owning it directly and not through intermediaries,
in the form of gold bars.

Research today indicates that about 1,000 people a day are searching the internet for ways to buy
gold. There are two big trends that have been found and the first which is common to all the trends is a
lack of trust in major currencies, in particular the Euro and the Dollar respectively and so people are
adamant to have physical gold stored securely within a vault.

Physical bullion trading cost have come down in recent times because for a long time the bars of
bullion have always been to large for the average private investors and in the professional bullion
market it is required that each bar has a history for right at the time it was manufactured into a bar and
that they have always been stored within a vault. When a private investor takes a small bar out from
the vault into a private storage place, it immediately loses its integrity and in turn devalues it by
somewhere between 3-5% compared to the professional bars on the market.

Now with the aid of the internet, retail buyers and sellers can cut out the middle man and meet up
directly cutting the costs down. This method is appealing to a lot of investors as they know exactly how
much they own and are comfortable that they feel in control. Some people might want to hold the
physical coins still but as I said, this devalues the gold by a few percent and holding it in a safe storage
on a permanent basis is the most secure method.

Within the UK, a company called "bullion vault" use Brinks allied for safe keeping and with a company
like Brinks holding your investment; you can be assured that your investment is safe. This method of
buy online is very liquid and the gold you bought one day can be sold over the internet just as quickly.
In this fast paced world, real spending power with real currency such as gold can prove useful for years
to come.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

When it comes down to it, gold is the ultimate security investment. As seen with its recent growth from
early 2006 to 2008, it can't be over looked when it comes to building and investment portfolio.
Investment and financial analysts agree that between 15 - 20% of investments should consist of the
most hard of all assets, precious gold bullion.

If you are interested in the prospect of investing in gold bullion then you can visit my web site at and find plenty of information on gold bullion and e-gold accounts. My
blog at has an RSS feed so you can get my most recent articles
posted to your email or website. Thank you for reading this article.

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                                       Are Gold Bars And Coins A Good Investment
                                                           By Mark Woodcock

 If the credit crunch is scaring you then you should think about the idea of investing in bullion. It
shouldn't really need an economic crisis for you to start considering whatever you should start to trade
in gold because gold is a historic winner under almost any conditions. Most people when they start to
think about making investments in gold bullion think that investing in this way will offer a stable return
against deflation/inflation.

Reliable Source Of Income

Gold is of course one of the oldest forms of financial exchange and it is also seen as a means to look
good (with jewelry made from gold) and is highly decorative. But, what about gold bullion investment?
You need to seek out reliable income sources especially since the present problems with the credit
market. Given the fact that gold prices fluctuate up and down you can, by investing wisely in gold
bullion, make money from the changing price but the risks are much lower than other commodities.

An excuse for not using gold in your investment portfolio is usually down to gold prices changing
regular. A stance that many investors take is to buy gold for the long term as gold usually increases
over a long period.

Another plus to investing in gold bullion is that gold bullion can be traded in all the five major world
markets is always tradeable somewhere. After the US made it easier to trade gold bullion after
dropping the gold standard. People who invested in bullion in the seventies have seen big rises in the
value of their investment.

Bullion markets operate almost virtually without actually ever physically holding the material. The
British even created their own markets for gold bullion in some of their overseas colonies and such as
Mumbai's Zaveri Market.

With the current financial crisis happening all over the world, there are not many places left which
would provide a sound investment. Property over a long period of time is also a popular investment,
although it can be scary have such large amounts of money tied up. Having mentioned this, Gold
bullion is still the best investment option for getting a return on your money. Whether you can invest a
relatively low amount of money or have millions available, it is an excellent opportunity that has proven
itself year on year.

Mark Woodcock is a webmaster of a number of different websites and has been a published author
online for over 10+ years.

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