A Quick Look At Veterinary Pet Insurance

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					                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

     Pet insurance is becoming more and more important as people realize how important their animals are in their
   lives. The policies vary considerably in cost. Most providers offer different packages depending on your level of
                                                commitment to the plan
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                                         A Quick Look At Veterinary Pet Insurance
                                                           By Oliver Turner

   Veterinary pet insurance is a kind of insurance made for the pets, that provides insurance mainly for
the veterinary care. This basically includes vaccines, surgical care and other advanced medical care.
Sometimes this insurance also covers on-going, long-term treatment under chronic conditions. These
insurances are needed to be renewed every year.

At times, these pet plan insurances exclude pets over a particular age, which is why these insurances
should be well examined and studied before applying.

Generally the veterinary pet insurances are of three essential groups. The first and cheapest pet
insurance form confines the claim to per condition per 12 months, suitable for unusual emergencies.
The second one confines the total amount that is paid annually. The last and third one confines the
amount to be paid per condition.

Today, almost every developing country has provisions for pet life insurance. It has become one of the
fastest growing forms of insurance as well as very popular. Many companies have come up to provide
much cheap pet insurance. Among these different Veterinarian pet insurance companies, the most
noted and perhaps the best one in the United States is called VPI Pet Insurance. It is the oldest and
the largest dog and cat insurance company providing health insurance for these pets in the United

This company provides the following types of insurance for both dogs and cats- VPI Superior plan for
illness, accidents and routine care; Vaccination and routine care coverage- this goes along with the
first one; if you are interested in minimum coverage then you can go for VPI Standard Plan. It also has
a special plan for cancers treatment for pets called VPI Cancer Rider.

The cost of these different pet care pet insurance plans ranges from $99 to $200 for every policy term
year depending on the type of policy. Sometimes they also give free pet insurance quote. If you are not
confident of which policy to buy you must consult an expert.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

                  What To Look Out For When Shopping For A Pet Health Insurance Plan
                                                            By Kritthaphat N.

Pet health insurance is the latest buzz word in pet care today. However, for all the hype that it’s
making, it can’t magically make all your expenses go away. Before purchasing a pet health insurance
plan, there are many aspects that need to be examined. This article outlines the most basic points one
should think about before purchasing a pet health insurance plan.

Discount Plan vs. Comprehensive Insurance plan

 Before signing anything on paper, pet owners should try to figure out what’s more suitable for their
budgets. Pet health insurance plans usually come in two forms: a discount plan and a comprehensive
insurance plan.

 A discount plan has an easier scheme, which gives you annual discounts on veterinary fees. A
comprehensive insurance plan may offer more benefits, but the scheme is similar to a human health
insurance plan—which means that there are more conditions to follow.

Choosing your own Veterinary

 Most pet health insurance plans may take away your privilege to choose your own veterinary. When
shopping for an insurance plan, make sure you examine the clause which states this condition. Most
pet owners feel more comfortable working with the vets they trust the most. However, cheaper pet
health insurance plans may not have this option.

Period covered

 Be very particular about the period that your pet health insurance plan covers. If you’re a pet owner of
a new born pup, go for a pet health insurance that covers veterinary services immediately. There’s no
use in investing too soon on a pet that’s not fully grown yet.


 Like health insurance plans for humans, pet health insurance may have a number of exclusions. Most
insurance companies would try to waive off illnesses which are common in some breeds. To take
advantage of this situation, read up on the common illnesses experienced by your pet’s breed. This will
prevent you from purchasing a useless insurance hyped up by a sweet mouthed insurance agent.

Routine treatment and check ups

 A huge bulk of any pet owner’s pet care expenses come from routine treatments and checkups.
Before signing any documents, you should be very particular about the services that are included in the
package. A pet healthy insurance policy that covers most, if not all, of routine veterinary expenses is a
better deal compared to a pet health insurance that only covers accidents and major illnesses.


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 Most pet health insurance would require its purchasers to make a down payment before rendering any
services. Make sure that the benefit of the insurance plan is worth the deductible that you need to pay
for it. An insurance agent may try to lure you with a lot of fluff during sales talk, but you need to be
wiser and check if these promises are included in black and white.

Company’s reputation

 Always make sure that the company who’s offering you a pet health insurance is reliable. Looking for
reviews online is very helpful for someone who’s never heard of pet health insurance plans before.
Agents are only too quick to prey on uninformed consumers.

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