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    Credit cards are very useful for those people who can manage their finances properly. Nowadays even airlines
    offer credit cards to their clients. However, credit cards are not to be used to purchase something you cannot
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                                                All About Credit Card Balance Transfer
                                                                 By Mario Churchill

   In our daily lives, we often encounter problems which concern the family, work, business, and many
other things. The most commonly encountered quandary is financial problems.

Most working professionals have credit cards, and sometimes these gives way to debt problems. The
best possible solution for most of them is to jump at an offer which promises a lower APR, but you
should be extra cautious in dealing with such offers.

A balance transfer simply means moving the balance from your existing credit card to another credit
card. This is usually taken advantage by most people because of its very low rate of interest compared
to the old card issuer.

There are companies which make credit card their business, and competition among them is becoming
more intense. The need to stay in the market and stay competitive as ever, has brought about the
introduction of balance transfer among credit cards.

You have to be cautious in any decision that you will make. A good choice is one that offers zero
percent APR, but this is just an introductory offer. After a specified period, the interest rate charged
changes. So before making an abrupt decision, be sure that you have read all the terms and conditions
of the card issuer.

There are certain things to consider for a balance transfer with 0% rate:

- the interest rate after the 0% introductory rate expires - understand the fees, terms, and conditions -
don't forget the 'fine print'; most people skip that part, but it is equally important to read that part unless
you want to pay unexpected fees in the future - simple reading is not enough, you must 'understand'
all the terms, rates, conditions, and other important matters - take note of the day when the
introductory rate will end

Applying for a balance transfer can also save you money. All you have to do is to move all your card
balances to the new credit card bearing low rate of interest to achieve utmost savings. Some credit
cards offer cash back, points or rewards when you make purchases using your new credit card.

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                                          Presented by Daniel Toriola

You can make a balance transfer with your bank cards, personal loans, gasoline cards, charge cards,
and department store cards.

You also need to close your old credit card. Once you sign up for a balance transfer, you should
continue paying your debt while the balance is still pending. Call your old credit card issuer once the
balance transfer is confirmed, and make sure that you get a 0 balance from your old company. And
finally, you need to close your account.

Once you have your new credit card, don't just make minimum payments. Pay more money each
month until your balance reaches zero. You can also make extra payments, and remember to never be
late in making any payments. Above all, use your card intelligently.

You should also be aware of the fees being charged for late payments, cash advance fees, flat fees,
and fees for balance transfer, and fees charged if you exceed the credit limit.

Keep track of your expenditures so that you can minimize your bill. If you constantly make unnecessary
purchases, your debt is sure to grow rapidly. Be responsible in any action that you undertake, and think
of its consequences.

Mario Churchill is a freelance author and has written over 200 articles on various subjects. For more
information checkout and

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                             Credit Card Balance Transfer Credit Card Balance Transfer
                                                      By Barron Murdoch

Credit card balance transfer is getting quiet popular in today’s market. Different companies have come
up with their own version of balance transfer credit card because they have realized how powerful
balance transfer can be to consumer who wants to save some fee and charges on their cards. But
credit card balance transfer is not really for everyone. There are certain advantages of this system
where as there are too may downside of it too. If you are not aware of the downside of balance transfer
then its better suggested that you find out all the pros and cons of balance transfer credit card before
you jump into it.

 Benefits of balance transfer are enormous. For an example, who does not want to transfer their
balance form one credit card with high interest rate to the one which has no interest at all? This is
exactly what balance transfer does to its costumers. If you have recently received a new credit card
and are enjoying its interest free period then you can easily transfer balance of your old credit card to
the new to save on interest rate. Even if, you don’t have new card then too you can transfer it between
your other card to enjoy a lower interest rate and reduce credit card charges of late payment. This
single method of balance transfer can save you thousands in a year if you can perform it precisely
within available time period.

 Now a days there are increasing number of consumers who are applying for lower interest rate credit
card only for balance transfer. This process is easy to do and can save you money in case you are
approved for a new credit card when the interest free period of old card runs out.

 Credit card balance transfer are easy process and anyone with half decent credit rating can do it and if
you can control your spending habit then balance transfer can give you good amount of breathing room
before you start paying off your principal. But, if you are like someone who doesn’t prefers spending a
lot with his credit card then credit card balance transfer is not the right solution for you.

 There are tons of companies coming with balance transfer credit card because they know this can
easily attract tons of customers towards their companies and have realized the power of balance
transfer. Everyone wants to save a lot of money but simply using balance transfer does not makes sure
that you can save mone. Controlling your emotion is the hardest thing to do. How can you control your
buying instinct when you have free money on your card? Though balance transfer can reduce your
total expenditure significantly but unless you don’t control your own habit you cannot only rely on
balance transfer to minimize your expenses.

 It’s highly suggested that you choose only those cards that allow balance transfer. There are tons of
credit cards in market which do come with lower interest rate but may not have facility of balance
transfer. In case you are using any such card then you can call your bank to replace the card with a
balance transfer credit card before you can use it for balance transfers. Secondly, it is also suggested
that you learn all the pros and cons of the balance transfer cards before investing in one because
some companies charge hidden fees for balance transfer which can reduce the overall saving that you
plan to do from transferring balance.

Financial products such as credit cards are not always straightforward. For reviews and comparisons,
please visit When in doubt, always seek expert financial

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