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									Tom Chi, acupuncturist                        degeneration.” That fact, Chi said, came
                                              as the result of a renowned study that
                                                                                             confined to a wheel chair.

and reliever of pain                          showed a group of people who had CAT
By TOM KANE                                   scans and who were in pain; 50 percent
FALLSBURG, NY — As I get older, I‟m           had bone degeneration and had arthritis.
starting to hear people say to me, when I     “When CAT scans were done with
complain about pains and aches, “Oh,          another group of people who were not in
that‟s arthritis. At your age, you can‟t do   pain, 50 percent of those people had
anything about it. Take painkillers.”         arthritic bone degeneration with no pain,”
Even doctors have said the same.              he said. “The conclusion of the study was
I rejected the opinion even though it         that pain is not caused by arthritis in
came from MDs because early in my pain        most cases.
career I ran into an acupuncturist named      “There are types of arthritis that can
Tom Chi, who does something he calls          cause pain, but they‟re mechanical
deep tissue reprocessing which he             problems. They‟re muscle and tendon
performs with exceedingly strong fingers.     problems,” he said.
Chi is the pain killer man.                   It‟s these problems that Chi relieves with
                                              his unique type of massage.                   Acupuncturist Tom Chi performs deep message
I had a chronic pain in my neck for about                                                   on Delia Grigsby of Fallsburg to relieve her pain.
four years. I tried several chiropractors,    He claims that many doctors who do
but beyond affording me some short            arthroscopic surgery on a patient‟s knee
relief, they didn‟t help. Nothing lasted.     do it needlessly. Many of these patients
I tried two massage therapists and had        have to have knee replacements a few           She was told she needed back surgery.
the same experience. The doctors              years later.                                   Now, she sees Chi twice a month and has
suggested neck surgery, but I was not         Chi cited a recent article in the New          been free of pain and free of the chair.
about to go under the knife.                  England Journal of Medicine which              “I‟m in better shape with less pain than I
It was a real pain in the neck until Chi      stated, “Knee surgery to remove cartilage      ever was,” Weiss said.
came into my life.                            is worse than doing nothing.” Chi is           Delia Grigsby of Fallsburg had an intense
I met him at a presentation on                convinced that much of this surgery is         digestion problem that didn‟t react to
complementary medicine at the Catskill        unnecessary and that his kind of               orthodox medical treatment. “I had what
Regional Medical Center. In just three        treatment, which combines acupuncture          they call acid reflux disease,” she said.
treatments, the pain was gone—rapidly,        and deep tissue reprocessing, can help         “After three treatments of acupuncture
permanently and completely. I haven‟t         patients to avoid knee replacements.           and tissue reprocessing from Tom, it
had a pain in the neck ever since, except     “They tell you that your knee is weak so       completely cleared up.”
a metaphorical one. Once in a while, I get    you have to do exercise so your muscles        “This happens every day to my patients,”
a twinge in my neck, but it soon              can get stronger,” he said. “They don‟t        Chi said.
                                              recognize that injury in the muscle has to     A number of years ago, Chi treated Oprah
disappears with a little exercise and
                                              be corrected first.”                           Winfrey, who said after one treatment,
I can hear the voice of the skeptical         The cells in the tissue are glued together     “Fabulous! fabulous!”
reader saying, “Just because relief came      by a fluid that forms an adhesion, and         Tom says the key to his success is the
„after Chi‟ doesn‟t mean that it happened     that‟s why the knee feels weak, he said.       combination of acupuncture and deep
„because of Chi‟.”                            “What I do with the soft tissue is dissolve    tissue reprocessing. “But you have to be
As my old philosophy professor used to        those adhesions,” he said.                     careful about who does the
                                              Pain is mechanical, Chi says. “You have        acupuncture,” he said.
say to me, “Post hoc, ergo propter hoc is
an error in logic, Tom.”                      to go right in there and fix it.”              A licensed acupuncturist has to have
Not in this instance, professor. There        Chi‟s unique success comes from the            4,000 training hours to get nat‟l board
couldn‟t have been any other factor in my     fact that for many years he intensely          certification, while an MD can become a
sudden and complete relief than Chi‟s         practiced Wing Chun, an unusual form of        certified acupuncturist after only 300
treatments.                                   Kung Fu that left him with super-sensitive     hours of training. “A licensed
Chi‟s way of analyzing medical                strong fingers.                                acupuncturist is a real acupuncturist,
diagnoses is certainly not orthodox.          “What it did for me was give me an ability     while a certified acupuncturist is a
“Arthritis is a ridiculous diagnosis,” he     to feel adhesions in the soft tissue, like in  hobbyist,” he said.
says over and over. “You take a picture of    muscles and ligaments,” he said. ”My           Chi‟s Mountain Medical Acupuncture
the spine of an arthritic patient and see     fingers act like high awareness sensors.”      Clinic maintains locations in Fallsburg
degeneration of the bones. The picture        In some amazing cases, Chi‟s treatment         and Middletown. To schedule an
does not focus on the soft tissue and         has worked wonders. Gloria Weiss of            appointment call 845-436-9000.
tendons, which is where the pain is. It‟s     Fallsburg had acute pain in her back 
the glued condition of muscles and            from a car accident and went to Chi
tendons that cause the pain, not the bone

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