What is Panic attack?

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					              What is Panic Attack?
What Is a "Panic Attack"? It's a good question.

These attacks are often referred to as an "anxiety attack." So, it follows that a panic attack is
just "very highly elevated" anxiety.

It's been shown that anxiety is fear. Fear equals anxiety.

There are normal, everyday anxieties and we all have them, but we don't all have them all!

Some people are anxious about their job. Others are anxious about their "significant other."
Still others are anxious about what others think about them. (acceptance)

There are many things to be anxious about and your general anxiety level goes up and down

Sometimes it goes so high that it moves from anxiety to "anxiety attack" which is the same
thing as a panic attack.

Stop Panic Attacks - The Natural Way.

We have determined that panic attacks are basically anxiety out of control. The whole thing is
about fear. Remember, anxiety IS fear!

These attacks are caused by your fear of a panic attack occurring. Forget about how this
started. What is important here is how to get it stopped!

Since these attacks are fear based and fear caused, consider this...

"The surest way to stop panic attacks is to get rid of the fear of these attacks returning. Once
that is accomplished the attacks just melt away."

How To Stop Panic Attacks - Getting Rid Of The Fear Is The Key!

It goes like this. You feel the first faint symptom of a pending attack. You feel your heart rate
step up. You think, "Oh no! Not right now!" You remember how frightening these attacks are.
That scares you even more. Your adrenaline kicks in and now we have a full on and growing
"fight or flight" syndrome engulfing us.

If the attack goes like most you'll feel crazy, maybe a little sick, you may pour sweat, you may
feel heart palpitations, and you might feel as if you are "losing it" or going crazy!

But what if you weren't afraid of these pernicious attacks?

The "fear gone crazy" wouldn't occur! So the "key" to curing panic attacks is to get the
sufferer to no longer fear the thought of these things returning.

But, you may be thinking "How am I going to do that?"

A few years back I encountered a man who was an internationally recognized panic and
anxiety disorder coach. I didn't know there were such people!

He had worked out, over many years, a method by which he could enable the attack sufferer
to get rid of their fear of these attacks. By now, tens of thousands have had success with this
method, which I call a "mental shift in thinking." It is simple, fast, and effective, and it is all
natural, since it is essentially a mental exercise.

It works, it works fast, and your panic attacks will stay away.

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