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									                Panic Attack Cause:
Many studies have been done throughout the years to determine what exactly may be a panic
attack cause. However, nothing is really conclusive except that experts agree that the cause
of an attack is the irrational fear and the anxiety disorder symptom as well as the individual
who sufferers from these attacks.

Although, there is not one single factor that can trigger an attack, there are numerous factors
that can be a symptom and is able to trigger the causes of an attack, depending of course on
each individual case.

Intense anxiety, fear and worry can trigger the sudden onset of the symptoms of an attack
which includes but are not limited to changes in breathing and heart rate patterns that
become increasingly uncomfortable and frightening, chills, sweats and shakes.

Researchers do consider that there are biological and environmental factors working to trigger
these attacks. There are even studies into genetic triggers for these attacks that run in
families much like inheriting the color of the hair and eyes from a parent. These disorders can
run in families and many times it can be traceable to other family members.

Since the process of brain chemicals and functions may be changed with a case of panic
disorder, another biological factor many include brain abnormalities. Recent studies show that
psychotic disorders and psychotic symptoms may also trigger the feelings associated with the
attacks, for instance those who suffer from psychotic disorders such as post traumatic stress
disorder or schizophrenia can also suffer from an attack.

Some symptoms of panic attacks may be triggered by the natural defense system of fight or
flight responses of the body. This system of course, naturally acts as the alarm system of the
body which activates the mental and physical responses for getting away or overcoming
danger while it is present.

Although, during an attack there is no real and present danger involved. These feelings are
triggered for some unknown reason as well as by any irrational fears that the sufferer may
associate with an attack.

There are various triggers for these attacks, overwhelming stress can be a factor, such as
when some suffers the stress of separation or even the death of a loved one. According to
researchers, stress lowers your mental and physical resistance and then some hidden
physical predisposition may trigger the attacks.

Environmental factors such as alcohol and drug abuse can be the cause for some individuals
by either the symptoms of withdrawal or intoxication. For some individuals, biological and
environmental factors may combine to trigger an attack.

However, panic attacks seem to strike out of the blue and without provocation. Some
individuals can escalate the problem by their response to the various physical symptoms. This
seems to happen as a response to the feelings of anxiety and fear they are experiencing.
However, there is not a clear cause to what may bring on an attack. Cause and the symptoms
and fears can vary from one individual to another.
Nevertheless, it is essential to search for assistance and relief when you suffer from the
overwhelming pressures that come with panic attacks. There are various types of treatments
and therapies available to live a normal life without the constant fear of a reoccurring attack.

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