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									         Chevron's Enterprise
         Information Management
         Strategy Using Microsoft Office
         SharePoint Server 2007

         Marjorie Ferrer, GIL 3 Project Manager
         Jeff Hagler, GIL 3 Solutions Architect

© Chevron 2006
           Chevron Overview
           The Information Management Challenge
           How did we get here?
           Decision to leverage
           investment in Microsoft
           Plan Forward
           SharePoint Enabling Chevron’s IM Goals
           Strategy Alignment
           GIL 3 Project
© Chevron 2006
    Who Is Chevron?
          Chevron Corporation (NYSE symbol “CVX”) is one of the
          world’s largest integrated energy companies, and the
          second largest U.S.-based global energy company
          The company is active in more than 180 countries
          Chevron is involved in every aspect of the energy
          industry, from oil and gas exploration and production
          to transportation, refining and retail marketing, as
          well as chemicals manufacturing and sales and
          power production
          The company markets its products in over 25,700 retail
          outlets under three brand names: Chevron, Texaco and
          Caltex. Other brand names include Delo and Havoline

© Chevron 2006
    The Global Picture
                 180 countries                          11.3 billion BOE oil and gas reserves
                 59,000 employees                       2.8 million BPD of refining capacity
                 Over 25,700 retail outlets             2.5 million BOE daily net production


                                                                        Central Asia
                                   North America
                      Chevron                              Europe
                    Headquarters                                       Middle East


                                        South America

                     E&P                                                                 Australia/Oceania


© Chevron 2006
    Chevron’s Global Workforce
           Geographic Distribution of Workforce

                            Asia Pacific
                                           North America

    Europe/Mid East

                 South America
                     ~7%                   Africa
© Chevron 2006
    Chevron’s “4+1” Strategy
            Primary objective: To be No. 1 in total stockholder return
                                                      Five critical drivers of
                              Profitable Growth       business success – the "4+1"
                                                      Each element of 4+1
                                                      drives earnings, earnings
                                                      growth, and TSR
                                                      Excelling in these five areas
                                                      will give our stockholders
                 Organizational Capability
                                                      sustainable, superior returns
                                                      The "1" in "4+1" is
                                                      Organizational Capability
             Organizational Capability Components
                   Dynamic leadership             Recognition and accountability
                   Skilled employees              World class processes
                   Learning and innovation        and organization
                                                  Technology and partnerships
© Chevron 2006
Why Is Information So Critical?
                                               Asset life is long


 Information-intensive              Pipe
 with wide time-scales                      Distribute

 Work takes place                                        Market
 across geographies
    2000 TB Of Storage
    How to manage

     Highly Structured                           Highly Structured
      Technical Data                              Business Data

                                                         ~100 thousand items
                                                           ~100 million items

           Less Structured                    Less Structured
           Technical Data                      Business Data

        Growing impact of information volumes on employee productivity
        Growing external compliance and risk elements
        associated with information

© Chevron 2006
    Why Change Now?
        Searching for documents – 7.4% of staff time (ARMA)
        Looking for lost documents – 280 hrs/yr per employee (ARMA)
        Non-productive information-related activities – 15-25% of
        Knowledge Worker (AIIM/Ford)
        76% of executives considered information to be “mission critical”
        and their company’s most important asset (IDC)
        60% of executives said time constraints and lack of understanding
        prevented employees from finding needed information (IDC)
        “…nearly one-half of the respondents (49%) are either “not at all” or “only
        slightly confident” that their organization could demonstrate its electronic
        records were accurate, reliable, and trustworthy – many years after they
        were created.” From 2005 Cohasset ARMA AIIM Electronic Records
        Management Survey – A Renewed Call to Action White Paper page 11
        Inability to produce requested documents, Morgan Stanley penalized
        $1.45 billion, May 2005
        60% of all Global 2000 companies will have implemented an
        enterprise wide records management system by 2008 (Gartner)

© Chevron 2006
    The Opportunity
    Information Management

           Achieve a step-change in the management
           of “unstructured information”
           Significantly increase the value and utility
           of information assets
           Reduce exposure to corporate liability
           and lower the cost of information
                                Information Management Drivers
                                     Decision       Cost of
                 Productivity         Quality      Managing      Business

© Chevron 2006
    Evolution Of Solution To Better Manage
    Unstructured Documents And E-mail
    Enterprise           EIM strategy        RFI, RFP,
    Information          and approach        solution proof                   Pilot Solution
    Management           alternative         of concept     CIO               Global
    Project              approved            exercises      Council           Deployment
    initiated                                completed      Endorsement       GIL3 Platform

          Feb 04                Sep 04              Nov 05      Feb 06       2006 – 200X

         1H04            2H04            1H05         2H05            1Q06         ...

                                                    Nov 05   Jan 06
                                                 Microsoft    IM               CIO Council
                                                 ECM          Strategy and     endorsement of
                   Benchmarking                  Briefing     Feasibility      Single Platform
                   29 Companies                               Study of         (Microsoft)
                   3 Consulting Firms                         MS Solution      for managing
                   CVX-Wide Survey                                             information
                   Management Interviews

                             Best of Breed                                   MS Platform
© Chevron 2006
    Decision To Leverage
    Investment In Microsoft
           In February 2006, the Chevron CIO
           Council endorsed the design and
           development of an information
           management solution for unstructured
           information based on the integrated
           Microsoft Platform
           This solution will leverage and expand
           our existing investment in Microsoft

© Chevron 2006
    Chevron’s Desktop Evolution


                                                     GIL 3 –

                                   GIL 2 – Network
                 GIL 1 –
© Chevron 2006
    Desktop And Information
    Management Solution Deployment
    Opportunity Statement
           Deliver the next Desktop generation
           including solutions for
                 Information management processes
                 Improved information risk management
                 Low cost of ownership
                 High availability/reliability
           Supporting the Chevron
           Corporate 4+1 strategy
© Chevron 2006
    Leveraging SharePoint

                                             Enterprise Content Management
                                             Make it simple to author and manage
                                                   content and documents

                      Collaboration                                                Knowledge Discovery
                                                    Personal Productivity              and Insight
                 Keep co-workers, partners
                  and customers in sync                Increase employee           Make the right information
                                                       self-sufficiency and        available to more people

                                      Worker Solutions                                        Fundamentals
                                    Build client and web-based                             Make it more secure,
                                  applications with workflow and                          manageable and reliable
                                 line-of-business interoperability

© Chevron 2006
    IM Feasibility Team
          Determine Feasibility of deploying the Office 2007
          System including SharePoint in CVX as the primary
          data store for unstructured data
          Evaluation in 12 categories Including
                 User experience
                 Business requirements/workflow
                 Records management
                 Exchange 12
                 Network performance
                 Offline synchronization
                 Global architecture

© Chevron 2006
    GIL 3 IM Platform Technical Scope

                                      Access, Search and Work Flow

                                 Identity Management and Access Control

                    Instant                                  Team and            Managed
                                   E-mail     Personal                           Document
                  Messaging                   Document      Collaboration
                 Synchronous                                  Spaces              Stores

                                                                     Web Sites

                                            Storage Management


© Chevron 2006
    SharePoint Enabling IM Goals
          Employees know how       Integration between
          to publish and find      unstructured and
          information              structured data
          Quicker access to more   Sustainable information
          reliable information     management support
          Information is managed   Uniform information
          more from a business     management processes
          point of view than       Improved security
          from an individual
          point of view            High availability/reliability
          Reduced use of           Reduced risk and cost
          e-mail as a file store   of legal events
          retention policy
© Chevron 2006
    Architecture Layers
                                    Client (GIL3 Workstations)

                                              Network Load Balancing

    SharePoint                  Web Front End Servers/Search
    Records Mgmt
    Collaboration   Index Servers
                                    Excel Office   Project Office   InfoPath    Management
                                      Servers         Servers        Servers   Rights Servers

                                    SQL Server Database Layer

                                               Disk Storage

© Chevron 2006
    Strategies Align                                 Enterprise Content
                                                    Make it simple to author
         Publish and find information               and manage content and
         Quicker access
         Move from Individually managed
         to business managed                                         Keep co-workers,
                                                                  partners and customers
         E-mail not a file store                                          in sync
         Automated retention policy
         Linking unstructured and structured data
         Sustainable information
         management support                                Personal Productivity
                                                              Increase employee
         Uniform information                                  self-sufficiency and
         management processes
         Improved security
         High availability/reliability                   Knowledge
                                                    Discovery and Insight
         Reduced risk and cost of legal events      Make the right information
                                                    available to more people

© Chevron 2006
    Strategy                           Productivity
          User Interface
                 Organize and find      File Plan
                 Share and Leverage       Collaboration
                 Reliability and Accuracy     Classification/Metadata
                 Reducing Clutter      Retention
          Workflow Capabilities
                 Takes care of classification and records retention
                 Standard workflows for enterprise and business units
                 Common framework and tool set
          Records Management
                 Holds Management
                 Finding and Producing Company Information

© Chevron 2006
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