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									                               Wilkes Honors College
                             Honor Code Infraction Form

The student body at the Honors College expects each student to refrain from
dishonorable conduct. An even more demanding commitment than abiding by the
Honor Code is asking those who violate our standard of honor to accept responsibility
for their actions. Accepting these tasks is vital to the successful maintenance of our
student-run Honor Code. An honor code infraction is defined as an intentional act of
plagiarism, lying, cheating, or stealing which warrants disciplinary action from the
College. Three criteria determine whether or not an infraction has occurred:

       Act: Was the act of plagiarism, lying, cheating, or stealing committed?
       Intent: Was the act committed willfully or intentionally?
       Seriousness: Does this act impair the community of trust fostered at the
       Honors College?

If you have knowledge of a possible honor code infraction, and you feel the infraction
fits all three criteria above, download this form and use the space below to write a
detailed explanation of what occurred, where and when, and who was involved. You
may use additional space if needed. Submit the form to the Faculty Advisor of the
Judicial Review Board, Professor Mark Tunick. For an explanation of investigating
complaints, see the Honors College Honor Code, Addenda on Judicial Procedures, at:


In the interests of being discreet and protecting individuals’ privacy, the Judicial
Review Board—the student committee that investigates infractions—seeks to
maintain confidentiality at all levels of the investigation process whenever possible;
accordingly, any discussion of JRB proceedings outside of that group’s operations will
be considered a breach of the Honor Code.

Rev 5/23/05
                             Wilkes Honors College
                           Honor Code Infraction Form

Nature of Infraction (please specify who was involved, and in what context):

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       Your name                                        Date

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                 Submit to Judicial Board Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mark Tunick

Rev 5/23/05

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