Alaska Adventure! How to Get a Job in the Alaska Commercial Fishing Industry

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              Alaska Adventure! How to Get a Job in the Alaska Commercial Fishing Industry
                                                            By Thomas Carroll

    Work in the Alaska commercial fishing industry is a great way to save up a lot of money in a short
amount of time. After the fishing season many employees use the time and money that they now have
for college, to buy property, to start a new business, or to travel the world. The industry employs over
65,000 people every year, so there is plenty of room for newcomers to get a job.

Work hours generally range from 12 to 16 hours a day, up to seven days a week. Processors typically
make $3,000 to $6,000 a month, while fisherman earn about $4,000 to $10,000 a month. Besides the
pay, many employers in the industry also offer free room and board and free round-trip airfare from the
point of hire (usually Seattle, WA) to Alaska.

There are several different fishing seasons throughout the year. But generally speaking there is the
winter "A" season and the summer "B" season. It is best to apply for a job three months before the
season starts, and be sure to send out applications to several companies to increase your chances of
getting a job.

Processing jobs are the easiest to get. Usually no experience is required, but any experience working
long hours or in factories is a big plus in convincing potential employers that you're right for the job.

Potential employees are given an interview and are asked to attend an orientation meeting, which will
help prepare you for the job and answer your questions. When hired you will need to sign a contract
that details the conditions of the job, pay rate, duties, and length of employment.

Contracts usually run from one to four months, with the standard being three. After your contract is
finished you will have the option of returning to the company for the next fishing season if you have
done a good job. Most processing companies work almost all year long, so you'll have a job waiting for
you whenever you need it.

Work in Alaska whenever you need to raise cash quickly, work for six months then take six months off
to travel the world, or make the Alaska commercial fishing industry your career. Work in Alaska is great
for offering you more flexibility than a regular 9 to 5 job, and will also offer you an adventure that you'll
never forget.

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Some of the bigger employment companies in Alaska are:

Thomas Carroll has compiled hundreds more Alaska job resources at amoung several other travel and adventure jobs. You'll learn how to
get paid while traveling the world and how to travel the world on only $1,000 a month or less without
sacrificing any fun.

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                                Preparing Yourself for an Alaska Sport Fishing Adventure
                                                                 By Vance Kardasian

Whether you are taking an Alaska sport fishing charter or going in your own boat, if you are planning to
take off on an Alaska sport fishing adventure, then you are going to go through a few important
preparation steps. The last thing that you want is to get all the way out to Alaska for your Alaska sport
fishing adventure and realize that you forgot something, so make sure that you plan ahead and have
everything set up and ready to go on time.


If you want to go on an Alaska sport fishing adventure, the first thing that you are going to need to get
figured out is what sort of transportation you are going to be taking to get to Alaska. There are a few
different options that you have here. Of course flight is the most commonly chosen method of travel for
Alaska fishing adventures, especially if you are quite a distance away from Alaska, for instance in
Florida or other southern states.

There are other means of transportation that you can use as well, such as bus, and there are chartered
buses that travel to Alaska on a daily basis.

Fishing Supplies

Also if you are going to be taking an Alaska sport fishing adventure, then you are going to want to
make sure that you have all the fishing supplies you are going to need. You will need some saltwater
fishing gear, such as rods, reels, and lures. Bring along extras of everything so that you can take it on
your boat when you go out fishing in Alaska, this way you are always going to have a variety of tackle
to choose from and always have the most luck with your fishing.


Of course finding proper accommodations is necessary if you are going to be headed on an Alaska
sport fishing adventure. There are some gorgeous lodges and cabins that are available in Alaska and
right by the water so they are perfect to stay on while you are on a fishing trip. Just make sure that you
call and make reservations for accommodations as early on as you can, so that you can get fit in and
not have to worry about struggling to find a place to stay last minute before your trip.

By focusing on these most important issues you are going to be properly planning your trip and making
sure that you will have the best time on your trip.

For more information, please visit by my Sport Fishing website for the latest tips and sport fishing

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