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									          Panic Attack Remedies
I've heard of panic attack remedies but I only know of one actual cure. This is just my
personal experience but I have a pretty unique story.

Back in the 80's I had my first panic attack and it was a whopper. Like happens to most
people it seemed to just arrive from nowhere. Up until then I didn't know what a panic attack
was, and, actually, I didn't learn what they were for quite a while.

The unusual part of my story is not that I had these attacks for six years. The unusual part is
that I worked out a way of thinking that enabled me to get rid of these attacks altogether.

I've always had elevated anxiety. My doctor told me I was just "wired" that way and that I'd
probably grow out of it. If he was around I'd tell him he was partially right.

What I did as I aged was get better at keeping my anxieties down.

But panic attacks are wholly different than anxieties in the normal or even elevated states.
Anxiety attacks, as they are also known, are huge spikes of fear that cause an adrenaline
surge which floods your mind with the "fight or flight response."

In this state the sufferer experiences a sudden rise in heart rate, sweating, red flush to the
skin, and sometimes heart palpitations, dizziness and shortness of breath to name a few.

This is often accompanied by a feeling of unreality, like you are watching a bad movie with
you in it, and it often gives you the fearful thought that you are "losing it."

That would be your mind you fear you are losing because, while there are "triggers" for these
attacks there are rarely any real dangers or imminent disasters to be panicking in reaction to.

So the remedies I used to help get through panic attacks were my attempts to get rid of the
attack or at least lower it to a livable level of panic, if that exists.

One of my best remedies was best used right at the start and couldn't be used in all situations.
I would simply step outside and start running at a slow jog. It always worked for me in that
usually the panic attack would abate and not come back right away. And if I ran long enough,
the attack wouldn't come back that day.
Another remedy I'd use was what I called the "water method." When I was sort of "stuck" in a
social situation when the attack came on, I'd excuse myself to the bathroom, go in there, turn
on the water and listen to it's sound.

Then I would start rinsing my face and do that twenty or thirty times, and while noticing the
cooling effect on my red and sweaty face, I'd think "I'm washing little pieces of the fear away
and I'm cooling down. This is good." So simple, yet, for me it worked.

Not as good as the running, though.

That was a couple of my coping methods but coping methods are temporary. I needed a cure.
I needed those attacks to go away and stay away.

And I did it by working out a way to let go of my fear of an imminent attack.

What I discovered was that getting rid of the fear of panic attacks was the key to getting rid of
the attacks themselves.

In fact that core idea has turned out to be one of the most successful cures for the attacks
that has worked wonders for tens of thousands of people.

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