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     Gold coins are a favorite of coin collectors with an eye toward investment. Not only are golden coins lovely to
              behold, but they also have a value that is guaranteed, due to their precious metal content.
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                                                   American Gold Coins Investing
                                                               By Jason Wilson

  The rapid increase in the purchasing of American gold coins over the past year is due to the
weakening of the dollar and fears of recession. Precious metals are what everyone’s looking towards
when finding new ways to invest their money.

 Gold is the hot item right now as the amount of American gold coins sold this year is well over the
550,000 mark and climbing. This year continues to be the strongest year for the sale of bullion coins
since Y2K in 1999.

 People are snatching up all the gold coins they can as paper currency continues on a downslide.
People are protecting their wealth with gold since it is an investment that you are able to keep on your
person, or whatever you choose to do with it.

 Having something to hold on to is much less risky than investing in stocks or bonds and in case of an
emergency you have the security of knowing it will always be of value in almost any country or

 American gold coins are a favorite of investors and collectors alike. They come in 1/10oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz
and 1oz sizes, are made of 22 carat gold and are guaranteed by the U.S. Government to contain the
stated amount of weight. They are also very popular due to their beautiful design.

 Gold double eagles are one of the more popular and sought after makes of American gold coins.
Dating back to the 19th century, these coins were part of the foundation of the U.S. economy and were
used by all; they were not just for the rich.

 The Liberty Head Gold Double Eagles stand for all that America is about and are a sign of our
powerful nation and economy. It’s amazing to think that when these coins were first created they were
face value. A $20 dollar Liberty Head was worth the going rate for gold back then of around $20 dollars
an ounce.

Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagles may be one of the most sought after coins on the market today.
Aside from the beautiful design of the coin, this was also one of his last pieces of work as
Saint-Gaudens was in ill health when he created this coin. A renowned sculptor that Teddy Roosevelt
was friends with, Saint-Gaudens created this coin for America that turned out to be his last project

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which is why many collectors pay top dollar for the chance to own one of these American gold coins.

 The best way to proceed when looking to invest or collect American gold coins is to find a good
company that has years of knowledge and experience in the industry. Make sure you do some
research on your own and ask plenty of questions to make sure they are familiar with their products.
Like anything, experience on the job is extremely valuable and by being familiar with current and past
market trends, having extensive numismatics knowledge and the ability to properly convey sound
advice, are all key elements that an expert should have in order for you to invest with them.

Merit Financial is a leading dealer of gold coins, bullion, numismatics and precious metals
since 1985. For more information visit the website or contact one of the brokers today at

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        American Eagle Gold Coins: Why These Gold Bullion Coins Are a Worthy Investment
                                                         By Christina Goldman

There's never been a better time to buy American Eagle Gold Coins. An economic recession is almost
assured. Along with the varied fluctuations in the stock market and the downward trend in the real
estate sector, more investors are compelled to put their money in items that will hold value, such as
gold bullion coins. A recent trend analysis puts the gold market as one of the most flourishing areas of
investment, offering the maximum returns.

 Most investors select American Eagle Gold Coins as their option for gold coin investments, as these
are of assured quality. Likewise, the gold coin collectors, as a hobby or antique collection, prefer
American Eagle Gold Coins, which are 91.67% purity or 22 karat. Generally pure gold is actually a
mixture of the soft yellow metal and other metals like silver and copper, to make it more wear-resistant.

 American Eagle Gold Coins are made out of gold mined in United States. These bullion coins were
first released from the US Mint in 1986 and are of assured 22 karats.

There are two varieties of American Eagle Gold Coins - the bullion and the proof.

 The American Eagle Gold bullion coins can be considered the best raw gold and is highly suitable for
solid investment. These are readily available in the bullion markets. They are a very worthy and safe
investment. These coins have been recognized, appreciated and sold the world over. Many American
Eagle Gold Coin buyers consider the bullion coins as the best option for a long-term investment.

 The American Eagle Gold Proof Coins are actually gold coins that have been specifically struck for
collectors and to highlight or mark special occasions. Proof gold coins are not designed for general
public circulation. Most of the coin collectors hunt for these types of gold coins. They are very
impressive, attractive, glossy and worth the amount that is spent. Different processing techniques are
used to make these American Eagle Gold Proof Coins, which gives it an imposing look and beauty.

 American Eagle Gold Coins are available in different weights. There are four options of 1 ounce, 1/2
ounce, 1/4 ounce and 1/10 ounce. Generally smaller weights might appear to cost less, but in reality it
can be more cost-effective to buy the 1 ounce gold coins.

 You should be always be very selective from whom you choose to purchase the gold coins. It is
advisable to buy from reputable authorized merchants and clearly check for the purity and weight.
There are many establishments approved by the US Mint. The online auction site, eBay, is very
convenient and can be very cost effective method of obtaining American Eagle Gold Coins. A proper
online search on eBay will turn up many varieties of American Eagle Gold Coins to add to your

 At the moment, the gold market is very customer friendly. The handsome collections available gives
ample opportunities for the customer to get the best price and selection, making American Eagle Gold
Coins a very worthy investment!

You'll find great prices and selection on American Eagle Gold Coins at:

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