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					       Panic Attack Medication
Many individuals suffer from the overwhelming feelings associated with panic attacks and
they do suffer from a devastating problem that cause even more distress and discomforts.
However, there is help for those who suffer from these disorders by the means of medication
and therapy. Therapy procedures focus on changing certain behavioral and thinking patterns
as a productive means of helping to relief the symptoms of a panic attack.

Combining both medication and therapy are useful for reducing any relapses of attacks,
causing them to occur less frequently than if just using one type of therapy for relief. Panic
attack medication aids in the efforts of rehabilitation for many sufferers.

There are various types of medication that is useful for treating these attacks or to at least
control the symptoms associated with the onset of the attacks. They can be of use for
reducing the anxiety of having another attack, as well as limiting the number of attacks and
the severity or the feelings associated with a panic attack. Some effective medications for
treating these attacks are those of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRI nature.
SSRI are antidepressants that are commonly prescribed for treating depression, they include
Paxil, Zoloft and Prozac.

These medications influence the neurotransmitters of the brain which are brain chemicals that
aid in sending messages back and forth to the nerves in the brain. SSRI's work by providing
more serotonin to the nerves. However, before SSRI's became available other medications
from the tricyclic anti-depressants or TCAs group was often useful for treating panic disorders,
these include Tofranil, Norpramin, or Anafranil. They are effective, however the use of SSRI's
is better tolerated by many individual sufferers and they are much safer for use in treating
panic disorders while taking this medication daily.

Consequently, TCAs are used less often, although they are useful for some individuals who
are closely monitored.Like many other types of medications these do include various side
effects that will vary from minor occurrences to those more life threatening for some
individuals. Anytime anyone is using such medication they should be under the watchful care
of his or her physician. Keep in mind that this type of medication is not recommended for
pregnant mothers since there are possible risks for the unborn child.

The Food and Drug Administration have approved various medications in the benzodiazepine
families for treating panic disorders and panic attacks. These include Xanax, Valium, Ativan,
or Klonopin. However, these particular medications are prescribe on an as needed basic for
effectively reducing the sensations associated with nervous tension and anxiety for immediate
relief of such attack symptoms.

Within a few weeks of beginning the taking of such medications, there are noticeable
improvement to the symptoms of panic disorder. However, after six to eight weeks with no
apparent improvement it may be necessary for the physician to increase the dosage.
Generally, the treatments for the attacks should continue for a year or more to gradually
decrease the symptoms. However, each case will depend upon the individual sufferer and his
or her physician.

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