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    Niche marketing is essentially marketing directed towards your niche or your targeted consumer group. It is an
     extremely efficient marketing tip which reduces marketing costs by directing your advertisements to those in
                                                  your specific niche.
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                         Advertising Your Business Locally With an ROI Driven Approach
                                                              By Naz Daud

   As a small business you have to ensure that your advertising is targeted towards people in your
local area, and towards people that are likely to be interested in your services. However, most small
businesses fail to advertise effectively. They either under-invest in marketing, or they fail to track and
monitor the impact of their advertising spend on their sales.

Direct Mail Advertising

 It's possible to target the area where your customers live through direct mail. As a local company, this
can be one of the best ways to engage with your potential customers. However, one problem with
direct mail is that it's hard to target intent. As a local plumber, it's possible to target customers that are
within the territory where you do business, but it's hard to know if any of them actually require plumbing

 With direct mail, you can track the success of your mailer through checking out what percentage of
customers who received the letter buy from you. When you know where you sent the letters, it's not
hard to track with a relatively degree of accuracy. Some areas might respond better than others and
therefore should have more marketing material sent their way.

Business Directory Advertising

 It's possible to advertise your business in directories that should, in theory, target consumers by intent
and geography. Someone looking for an electrician in the Manchester Yellow Pages should be
targeted in both ways. However, that doesn't mean the advertising opportunity will always deliver a
return on investment. And, furthermore, it's hard to track the effectiveness of this method. You could,
however, use a separate telephone number, website address or email address to see how much
attention the advert attracts. But to be sure it's truly effective; you will need to measure the
effectiveness of the lead all the way through the sales cycle. However, when you're only investing in a
£400 media buy, you have to question whether it's worthwhile setting up the tracking in the first place.

When advertising in online directories, it is much easier to gauge return on investment through your
website analytics. Used correctly your analytics tools should be able to tell you exactly how much traffic

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

came from which source and then you can monitor the sales that you achieved from this traffic.

Promotional Gifts

 Promotional gifts are rarely used as a direct marketing tool by big business. They tend to use this
method for branding purposes. However, more so with local companies, you have unique opportunities
that many larger companies don't have.
 For example, as a taxi business, imagine if you could give someone a gift, like a key ring, that they
had in their pocket at all times. A take-away business could advertise through giving their customers a
fridge magnet. The opportunities are endless, and the methods can be extremely effective.

Other Local Businesses

 One highly effective advertising strategy can be to get another local business to advertise for you. If
you're a gardener, you could have a fencer that you always recommend. And he could always
recommend you for gardening services. Both of you don't have to charge each other anything, and you
both get more business.

Naz Daud is the Founder of the CityLocal Franchise Opportunity

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                 Pay Per Click Advertising: The Only Thing That Really Matters Is Your ROI!
                                                           By Serge Dandelin

When looking for a new way to advertise your business, you may want to think about getting into Pay
Per Click advertising. So what is Pay Per Click advertising? This is a form of advertising when you only
pay for the people that click on your ad. So sure this is going to be great, because you are going to get
a lot of hits on your website, right?

 Well the only thing that really matters when you are using Pay Per Click advertising is your ROI. So
what is your ROI? This is your 'Return On Investment'. Pretty much, you figure out your ROI to figure
out how effective your Pay Per Click ads really are. Sure they are bringing people to your site, but are
these people buying anything? That is what ROI helps you find out.

 Whenever you start a Pay Per Click advertising campaign, you are going to want to keep up with your
stats. This includes how many hits you are getting per day on your site, and how much your sales have
increased over the time since you started your Pay Per Click advertising campaign. It's very important
that you keep up with this information so that you know for sure that your Pay Per Click advertising is
paying off.

 Sometimes it can cost a lot of money to run a Pay Per Click advertising campaign, so you need to
make sure that it is going to pay off for you in the long run. Most people, however, do not know how to
figure out their ROI. Well, do not worry, because there is hope for these people yet. Whenever you look
on how to calculate your ROI online, you are going to come across something that is known as a ROI
calculator. This is, of course, used to help you figure out what your ROI is.

 Whenever you find one of these ROI calculators, there are a few pieces of information that you are
going to have to put in. Some of these calculators work differently, but for the most part, they are all
looking for the same thing. They are going to need to know the amount of clicks that you purchased,
and they are going to need to know the cost per click that you are paying.

 These are calculators that you can add right to your site and that will gather the information for you.
The information you are going to get out of this ROI calculator are things like how much you are
grossing off this campaign, how much people are spending, and how many responders you have to
your PPC ads. It does not matter if you spend 1 million every month in PPC fees. As long as your ROI
is positive, the campaign is successful. The key with PPC advertising is to find which keywords are
making you the most money and getting rid of the keywords who are not making you money.

Plain and simple.

To Your Success!

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Daudelin SEO Consultant

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