; 5 Easy Steps to Start Investing in the Stock Market
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5 Easy Steps to Start Investing in the Stock Market


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									                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

    Choosing the right Stock is a very complicated process and investors have different approaches. However, it is
                         wise to follow general steps to minimize the risk of the investments.
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                                    5 Easy Steps to Start Investing in the Stock Market
                                                                  By Tony Dillard

   The stock market just hit the level that had in 1997. Billions upon millions of dollars had evaporated.
Banks, mutual funds and individual investors are in shock. BUT all those news are making reference to
the stock market indices, for example the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

 The Dow Jones Industrial Average is computed with the stock prices of 30 of the largest public
companies in USA.

 The Dow can be down as an average, but certain individual stocks can be high and very profitable. To
help you find those stocks, I will lay here for you 5 easy and fast steps.

 1. Sign up with an online broker. With an online broker, you can do transactions as low as $9 per
round trip (a round trip is a buy + sale of the stock). By law, the minimum to open the account with the
stock broker is $3,000. That is the minimum money you need to start trading in the stock market by
yourself. Please note that the online broker does not tell you which stocks to buy or sell. They just
provide the online interface to do so, but the choice is yours.

 2. Find a provider of accurate market data. If you search, you will find several internet companies that
can provide you with the stocks prices online. Some of them can give you the live price of the stocks, in
real time, for a monthly fee. Others (such as yahoo finance) will provide you for free with the market
graphics and prices delayed 15 minutes.

 3. Find the stocks on the move. Each day, there are companies with positive news. For example, a
pharmaceutical company that gets a new medicine approved by the FDA. A defense company that
gets a huge contract with the military. Or a company with a good quarter report.

 4. Each day, start watching those stocks. Get a feeling of how they behave. In the beginning you must
practice what’s called “paper trading”. That is, pick a stock to buy and sell the same day, but not invest
any money yet.

 5. Keep a written dairy for 30 straight trading days. Write the pick of the day, and why you think the
price of that stock will go up. Make a note on the optimal time to buy it and the best time of the day to
sell it. Please don’t overlook this step, and the knowledge you gain from writing it, will train your mind to
pick the right stocks.

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

 If you follow the above steps, I can assure you that you’ll become a proficient stock trader with big
profits. I know for sure, because those are the steps I took myself to earn my living in the stock market.

In the stock market world, the days when the market is up are called “Bull Market”, and when the
market is down are known as “Bear Market”. Well, this method you just read will work for you in bull
markets and bear markets, because here we are talking about individual stocks and not about indices.

To trade stocks with big profits you do not need expensive courses or books, all that you need is to
start learning the easy and http://FirstHandStockTrading.com scientific way to do it! But beware; some
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surefire way to trade stocks with big profits

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                           Investing Stock System - Forex Trading
                                                           By John Callingham

When people think of forex trading, they think of a type of investing stock system. If you think about it,
the forex trading system is kind of like the stock market, just better. For starters, the forex trading
market is a huge untapped market with over 3 trillion dollars traded on it a day! That’s right 3 trillion
dollars a day. Now which investing strategy do you use for forex trading? For beginner investing on the
forex market you need to start off slow in order to get a grasp of the market. A little bit about the market
if you never heard of forex investing is that it is a large, untapped market in which your earnings are
100% liquidated and not tied up in the market itself. For decades, only large financial institutions and
multi-national corporations made up this market. Now it is the single investors turn to earn a hefty
amount of income, enough to even quit your 9-5 day job like I did.

 One of the greatest forex trading facts which differentiate itself greatly from the stock market is the
amount of time a day the forex trading market is open. If you don’t know the forex market is open 24
hours a day for trading, 5 days a week. The stock market is only open 9-5 Monday-Friday. If you have
a day job Monday-Friday 9-5 when are you going to find the time to trade? Exactly! Forex trading is the
only way to go. You also do not need an expensive stock broker to trade your stock. All you need to do
is pick up some great forex ebooks, practice some forex demo sites, and forex training as much as
possible. Many forex online trading sites allow you to create a free account to try out trading with “play”
money in order for you to get a feel of what it would be like to trade with real money. One of the best
things you could ever do is start earning a large amount of income and get a feel for the market before
you risk real money in it. Once you get the forex demo account down, it is time to invest some real
money into this market. Pretty soon you could find yourself easily earning 6 figures or more a year.

 You need to be able to follow the forex signals and know when to sell and know when to buy. Do not
hold onto your forex currency in hopes that it will rise or just because you have a gut feeling it will rise.
Buy cheap, sell as quickly as possible. Earn a quick buck whenever possible. Your earning potential on
the forex market is uncontrollable. The sky is the absolute limit.

 Stay disciplined and stay focused, you will need this to be a successful forex trader. Pay attention to
everything that is going on in the forex market through forex news, internet investing, business
investing, and throw 101 investing market stock out the door. I guarantee you will see some money if
you follow these steps! Good luck at forex trading!

John Callingham is a professional Forex trader who has been teaching people how to trade the forex
profitly for years. To learn more about John's award winning course on profiting in trading Forex visit

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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